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Saturday, May 26, 2007

When Your Gov't Has All The Money In The World ...

The United States Department of Agriculture is now buying playground equipment ...

... with your tax dollars ...

... that you might have otherwise spent on food ...

... a commodity that the agriculture department was once focused on ...

... instead of playground equipment.

For the love of God:
Boucher Announces Federal Funding to Enhance Spencer-Penn Centre
$13,750 Grant Will Be Used to Purchase Playground Equipment
By Bill Wyatt, The Martinsville Daily

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Rick Boucher announced today that, at his urging, the U.S. Department of Agriculture through its Rural Development Agency is providing a federal grant in the amount of $13,750 for the purchase of playground equipment for the historic Spencer - Penn Centre in Spencer, Virginia [west of Martinsville].

"I am pleased that this measure of federal funding has been provided to further expand the activity offerings at Spencer-Penn Centre," Boucher concluded. (link)
I'm sure he is pleased. As are the kiddies over in Spencer who will be enjoying the slides and swing sets that the United States Department of Agriculture has donated for their use.

As for you poor wretches who paid for them and are wondering where your next meal is coming from, check with the United States Department of Agriculture. Folks there seem to have more money than they know what to do with.

The American Way

We go out and buy an environmentally friendly curlicue lightbulb so as to do our part to save the planet, just before we leave in our Ford Excursion for the airport so we can catch the 757 bound for Miami, where we're scheduled to take the Norwegian Princess luxury cruise ship headed toward the islands, where we'll party on the beach for six days and five nights. And when we return, tanned and rested, 2.3 kilotons of atmospheric carbon expulsion later, we turn on that lightbulb in the basement and feel good about Mother Earth and our place in it.

That's how we are going to save the environment. One lightbulb at a time.

You think I exaggerate:

And Gas Saver Makes Three Cars in the Driveway
By Micheline Maynard, The New York Times

Detroit, May 25 — With gas prices well over $3 a gallon nationwide, many drivers are lining up to buy small cars.

But hundreds of thousands of consumers aren’t giving up anything to downsize. Instead, they are simply adding pint-size transportation to their driveways, parked alongside their S.U.V. or pickup.

“Small cars are like a fashion statement,” said Art Spinella, president of CNW Marketing. (link)
I love this country.

Domestic Terrorist Going To Prison

Then there are those Americans who don't think buying a curlicue lightbulb is doing enough to save the planet. They instead go out and torch ski resorts and SUV's. So as to make this world a better place ...

And some of these nitwits are now going to be paying dearly for their idiocy:
Radical Environmentalist Gets 9-Year Term
By William Yardley, The New York Times

Eugene, Ore., May 25 — By the time Chelsea D. Gerlach was 16, she was putting her passion for the environment into action.

Now Ms. Gerlach is 30, and although she may continue to be an environmentalist, a federal judge said Friday that she was a terrorist, too.

“It was your intention to scare, frighten and intimidate people and government through the very dangerous act of arson,” Judge Ann L. Aiken of Federal District Court told Ms. Gerlach at her sentencing here.

Judge Aiken sentenced Ms. Gerlach to nine years in prison for her role in “the family,” a group of at least 10 radical environmentalists who have been convicted of arson and other destructive actions at an electrical transmission tower; timber research centers; a Eugene police station; a ski resort in Vail, Colo.; and other sites in five Western states that they viewed as threats to the environment or their mission.

The defendants are connected to the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. The crimes occurred from 1996 to 2001, and the arrests were made in 2005 and early last year. (link)
Where's Abu Ghraib when we need it?

The Clintons Are In Trouble Again.

Those of you who think money has a corrupting influence on politics will find this story to be quite delectable. It's about Hillary and Bill being up to their eyeballs in connivance with a corporate head who is being sued by the shareholders of his company for wasting millions - on the Clintons.

Just don't bring up the impeachment thing again. Please.

McCain 1, Obama 0

There are certain political fights you don't want to pick. Someone should give that bit of advice to the rookie, Barack Obama:

McC & Obama Bong-Up Brawl
By Charles Hurt, The New York Post

May 26, 2007 -- White House hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama engaged in a nasty firefight yesterday, with the McCain campaign blasting Obama as a dope-headed dove ready to surrender to al Qaeda.

McCain accused both the Illinois senator and Hillary Rodham Clinton of "waving a white flag" at al Qaeda by voting late Thursday against funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Responding in a press release, Obama said Iraq is so dangerous that during a recent trip to Baghdad, McCain had to don a "flack" jacket.

A decorated Navy fighter pilot and former POW, McCain belittled the former grass-roots organizer with no military experience: "By the way, Senator Obama, it's a 'flak' jacket, not a 'flack' jacket."

Adding further insult, a McCain staffer told Politico.com that "Obama wouldn't know the difference between an RPG and a bong," a reference to a rocket-propelled grenade and Obama's admitted past drug use. (link)

Wow. Is that the sound of someone's backside a'sizzling?

Democrats. They Can Be Such Comedians.

They just got their asses handed to them by the president in the epic battle over Iraq War funding and Pelosi and her fellow boobs hold a press conference to announce the fact that we can all be proud of their efforts thus far - they've reasserted Congressional power.

Pardon me while I clean the Wheaties off my keyboard.
A Tough 5 Months, but Democrats Cite Successes
By Robin Toner and Carl Hulse, The New York Times

Washington, May 25 — After five months in power, Congressional Democrats headed home for their Memorial Day recess with only a few signature accomplishments on the domestic front, notably an increase in the minimum wage, and the prospect of returning to a renewed struggle with the Bush administration over the war in Iraq.

But Democratic leaders say their principal accomplishment, so far, is not reflected in the legislative scorecard: The transformation of the policy debate and the reassertion of Congressional power, especially on the Iraq war. (link)
If giving in to the President on the war, as they just did, is their principal accomplishment, I don't think I would have held a press conference to broadcast the fact.

But it's true. That's the best they've been able to do in five months.

A New Web Banner

In light of the latest political developments on the national scene, I've created a new web banner in the left sidebar. It will remain there until America is rid of this menace.

As a matter of disclosure, I shamelessly stole the line, slightly modified, from Polipundit.

For those of you who'd like to join me in my effort to keep John McCain off the 2008 primary ballot here in Virginia, email me for the HTML code.

There'll be no charge. It's for the cause.