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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If It Weren't For That Annoying Bill Of Rights ...

... festival goers wouldn't have to endure citizens showing up with handguns legally, carefully, and safely concealed on their persons.

From the Roanoke Times:

Gun shy in Norfolk
A weapons ban at Harborfest conflicted with the state's overly friendly gun law.

Norfolk got a civics lesson at this year's Harborfest. The city can't keep people from bringing guns. The General Assembly took that public-safety tool out of the hands of localities years ago.

In Virginia, cities and counties get their powers from the state, and the state mainly bows to gun-rights advocates. (link)

I need to do some research. I wonder if the Times reacted to events in which law enforcement allowed demonstrators to burn the American flag by blaming leftist college students.

Or did the editorialists cite that document that our founding fathers dreamt up ... several years ago ... what was it called? ... with that addendum thingie that was added to safeguard something ... freedoms ... or some such ...

Like A Broken Record

Impeach Gonzales

Only If You Allow Others To Control Your Life

Others may affect your weight

A Badge Of Honor

Who in this country doesn't harbor major contempt for Congress these days? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, it appears the Democrats who run things in Washington want to officially recognize certain citizens for their public display of that contempt:

House panel votes to hold Miers, Bolten in contempt
By Jon Ward, The Washington Times

A House committee yesterday voted to hold two Bush administration officials in contempt of Congress for not responding to congressional subpoenas, prompting the White House to charge that the Democrat-controlled Congress is wasting time and taxpayer money on partisan "inquisitions." (link)
Contempt of Congress. How do I get one of those citations?

Well, At Least We Raised The Minimum Wage

Have I mentioned the release of the Tax Foundation's research that shows the United States of America to now have the highest corporate tax rates in the western world?

Today we are confronted with disturbing proof that we've gone off the rails:

China powering world economy
By Patrice Hill, The Washington Times

China, this year for the first time, has dislodged the United States from its long reign as the main engine of global economic growth, with its more than 11 percent growth eclipsing sputtering U.S. growth of about 2 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund's 2007 projections released yesterday.

China's growth, which has been fueled by booming domestic building and commercial development, as well as soaring exports, has accelerated even as U.S. growth dropped to 0.7 percent in the first quarter under the weight of a profound housing recession. China is expected to drive a hearty 5.2 percent expansion of the global economy this year, the IMF said. (link)
While we glory in bike paths and hiking trails ...

Chart source data courtesy of the International Monetary Fund
Chart courtesy of the Washington Times. Click image to enlarge.

Chicken Flu II

There are people in this world who simply need to be in a constant state of fear:

Rise in Cases of West Nile May Portend an Epidemic
By Denise Grady, The New York Times

The number of West Nile virus cases in the United States is nearly four times what it was a year ago, meaning that a large epidemic may be in store, government researchers are reporting.

“It’s certainly a warning sign that we need to be extremely vigilant,” Dr. Lyle Petersen, the director of the division of vector-borne infections at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said yesterday. “The worst is yet to come.”

The virus, carried by mosquitoes, causes a mild, flu-like illness in 20 percent of those infected, and no symptoms in about 80 percent. In about 1 percent of cases, the illness progresses to a brain infection that can be fatal.

So far this year, 122 cases have been reported, with the most in California and the Dakotas. At this time last year, there had been only 33. (link)

Noun: epidemic `epi'demik
1. A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time.


There were an estimated 45,000 Americans bitten by snakes last year.
From 6 to 33 million people contracted food poisoning.
Hepatitus A - 83,391.

There were 4,269 cases of West Nile last year. Epidemic? Please.

It's a Done Deal

Congress is out of control.
And those who run it, know it.
And they don't care:

Farm Subsidies Seem Immune to an Overhaul
By David M. Herszenhorn, The New Yrok Times

Washington, July 25 — For the many critics of farm subsidies, including President Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this seemed like the ideal year for Congress to tackle the federal payments long criticized as enriching big farm interests, violating trade agreements and neglecting small family farms.

Many crop prices are at or near record highs. Concern over the country’s dependence on foreign oil has sent demand for corn-based ethanol soaring. European wheat fields have been battered by too much rain. And market analysts are projecting continued boom years for American farmers into the foreseeable future.

But as the latest farm bill heads to the House floor on Thursday, farm-state lawmakers seem likely to prevail in keeping the old subsidies largely in place, drawing a veto threat on Wednesday from the White House. (link)

America awaits the news. How monumental will this waste of taxpayer dollars be? Will it top the quarter trillion dollars the farmers got from Congress in the last farm bill just five years ago?

This is very discouraging.

Ma & Pa Kettle They Ain't

On those who receive a government handout in the "farm bill":

"The top 15 percent of farm-subsidy recipients receive more than half of the payments and have an average net worth of nearly $2 million."

"Farm Bill Fiasco," Pat Toomey, writing in this morning's Washinton Times

We Live In Strange Times

Walt Disney Company has decided to ban the depiction of cigarette smoking in its movies. Is this the same Disney that released the most violent, the most graphic video ever made * to the DVD world?

The head-scratching news:

Disney Snuffs Out Film Cigs

July 26, 2007 -- Los Angeles - Walt Disney Co. yesterday became the first major Hollywood studio to ban depictions of smoking, saying there would be no smoking in its family-oriented, Disney-branded films and it would "discourage" it in movies distributed by its Touchstone and Miramax labels.

CEO Robert Iger said that Disney would put anti-smoking ads on DVDs of any future films that feature smoking. (link)
No word on whether Iger will have the House Of Cinderella and Little Bo Peep put any kind of warning label on what FoxNews' Roger Friedman calls "the most violent movie Disney has ever released, with so much blood spurting out of orifices that even Martin Scorsese would blush **."

The world's gone mad.

* Pulp Fiction
** Apocalypto