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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Fine Day For A Family Outing

Some families go to the park on a nice warm and sunny Sunday in May. Others enjoy the lake. We go shooting.

This is a photo of Kaid Fuhrman, heir to the Ponderosa, heading to the back of my property with me to shoot the livin' hell out of a dead tree with a new Beretta 9mm.

Jarrod taking careful aim. He said the tree kept moving on him. we were a bit skeptical ...

We made some noise, frightening the area wildlife. And more than a few poachers. A two-fer.

We let the kids draw rings around the results with magic markers. The groupings narrowed as we went along and as we became more familiar with the feel of the Beretta (it's very light-weight, by the way; nothing like my Colt .45 auto). Toward the end, we started keeping score. I won.

With steaks on the grill and a few Buds to top off the day (Jarrod drank that sissy beer - Sam Adams), a fun time was had by all.

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I'm Getting Nostalgic For Al Gore

Last year it was the chicken flu pandemic. This year, it's obesity.

I'm not sure I can deal with this. Somebody pass the original recipe:
U.S. at epicenter of global obesity pandemic
By Sharon Caskey Hayes, The Bristol Times-News

For the first time in history, the number of overfed, overweight people in the world outnumbers those who are hungry.

It's called a global obesity pandemic, and the United States is at the epicenter of it, says Dr. David Katz, medical contributor to ABC News and director and co-founder of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University.

"We are a floating sea of dietary troubles in this country." (link)
I don't know about you, but I just about tossed my morning Wheaties when I paused to reflect on that "floating sea of dietary troubles" imagery. Blecchhkk.

Anyway, we are now embarked upon a crusade to whip that inner tube that has found itself to be protuberant at the American midsection.

My confidence level runs high knowing that, if we were able to handle those chickens last year, we can certainly overcome Big Mac this.

Where's that gravy?

It's Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry

If we had as many employers here in Southwest Virginia as we have economic consultants and their endless flow of studies, we'd all be in high cotton about now.

Another day, another study:

Study says unemployed, underemployed a resource for SW Va., Northeast Tenn. economic turnaround
By Rick Wagner, Kingsport Times-News

Blountville - Unemployed and underemployed residents in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are an asset for a regional economic turnaround, according to a 10-county work force analysis study.

Commissioned by the Regional Alliance for Economic Development and released April 26, the work force assessment recommends, among other things, a regional work force summit during which the study's findings would be used to map out the region's economic future. (link)

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that we paid dearly for this study that found that we have a lot of unemployed (and underemployed) people around here who are willing to go to work.

And what is this summit, where the study promoters and Alliance members can get together over cocktails and celebrate the news, going to cost?

And what possible purpose does any of this serve?

You want findings? Here:

● The cost of doing business in Southwest Virginia is too high for area manufacturers to be competitive with foreign producers.

● This has brought about, in recent decades, the shutdown of dozens upon dozens of factories, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

● That circumstance will only right itself when our employers are able to reduce their costs.

● We the people can assist in that endeavor by lessening their tax and regulation burden (federal, state, and local).

● Employers will no longer flock to Shanghai; they'll line up to relocate to Bristol.

● And we can then save hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted outlays to consulting firms, having fired them for not doing us a damn bit of good and only adding to our burden over these many years.

For those who want me to call a summit so that my findings can "be used to map out the region's economic future," forget it. This contribution, unlike that of the study group, is gratis.

You can buy me a beer later, though, when Southwest Virginia reaches full employment.

We've Come To Expect Such Things

A psychologist, writing in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, feels downright sorry for the state Cho Seung-Hui found himself in, and assigns blame for the massacre at Virginia Tech. It's all our fault:
Taking Responsibility:
. . . Labeling as 'Evil' Is Too Easy

By Susan Lipkins, The Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Was Seung-Hui Cho evil?

If we label Cho evil, then we are off the hook. We don't have to take a long look at our mental health system. We don't have to consider how each one of us, as a bystander, could reach out and help someone.

Not enough was done to help Cho, but there are millions of others who need help. Have we learned our lesson? Are we ready to take significant actions to change our broken systems? The lack of care for those who suffer psychologically is the real evil. (link)
It's all your fault.

Christ almighty.

It's Your Fault Even More

I heard it said once that if guns are responsible for murder, pencils are responsible for misspellings.

But the logic will forever be lost on morons like Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, who pens an article for the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
. . . And It's Bound to Happen Again
By Paul Helmke, The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Weak gun laws are not designed to facilitate mass shootings, but they do. Weak gun laws make it easier for juveniles, stalkers, wife beaters, and the mentally deranged to obtain a firearm, enable them to more readily kill multiple individuals, and help them to evade detection and arrest.

The key question we should all be asking is this: What are we going to do about it? Shame on us if we do nothing. Enacting sensible gun laws will not stop all gun atrocities, but sensible restrictions will save lives. (link)
In the previous post, Susan Lipkins blames us for not doing enough to help the deranged sociopath who slaughtered 32 innocent human beings on the Virginia Tech campus on April 16. Here Paul Helmke blames us for the slaughter because we didn't do enough to control the flow of guns in this country.

Neither blames Cho Seung-Hui.

For what it's worth, Helmke goes on to pay lip service to the grief that the parents of the slain must be going through, saying "we should mourn" those killed. This is the same despicable bastard who didn't wait for the bodies of those slain to be removed from Norris Hall to put out a request for donations to his gun control lobbying group, using the tragedy as a contribution grabber.

