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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quote Of The Day

From Instapundit:

"THERE ARE TWO AMERICAS, and one of them is defending the other. Military recruiting stays strong."

Here here.

And They Continue To Focus On Bike Paths

When politicians and their mover/shaker buddies lose sight of their/our main goal, that being a vibrant, prosperous community, that thich results from their blindness is so predictable:
Report suggests closing schools
By David Harrison, The Roanoke Times

The Roanoke school system could save $9.2 million by closing at least one elementary school, raising school meal prices, redrawing attendance zones and shrinking its teaching staff.

Those were among roughly 100 recommendations presented to the school board Monday night by a consultant hired by the state.

"There's no question in our minds that this board ultimately has to make some tough decisions to close some schools," said Skip Archibald, a consultant with MGT of America, the group that performed the study.

Enrollment, which this year is around 12,600, has fallen by about 500 since 2002, a trend that will likely last into the next decade, according to school officials. About two-thirds of those students are listed as disadvantaged, more than in other urban school districts in Virginia. (link)
That enrollment trend is downward because economic prospects for Roanoke - in a word - suck.

Worse yet, we keep hearing about the path to success, the turnaround, coming from silly notions like greenways and hiking trails.

Success, fellas, will derive from our having employers. Not weeds and bushes. Not paths leading nowhere.

You want to quit shutting down schools and scaling back services? Grow Roanoke. Make those businesses that are flocking to Shanghai want to relocate to Southwest Virginia. And we will all prosper.

Or continue your twaddle about improving the aesthetic value of the landscape and face the prospect of an increasing number of school closings. And business closings. Over and over again.

It's up to you.

Except For One Little Problem

The Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning falls into the trap set by the Ted Kennedys of the world. That being: A new law is inherently good and can't therefore make matters worse, and that reasonable people, when called upon, should therefore find common ground to enact it, no matter what.

On the illegal immigration debate:

Compromises reflect diverse, sometimes competing, views. If everyone agreed, there would be no need to hammer out differences, no need for everyone to make concessions. Controversial issues require compromises. Few items generate as much controversy as immigration.

An immigration reform with any prospect of becoming law inevitably would antagonize activists -- which is precisely what the compromise reached in Washington last week has done.

The compromise represents the only hope for reform. It strikes a balance -- which probably will prove its undoing. And even if it passed, the bill would not settle a debate that has raged since, oh, about 1607. (link)
" ... represents the only hope for reform." See what I mean?

This, quite simply, isn't true. By a long shot.

This discussion came about after similar legislation, passed in 1986 (and shepherded through by Ted Kennedy ...), made our problems with illegal immigration far worse. That bit of compromise proved our undoing. Lawbreakers were encouraged by Washington, through our feckless actions, to pour across the border, by the millions.

This latest attempt at addressing the problem, a problem exacerbated by that 1986 law, will, in the estimation of many of us, make things worse still. Far worse.

So compromise on just how badly we want to fail - to continue to fail - is not something we wish to enter into.

Enforce the laws you previously enacted! Keep your promises! Stop illegal immigration!

Then we'll talk about compromise.

Why Is This Lost On Washington?

This news will come as a shock to our august politicians in la-la-land. Well, no it won't. They'll continue to ignore it.

Border security first, Americans tell polls
By Sean Lengell

Americans favor stronger border security and enforcement of existing immigration laws before any new immigration rules take effect, according to polls.

But a tough stance on enforcement of U.S. policy doesn't mean the country is opposed to more immigration, pollsters say, as many surveys also show support for giving illegal aliens in the United States a path toward legal residency or citizenship.

Fifty-six percent of U.S. adults favored an "enforcement-only" approach to immigration reform with no path to citizenship for illegal aliens in the United States, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted earlier this month.

When a path to citizenship for illegal aliens was added to the mix, the Rasmussen survey showed 42 percent in support and 44 percent opposed. (link)
In spite of the insulting and unfounded charge leveled by the Wall Street Journal editorial page (on regular occasions) that we are "anti-immigrant" because we are anti-illegal immigrant, this poll offers a good reflection of the will of the people. We welcome with open arms those who want to emigrate to the USA, the greatest country on Earth. We just want our laws to be obeyed.

