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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Remind Me Not To Drink The Water In Fancy Gap

Am I reading this right?

Water project bubbling in Fancy Gap
By Christopher Brooke, Galax Gazette Staff Reporter

Hillsville - Prospects for a water project in Fancy Gap may be more closely tied to sewer than other Public Service Authority efforts have been in the past.

Gina Isom has gone door to door and visited with potential water customers in a nine-mile area at Fancy Gap. She reported to the Carroll County Public Service Authority July 17 that many residences and businesses have interest in gaining public water. (link)
Fellas. Fellas. How bad do you really want it? Are conditions in Fancy Gap that bad?

I think, if the only way I could get "public water" is by "closely tying it to the sewer system," well, all I can say is, thank God for Aquafina.

Tourists Flock To Tazewell

Congressman Boucher's plan for economic recovery is coming together:
Seniors to visit Tazewell County
By NRVNews

The Giles Senior Center will sponsor a trip to Tazewell County on Friday, August 31st. This will include visits to historic sites and to the ostrich farm. Please call the Senior Center at 921-3924 to sign up and for more information.
It is estimated that this trip will boost Tazewell's annual tourism revenue by 15%, if all 12 retirees have a hot dog and a beer for lunch.

Crap On Basketball Court. Geese Slaughtered.

This is sure to help the animal rights crowd digest its pate de foie gras from last evening's repast:

Geese Killed
By Darrell Gleason, Covington Virginian Review State Editor

Canada geese captured earlier this week at Main Street Park in Covington were euthenized by federal wildlife officials.

Initial information released by Covington City Manager Claire Collins indicated that the geese were transported from the city after they were captured. But a U. S. Department of Agriculture official said Thursday that there was apparently a miscommunication between his office and the city.

The city requested assistance from the U. S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services after receiving complaints about damage and sanitary conditions caused by goose problems at Main Street Park.

“There was an excessive amount of goose droppings on the basketball court, as well as the grass around it,” said Chad Fox of the USDA Wildlife Services office in Christiansburg. (link)

It is unclear exactly what USDA Wildlife Services tolerance levels are for goose droppings on basketball courts and adjacent grasslands. But, whatever they are, it's clear that the geese in question exceeded them, by a few turds at least.

And thus were killed.

When is Thanksgiving anyway?

This Seems More Humane

This beats slaughtering it for having pooped on the basketball court:

Grand jury indicts Dove

That's how a civilized country should treat its feathered creatures.

You've Been Warned. Again.

Virginians are being set up and they don't even realize it.

All this feigned gnashing of teeth and soiling of diapers over our new traffic fees has one purpose. As revealed by the Bristol Herald-Courier:
Bad driver fees deserve repeal

One month after Virginia’s notorious abusive driver fees took effect, a judge has declared them unconstitutional.

The arguments against the fees are significant ...

Some lawmakers want to repeal the fees when the General Assembly reconvenes in January.

There is no question that Virginia needs a steady source of revenue for road repairs and new construction. But abusive driver fees – a stealth tax on a small slice of the state population – aren’t the best method to generate that revenue. An increase in the gas tax is a better choice; one that requires out-of-state motorists to pay their share.

State lawmakers should repeal the abuser fees. (link) (my emphasis)
This couldn't be any more clear. The Democrats, and their buddies in the press, want the 2007 transportation bill repealed. And they want our taxes to go up.

We've been there. We've rejected that. But if you want to go at it again, all I can say is: Bring it, fellas. We're more than willing to fight that good fight once again.

... as soon as the people of Virginia wake up to what's really going on.

Question Of The Day

How are the Region's Bridges?

Food For Thought

On the "need" for more bridge reconstruction spending, now that the I-35W disaster has occurred in Minneapolis:
The hair-trigger political impulse, from states and Capitol Hill alike, is that ... the feds need to spend more money. But it's hardly the case that taxpayers have been stingy. In 1991, the five-year highway cost $151 billion. By 1998 it was up to $217 billion, and in 2005 a Republican Congress agreed to spend $286 billion and would have spent far more had President Bush not threatened a veto.