So much for mourning. So much for credibility.

The Party Of Corruption

I'll just bet Henry Waxman will be investigating this bit of sleeze:

Her $an Fran Treat
Pelosi Water Bill Drawing Fire

By Geoff Earle, The New York Post

May 8, 2007 -- Washington - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her clout to get lawmakers to back a San Francisco redevelopment project near her multimillion-dollar rental properties, disclosure documents reveal.

Pelosi got House members to authorize $25 million to improve the Embarcadero port area, clearing the way for cruise-ship-dock development and other improvements to aid the neighborhood's comeback.

House financial-disclosure documents reveal that Pelosi's husband, Paul, owns four commercial real-estate properties near the Embarcadero, which is home to many restaurants and hotels. (link)

And nobody will care ...

Tell Me He's Not Serious

Is Barack Obama this stupid?
Obama Eyes Greener Days For Motown
By Andy Soltis, The New York Post

May 8, 2007 -- Barack Obama unveiled a plan yesterday to make U.S. cars competitive with fuel-efficient foreign vehicles and save hundreds of millions of barrels of oil each year.

The Democratic presidential contender encouraged Detroit to make more hybrid vehicles by giving firms health-care assistance for retirees.

Those costs currently add $1,500 to the cost of every GM car, he said.

"So here's the deal," he told the Detroit Economic Club. "We'll help to partially defray those health-care costs - but only if manufacturers are willing to invest the savings right back into the production of more fuel-efficient cars and trucks." (link)
American auto makers have been warned for years that they were making unwise financial decisions and were doing nothing to pare out-of-control costs, making deals with the UAW and other unions that were unsustainable, and that they were rapidly making themselves non-competitive with foreign producers. The Big Three ignored the warnings and now find themselves in dire straits.

So does Barack Obama provide advice on reducing costs in order for GM, Ford, and Chrysler to be more competitive? No. He intends to pour fuel on the fire. He is going to dump billions in taxpayer dollars on Detroit - in perpetuity.

That'll make our auto makers want to control costs ...

This is beyond idiotic.

Tell Us What You Really Think

A New York Post editorial this morning:

Weasels No More?

May 8, 2007 -- Some 38 million Frenchmen went to the polls Sunday to elect a new president, and guess who won?


Nicolas Sarkozy's 53 percent to 47 percent victory over Socialist Ségolène Royal marked a sharp departure from France's Gaullist past. The shift could put that nation back in the international game - this time, on the right side.

Sunday's big losers?

Islamists, freeloaders, troublemakers and those whose "vision" doesn't go beyond blaming President Bush for all the world's woes. (link)
I love that. Civilization won. The Islamists and Democrats ... er, Bush-haters lost. That about sums it up.


Amir Taheri: "Are we going to vote for a French George Bush? So asked Marianne, a left-wing Parisian daily, in its cover story about the French presidential election. On Sunday, French voters answered: Yes ..."

The Past Comes Alive

Right out of the Bible:
Archaeologist Finds Tomb of King Herod
By The Associated Press

Jerusalem (AP) -- An Israeli archaeologist on Tuesday said he has found the tomb of King Herod, the legendary builder of ancient Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Hebrew University archaeologist Ehud Netzer said the tomb was found at Herodium, a flattened hilltop in the Judean Desert where Herod built a palace compound. Netzer has been working at the site since the 1970s.

Netzer said the tomb was discovered when a team of researchers found pieces of a limestone sarcophagus believed to belong to the ancient king. Although there were no bones in the container, he said the sarcophagus' location and ornate appearance indicated it is Herod's. (link)
Fascinating news. Hope to hear more.

The World Has Gone Mad

The Democrats in Congress want the American taxpayer to shell out a pile of cash to pay reparations ...

... to the people of Guam ...

... for the harsh treatment that was infllicted upon them during World War II ...

... by the Japanese.

Somebody kill me:
Title: To implement the recommendations of the Guam War Claims Review Commission.


Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act - Recognizes the suffering and the loyalty of the people of Guam during the Japanese occupation of Guam in World War II.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to make specified payments to: (1) living Guam residents who were killed [sic], injured, interned, or subjected to forced labor or marches resulting from, or incident to, such occupation and subsequent liberation; and (2) survivors of compensable residents who died in war or survivors of compensable injured residents (such payments to be made after payments have been made to surviving Guam residents).
There are 63 co-sponsors of this travesty, including a few Republicans. The name that leaps out at you is Nick Rahall, a Democrat from West Virginia's 3rd district. That's just across the line in the most poverty-stricken area of the country, stretching from Huntington to Bluefield and includes all the land that time forgot - McDowell, Wyoming, Mingo, Logan. Shame on him in particular.

This must be what Pelosi and her ilk referred to in the run-up to the 2006 elections as "ending Washington business as usual." This payoff for wrongs committed by others long, long ago is about as unusual as it gets.

Furthermore, if we are going to fork over our hard-earned income to compensate the survivors of those harmed back in the 40's (by the Japanese no less), can reparations to all the millions of descendents of slaves be far behind?

I guess if you have all the money in the world ...

This Is Too Funny

I see from The Ward View that Ben Tribbett is throwing another tantrum. The news that he isn't as important here in the Virginia blogosphere as he thought he was isn't sitting well. Somehow Ben has decided his RSS feed is causing him problems (like we all use one) and has shut it down.

How that makes him more influential among a host of truly influential bloggers is beyond me.

But that's Ben for you ....