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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Only a Democrat ...

This must be some kind of joke:

Nurse Hillary
By Geoff Earle, New York Post Correspondent

August 8, 2007 -- Washington - Hillary Rodham Clinton is taking health care personally.

She will work a shift as a nurse at a Las Vegas hospital next week, it was disclosed yesterday.

The high-profile event is part of the Service Employees International Union's "Walk a day in my shoes program," which gets politicians to step out of their tasseled loafers and high heels to put in a hard day's work while the cameras roll.

Clinton opted to take her turn as Florence Nightingale. (link)

When she finishes playing nurse, will she go back to playing serious candidate for commander-in-chief and leader of the free world?


A Career Is Born

A soldier stationed in Iraq starts making up stories that rival those about Abu Ghraib. Cruelty. Heavy-handedness. American arrogance. Hauteur. For his efforts, he hits the big time. The New Republic, no less.

He's the kind of guy the mainstream press loves to feature. Often.

The fact that the stories were complete hokum means nothing. It's the mainstream press. It's the war in Iraq. This guy has a future in journalism.

The story:
Army Says Soldier’s Articles for Magazine Were False
By Patricia Cohen, The New York Times

An Army investigation into the Baghdad Diarist, a soldier in Iraq who wrote anonymous columns for The New Republic, has concluded that the sometimes shockingly cruel reports were false.

“We are not going into the details of the investigation,” Maj. Steven F. Lamb, deputy public affairs officer in Baghdad, wrote in an e-mail message. “The allegations are false, his platoon and company were interviewed, and no one could substantiate the claims he made.”

Michael Goldfarb, the online editor at The Weekly Standard who had initially raised doubt about the columns, wrote yesterday that The Standard had learned from a source close to the Army investigation that Private Beauchamp “signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in The New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods — fabrications containing only ‘a smidgen of truth,’ in the words of our source.” (link)
Expect this Private Beauchamp to be a newspaper editor in a few years. He's found his calling.

Oh, one more note. His wife is a journalist too. Perhaps there'll be little storytellers coming along some day soon ...

I'll Bet This Was a Hoot

War on Terror Takes Focus at Democrats’ Debate

Barry Bonds Smashes Record!

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does ...

The Best Way To End Illegal Immigration

Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring

The Ditse Is Back!

It always made for a better day when, up until a few years ago, I could wake up in the morning, grab my coffee, fire up the computer, read the ever-fatuous ramblings of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, and proceed to turn her over my knee - figuratively - and spank her for being a mentally challenged liberal lightweight, here on From On High. What a great time I had with her.

And then it ended.

It was with more than a small amount of sadness that I read one day that the Times had decided to charge a subscription fee for her idiocy writing, along with the musings of the paper's other columnists under the umbrella of something called TimesSelect.

Pay for her services? The only way that would happen is if ... well, this is a family-oriented site so I'll not go there.

Maureen Down that day disappeared from the face of the earth.

Apparently I wasn't the only person who walked away from her.

TimesSelect Content Freed
By Holly M. Sanders, The New York Post

August 7, 2007 -- The New York Times is poised to stop charging readers for online access to its Op-Ed columnists and other content, The Post has learned.

After much internal debate, Times executives - including publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. - made the decision to end the subscription-only TimesSelect service but have yet to make an official announcement, according to a source briefed on the matter. (link)
Maureen Dowd is coming back into my life. I need to prepare my adjectives:

Ditsy. Scatterbrained. Silly. Goofy. Airheaded. Liberal ...

Dennis Miller On Hillary

Hillary: "I didn't know my husband was cheating on me."

Miller: "Really? That told me right then that's she's not smart enough to be my president."

I'm convinced.