What matters as much as the amount, however, is the pattern of such spending. And you will not be surprised to learn that along with greater highway spending came more Congressional earmarks. What the Members giveth, they also taketh for themselves. In the 1981 highway bill, there were all of 10 earmarks. A decade later there were 1,850,
and by 2005 the earmarks had multiplied to 6,371, or nearly 10% of total spending.
"Bridges To Somewhere," The Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2007

VA Public Schools Offer Advanced Learning Class In Fall

Mastering the art of making change

Suppose They Ever See Beyond Their Noses?

Editorial after editorial:

Investigate Alberto Gonzales.

What is Cheney up to?

We need to dig further into illegal wiretaps.



On and on.

Investigate! Investigate! Investigate!

Today's editorial in the New York Times:

So Many Investigations

It seems that everywhere they turn these days, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his staff face another investigation. There have already been two inquiries into the pushing of State Police to release embarrassing information about the governor’s top political opponent, Senator Joseph Bruno. Now there could be three or even four more, ready to sidetrack everything else important going on in Albany.

Mr. Spitzer and his team should cooperate with these investigations to clear the air. But it is also important to look at the political backdrop, because in each case, the investigators have some political connection to either Mr. Spitzer or to the Republicans now joyously criticizing him. (link)
"Now there could be three or even four more, ready to sidetrack everything else important going on in" ... [the capital].

Oh, by the way, in the very next editorial, these guys call on Congress to broaden an investigation.

What nitwits..

Grab Your Ankles

First, a question: Where'd that quarter trillion dollars go that were to have been devoted to fixing our roads and bridges?

Now, the editorial we were all expecting to appear in today's Washington Post:

A Bridge Falls
And the country has cause to consider the state of its infrastructure.

Congress and the president need to start thinking about how to pay for improvement and repair in the District and across the country now, before the problem becomes more critical. That might include considering the first gas tax increase since 1993. (link)

As taxpayers, are we allowed to first think about how we just shelled out a sizeable portion of our paychecks for bridge improvements and repairs just two years ago (to the tune of $286,400,000,000) and we still have bridges collapsing, with another 70,000 ready to topple?

Where'd that wad go?

What If This Had Involved The Klan?

Do you suppose this story would have gotten air time on the nightly news if the perpetrators had been white supremacists instead of black Muslim radicals?
7 Arrested in Death of Oakland Newspaper Editor
By Jesse McKinley, The New York Times

Oakland, Calif., Aug. 3 — A day after a prominent newspaper editor was shot to death downtown, the police here on Friday arrested seven men and seized several weapons that they suspected were used in his killing and those of two other men.

The arrests came after a predawn raid by SWAT teams at the bakery, the Your Black Muslim Bakery, and three bakery-owned properties, where the police found several firearms, including the gun they believe was used to kill the editor, Chauncey Bailey, of the weekly Oakland Post.

One of seven men arrested on Friday was Yusef Bey IV, the son of the bakery’s founder, Yusef Bey, a well-known local black Muslim leader who died in 2003. (link)
Sorry. The story doesn't fit the media template. The murderous thugs are the wrong race and/or religion. Bury it. Anything on those 90-year-old KKK members who killed that civil rights worker 40 years ago?

Does This Mean We're Not Going To Invade Pakistan?

Well, we'll have to just wait and see. It's a long way to November, 2008 and Barack Obama still has a longshot chance at starting his proposed global conflagration:
Pakistan assured of U.S. cooperation
By Jon Ward and David Sands, The Washington Times

President Bush yesterday reassured Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf that the U.S. is committed to cooperating with his country in the fight against terrorists — days after a leading Democratic presidential candidate made threatening comments about the region.

"President Bush stated that the United States fully respected Pakistan's sovereignty and appreciated Pakistan's resolve in fighting al Qaeda and other terrorist elements," the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement disclosing the phone call.

On Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama, Illinois Democrat, said that if Pakistan did not take stronger action to capture and kill al Qaeda fighters on its border with Afghanistan, as president he would send U.S. troops into the region unilaterally, with or without permission from Mr. Musharraf's government. (link)
Speaking of this doofus from Chicago, may I make a suggestion? Barack, you and your pals in the Democratic Party are so good at pandering, why don't you stick to that and quit trying to act like you're really tough, and really religious, and ...

Quote Of The Day

From James Taranto:

"Barack Obama's recent pronouncements on foreign policy would be frightening if they weren't so ridiculous."

"Comic Relief," Best of the Web Today, August 3, 2007

I Think I Like This New Law

Skip over the untidy bit of information concerning another judge having a bug up his butt about the unconstitutionality of our new traffic fee law, and go to the heart of the matter:

Second court bars Virginia abuser fee
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

A second judge in Virginia ruled yesterday that the state's new "abuser fees" program that singles out resident drivers is unconstitutional.

The ruling was issued in the case of Joseph C. Fields, a Virginia man who was convicted July 7 in Richmond General District Court of reckless driving and faced a $1,050 abuser fee under the new program.

His decision mirrored the ruling Henrico County General District Court Judge Archer L. Yeatts III issued a day earlier in the case of Anthony O. Price, a 23-year-old from Henrico County who faced an additional $750 "civil remedial fee" after he was convicted last week of driving on a suspended license for the fifth time. (link)

Reckless driving. Driving on a suspended license ... for the fifth time. And these guys only get fines? They should thank God that I'm not writing the law.

As for the matter cited by these two judges? Let's fix it and move on.

They Still Don't Get It

How many bridge disasters is it going to take to get these guys to cut this out?

Murtha nabs $150M pork
By Roxana Tiron, The Hill

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), chairman of the House Appropriations defense panel, has secured the most earmarked dollars in the 2008 military spending bill, followed closely by the panel’s ranking member Rep. Bill Young (R-Fla.).

Even though Young secured 52 earmarks, worth $117.2 million — and co-sponsored at least $27 million worth of others — Murtha’s 48 earmarks amount to a total of $150.5 million, according to a database compiled by the watchdog organization Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS). (link)
Here's what it comes down to:
The House is expected to take up the $459.6 billion defense appropriations bill Friday. It contains 1,337 earmarks, costing $3.07 billion, which is less than half the number and value of earmarks in last year’s bill.

Keith Ashdown of TCS said, however, that the sum is derived from only the earmarks that the panel disclosed at the back of the bill’s report. He expects to find undisclosed projects as well.
They're hiding a lot of this from public view ...

The best metaphor I can think of is this: While bridges are collapsing and Americans are dying, our elected representatives are spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on bridges to nowhere.

Defense appropriations? Here comes Santa Claus with his bag of goodies. Our soldiers in harm's way only get in the way.

It's Official: We're Now a Banana Republic

Can the Democrats bring our system of government any lower?

Democrats apologetic, but unmoved
By Sean Lengell, The Washington Times

House Republicans yesterday accused Democrats of stealing a winning vote tally from them — a maneuver they said was even more galling because it was done to give illegal aliens taxpayer money.

The fight carried over from late Thursday night, when Republicans walked off the House floor in protest as shouts of "Shame, shame, shame" rang through the chamber.

"This was an astonishing and unprecedented abuse of power, defying the will of the people and trampling on the very fabric of American freedom and democracy," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican.

As time expired on voting, the sitting House speaker, Rep. Michael R. McNulty, New York Democrat, declared the Republican measure had failed on a 214-214 tie vote. But because some members changed their votes in the final seconds of voting, the electronic tally board showed the vote as 215-213, indicating the motion had passed, when Mr. McNulty struck his gavel. (link)

To add insult to injury, the Democrat-sponsored bill authorizes payment of U.S. tax dollars to illegal immigrants.

As bridges collapse ...

As soldiers fight and die in Iraq ...

... these boneheads pull a stunt like this.

Hugo Chávez would be proud.