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Saturday, May 12, 2007

These People Would FREAK At My House

A man was spotted last night over in Bedford County carrying "what appeared to be a rifle," and all hell broke loose:

Police: Fans report man with rifle
By Amanda Codispoti and Robert Anderson, The Roanoke Times

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police searched intensively Friday night for a reportedly armed man seen outside Staunton River High School, not far from where ballgames were being played, an official said.

Spectators at those games saw a shirtless man near the football field carrying what appeared to be a rifle about 6:20 p.m., said Bedford County Public Schools spokesman Ryan Edwards.

Mitchell Hayter, a freshman on the school's junior varsity baseball team, was in left field when a voice on the intercom delivered the alarming message.

"There's somebody on campus with a gun. Get in the concession stand, the batting cage or the locker room and stay there," Mitchell recalled the woman saying. (link)
There was a brief period there that I thought they were going to call in the national guard.

I know. The appropriate thing for me to do, in light of that which took place on the Virginia Tech campus three weeks ago, is to let this go without comment.

But the local Roanoke television channel I was watching broke into my Jeopardy telecast to bring us the breaking news. "A man was seen carrying a gun. (we think) According to a person who talked to a person who talked to a person. No other information is available at this time. But let's recap ..."

Meanwhile here in Bland County, where the sight of an unarmed man is reason to be suspicious, life goes on as usual. Except that we can't watch our favorite quiz show on TV because the frightened children over in Bedford and Roanoke soil their knickers at the mere mention of a firearm.

You all need to get a grip. And quit disrupting my evening entertainment.

Never Trust a Governor Named Kathleen

Just days after Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius brought nationwide condemnation on herself for having tried, and failed, to make a tornado that ripped through the town of Greensburg, killing ten people, a political issue by attacking the federal government for not doing her job for her, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, not to be outdone, attempts this morning to do the same.

As if she hasn't brought enough condemnation on herself already for her abject ineptitude.

The story:
Fed Up in Louisiana
By Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) went off. Not in a girls fighting, "Hold my earrings!" kind of way. But in a blunt manner befitting a chief executive who endured the worst natural and engineering disaster in U.S. history, who continues to battle Washington for federal assistance, and who is not running for reelection.

"It's all political," she began. "You know, this country's run on politics. But when a disaster comes that is not what you expect, you expect a human reaction, not a political reaction. And I will tell you, there's a void," Blanco drawled, "a total void of human response. And it's extremely discouraging as an American citizen. It makes me angry and extremely disappointed." (link)
It's going on two years now since the hurricane struck the Gulf coast. Two years. That and billions of dollars in federal aid later and the woman still hasn't done her job.

So she blames Bush. Again. And the former (Republican) Congress, for God's sake (to the delight of the column's author).

The woman knows no shame.

But the good news is, she's not running for reelection. Maybe the next governor, if not named Kathleen, can provide protection to the citizenry as every governor of the state of Louisiana - until this time - has been able to do.

Might Someone Here Be Wrong?

A headline in this morning's New York Post (on an AP story):

Iraqi Officials Discourage U.S. Pullout

The New York Times has this, again this morning:

Majority of Iraq Lawmakers Seek Timetable for U.S. Exit

Ah, you gotta love that objective journalism.

When There Is Nothing To Complain About ...

I miss Bob Herbert. He, along with Maureen Dowd, makes up half of the most IQ-challenged newspaper editorial staff on the planet. I miss him because the New York Times decided a few years ago to charge for on-line viewing of his wacky missives. And I'm never going to pay to read his idiocy just to heap ridicule on it.

But the Times allows us a glimpse - just a glimpse - of his mindlessness each time he goes to print, just to entice us into paying for Times Select. A few sentences. Just enough to still heap piles of steaming scorn on the man.

From today's column:
The Millions Left Out
By Bob Herbert

More than 90 million Americans are struggling to make ends meet on incomes that are less than twice the official poverty line. In my book, they’re poor. (
To ol' Bob, the sage of spiritual and philosophical topics at America's number one newspaper, who is renowned for his profound wisdom, the middle class are poor.

Piles of steaming scorn ...

They Had More Important Things Than 9/11 ...

I wonder if Michael McConnell was director of national intelligence back in September of 2001. It would go a long way toward explaining why the worst failure of our intelligence department in American history occurred. I would then be able to understand - though not accept - the notion that global warming is more important to our intelligence community than are the terrorists out there who are plotting to slaughter our children and grandchildren in the streets of every city in America.

Christ Almighty:

Spy Chief Backs Study of Impact of Warming
By Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, May 11 — Stepping into the middle of a partisan debate on Capitol Hill, the United States’ top intelligence official has endorsed a comprehensive study by spy agencies about the impact of global warming on national security.

In a letter written earlier this week to the House Intelligence Committee, the official, Michael McConnell, director of national intelligence, said it was “entirely appropriate” that the intelligence community prepare an assessment of the “geopolitical and security implications of global climate change.” (link)

Hey, Michael, where's Osama bin Ladin? Where are all those chemical and biological weapons that Saddam Hussein had? Who is in possession of those missing Soviet nukes? Korea? Iran?

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't know. I've been thinking about the weather."

Dig a deep hole and crawl in it, folks. We're doomed to a horrible death.

Obama Is Not Ready For Prime Time

What is this guy thinking?
Obama Assails Private Medicare Plans
By the Associated Press

Des Moines, Iowa (AP) -- Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Friday proposed cutting government subsidies to private insurance companies under Medicare by $150 billion over the next decade.

Campaigning for support in next winter's caucuses, Obama said the money could be used to strengthen the Medicare program overall, including a reduction in the prices seniors pay for prescription drug prices.

Obama's campaign said more than 53,000 Iowans are enrolled in private plans under the so-called Medicare Advantage program.

They likely would face a reduction in coverage or an increase in out-of-pocket costs if the government cut its payments to the insurance companies. (link)
Okay, the guy's a Democrat. So he hates insurance companies.

But to stand before a crowd in Iowa, which by the way has the oldest average age of any state in America, and tell voters there that he intends to reduce their Medicare coverage and/or raise their out-of-pocket costs just to get back at those evil corporations doesn't seem to me to be all that bright.

But, like I said, the guy is a Democrat ...

He Must Be Angling For The Veep Position

That can be the only plausible explanation for this:

Giuliani Takes On G.O.P. Orthodoxy on Social Issues
By Marc Santora and Adam Nagourney, The New York Times

Houston, May 11 — Rudolph W. Giuliani directly challenged Republican orthodoxy on Friday, asserting that his support for abortion rights, gun control and gay rights should not disqualify him from winning the party’s presidential nomination.

He said that Republicans needed to be tolerant of dissenting views on those issues if they wanted to retain the White House.

In a forceful summation of the substantive and political case for his candidacy, delivered to a conservative audience at Houston Baptist College, Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, acknowledged that his views on social issues were out of line with those of many Republican primary voters. (link)

Browbeating Republicans in this manner may get him the New York Times endorsement but it isn't going to endear the man to the conservative base - the people who actually get out the vote in the primaries.

On a side note, the Wall Street Journal editorial page yesterday took Republicans to task over the abortion issue too. Something about there being more important issues to deal with and the matter of slaughtering little children in the womb being too divisive. Funny how nothing appeared on the same page when the governor of the state where the WSJ resides announced that he was going to strengthen New York's abortion laws. Not divisive when the other side does it, I guess.

In any case, Giuliani must have cooked up a deal with Barack Obama. It's the only thing I can figure. Why else would he go out of his way to anger the very people who he needs support from?