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Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Great Idea

When the number of turds floating in the lake you enjoy swimming in exceeds safe limits, what do you do?

Raise the limit!

River, lake E. coli limit may be raised
State proposal would increase the allowable level of fecal pollutant
By Rex Springston, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Rivers and lakes in which people swim and play could contain higher levels of fecal bacteria under a new state proposal.

The State Water Control Board proposed yesterday relaxing the standard, or limit, for E. coli bacteria in fresh water. The bacteria can make you sick.

E. coli is found in the waste of people and other warm-blooded animals. People who swallow water containing it can suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. This E. coli is not the strain that has proved deadly in some foods.

Vomiting and diarrhea. Yeah. Let's raise that limit.

Get a Life

Shanna Flowers is a columnist for the Roanoke Times. She's generally entertaining, if always caught up in the fad notions of the day. But this morning, well, all I can suggest is that she needs to lay off the bad mushrooms and find a different hallucinogen.

Get a load of this:
Dick Cheney 'is the devil'
Shanna Flowers

A few bloggers have linked Dick Cheney to the Antichrist.

I'm not willing to say that, but he dang sure is the devil.

Not in a pitchfork-toting, red jumpsuit-wearing kinda way. But in the way Mama would occasionally use it.

"You woke up with the devil in you today."

Mean. Surly.


My point being: What Cheney is doing to our democratic principles is just plain sinister. (link)
Good Lord. The devil?

You need to take a pill, babe.

Food For Thought

From the Washington Times:
The Senate immigration bill is huge windfall for illegal-alien absconders — fugitives who ignored an immigration judge's order to leave the country. Following the September 11 attacks, federal immigration officials were troubled by the fact that they did not know the whereabouts of approximately 314,000 immigrants who had been ordered deported. While Congress and the Bush administration have talked tough since then about dealing with such aliens, their numbers have more than doubled to approximately 636,000 today. These aliens run the gamut from persons ordered deported for their involvement in terrorist activities to criminals convicted of everything from shoplifting to DUI to murder.
"Don't Aid Alien Fugitives," June 28, 2007

This Pains Me

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has always been my hero in the Senate. He has always been a stand-up guy, an oddity in that den of snakes. He's a great conservative. Until now. These days he can be found, sadly, inexplicably,carrying the president's water on the amnesty bill.

Or not:

McConnell avoids immigration bill deliberations
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

As the Senate Democratic leader pushed his immigration bill through the chamber yesterday, Republican leader Mitch McConnell took a pass on the debate and left his rank-and-file members to fend for themselves.

Mr. McConnell finds himself in the crossfire between a majority of his own senators, who oppose the bill, and President Bush, who desperately wants it to pass. The Kentucky Republican's solution has been to go underground, leaving his party's senators to fight among themselves and with Democrats. (link)

This isn't leadership. It's cowardice. And McConnell is better than this. He's acting like a Democrat all of a sudden.

What's going on?

Yeah. We're All Mind-Numbed Robots.

This is infuriating:
Immigration Bill Prompts Some Menacing Responses
By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

On the eve of a crucial vote on the immigration bill, the Capitol Hill switchboard was deluged again Wednesday as thousands of citizens called their members of Congress — and, perhaps, someone else’s — to weigh in. Not since the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, several Senate aides said, have the lines been so jammed by a single issue.

Republicans who support the immigration bill are facing unusually intense opposition from conservative groups fighting it. This is among the first times, several of them said, that they have felt the full brunt of an advocacy machine built around conservative talk radio and cable television programs that have long buttressed Republican efforts to defeat Democrats and their policies. (link)
85% of America is opposed to the Senate's brazen attempt at delivering amnesty to 12 million illegals currently in this country (and inviting millions more to join them). 85%. And we're all part of some conspiratorial advocacy machine? We're not driven by the fact that this country is awash in illegality? We need Rush Limbaugh to tell us that we're on the wrong track when it comes to border security? And that backhanded slap at Fox News, have you ever even watched it? Thought not.

Give us some credit, pal. We're not as stupid as you and your buds there in Manhattan think.

Webb Gets A Big Smooch From The Press

Odd. I could have sworn that Senator Webb had the chance to show his disapproval for the amnesty legislation that is working its way through the Senate the other day but instead voted to move it forward.

Despite the fact, he gets a glowing ass-kiss from the New York Times this morning for being a maverick on the subject. For having voted with 63% of his colleagues. Say what?

Here's the weird attempt at fawn:

New Senators Resist Overhaul of Immigration
By Carl Hulse, The New York Times

Washington, June 27 — In narrowly winning her seat last year, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri ran hard against what she saw as a flawed approach in Congress to dealing with illegal immigration. Ms. McCaskill, a Democratic newcomer, says she is not about to change her view now.

“I hope this never wears off, but I like to keep my word,” said Ms. McCaskill, part of a triad of moderate Democratic freshmen balking at the proposed immigration overhaul and complicating efforts by President Bush and Senate leaders to pass it this week.

Her compatriots in opposition are Senators Jim Webb of Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana. All three represent Republican-leaning states and are breaking with their leadership and most of their Democratic colleagues on the legislation, whose fate in the Senate could be determined on Thursday after a day of votes on amendments left the outcome up in the air on Wednesday.
Having written this of course, Carl The Reporter realized that Webb's only action in this saga (voting in favor) flies in the face of that which he just tapped out on his keyboard. Thus:

Of these three freshman Democratic senators, Mr. Webb has shown the most willingness to entertain the idea of supporting the measure if it were revised to his liking.

“There is a lot of good in this bill,” Mr. Webb said Wednesday. But his proposal to limit the opportunity to gain legal residency to immigrants who have been in the country for at least four years was soundly rejected by the Senate, 79 to 18, making it unlikely that backers of the measure can count on his support.
Talk is cheap. I think Virginians would have felt a whole lot more confident that Mr. Webb would not be supportive if he had voted to stop the legislation in its tracks the one time he had the opportunity. Instead he voted to move it forward. He joined Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Actions are worth a thousand words. If I were a betting man ...

They Can't Govern, So They Subpoena

The Democrats in Congress issued more subpoenas to the executive branch yesterday. It must be Thursday:
White House Is Subpoenaed on Wiretapping
By James Risen, The New York Times

Washington, June 27 — The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday issued subpoenas to the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney’s office and the Justice Department after what the panel’s chairman called “stonewalling of the worst kind” of efforts to investigate the National Security Agency’s policy of wiretapping without warrants.

The move put Senate Democrats squarely on a course they had until now avoided, setting the stage for a showdown with the Bush administration over ... (link)
Actually, there'll be no showdown. The President will ignore the subpoenas as presidents have throughout history.

The judiciary committee's action is called g-r-a-n-d-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g.

It's a lot more fun than doing all this serious government stuff.