Any new law that doesn't first end the lawlessness is, to paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes ("Ignored law is bad law") lawless.

Why don't they get this?

Hillary Has An Idea

The public schools can't teach our kids to read and write in thirteen years (kiddygarden to 12th grade). So Hillary wants 'em for another. That 14th year will make all the difference.

Christ Almighty.
Hillary proposes preschool for all in federal-state effort
By Amy Fagan, The Washington Times

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton yesterday proposed that the federal government provide states with up to $10 billion to ensure all 4-year-olds have pre-kindergarten education.

"Every child[,] not just children whose parents can afford it[,] should have the same chance to succeed," said Mrs. Clinton, New York Democrat. "As president, I will establish universal pre-kindergarten education through a federal-state partnership." (link)
Where did I read that an exhaustive study conducted a few years ago found no discernable difference in achievement between kids who grew up having gone to pre-school and those who didn't. (None of them can read worth a lick).

But, no matter. Hillary has lots of our money to spend and needs something to spend it on.

So universal pre-school it is.

They still won't be able to read or write ...

Eat Meat

Either that or execute all stupid parents ...
Death by Veganism
By Nina Planck, writing in the New York Times

When Crown Shakur died of starvation, he was 6 weeks old and weighed 3.5 pounds. His vegan parents, who fed him mainly soy milk and apple juice, were convicted in Atlanta recently of murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty.

This particular calamity — at least the third such conviction of vegan parents in four years — may be largely due to ignorance. But it should prompt frank discussion about nutrition.

I was once a vegan. But well before I became pregnant, I concluded that a vegan pregnancy was irresponsible. You cannot create and nourish a robust baby merely on foods from plants. (link)
"You cannot create and nourish a robust baby merely on foods from plants." Yes.

I wonder sometimes what kind of kids some of the parents my age have raised.

Vegans. For the love of God.

A Question

How many of those environmentally friendly curlicue lightbulbs do we need to buy in order to offset the heat emissions from one Hollywood movie?

Do we need a ban? Just asking.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

When a Tree Falls In The Forest And Nobody ...

Some guy named Bill Richardson declared his candidacy yesterday:
N.M. Gov Throws Hat In Ring

May 22, 2007 -- Los Angeles - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson vowed to repair the "ravages" of the Bush administration yesterday as he formally announced his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The former congressman and Cabinet secretary said his track record makes him the right person to lead the country through a pivotal ... (link)
My response? Take out a second mortgage and hire John Edwards's hair stylist. Soon. Damn.

But That's All They're There To Do

Speaking of that do-nothing Congress, President Bush is starting to get a bit perturbed with the clowns and their antics:
Bush Scorns Proposed Vote on Gonzales as Theater
By Jim Rutenberg and David Johnston, The New York Times

Crawford, Tex., May 21 — President Bush said on Monday that any effort by Congress to hold a no-confidence vote on Alberto R. Gonzales, his embattled attorney general, amounted to the “kind of political theater that has caused the American people to lose confidence in how Washington operates.”

In his remarks, the president addressed members of Congress as he added, “They ought to get the job done of passing legislation as opposed to figuring out how to be actors on the political theater stage.” (link)
So far the House of Representatives, with the Democrats having taken control with great fanfare back in November, has accomplished squat (except for that $126 million reparations appropriation that goes to the people of Guam whose parents and/or grandparents suffered, we're told, at the hands of some foreign army in a war long forgotten; they found a will in that instance, although America is still scratching its collective head trying to figure out why it is responsible).

So votes of "no confidence" is all they can do. No confidence in the war. No confidence in Gonzales. No confidence in our cat food supply. No confidence in our health care system. No confidence in our capitalist way of life. No confidence in American-built cars. No confidence in anything that isn't first approved by the French.

They are the no-confidence people. In whom, I have absolutely no confidence.

We should expect nothing more from this bunch. Key word being nothing.