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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Martinsville Continues To Falter

The numbers speak for themselves:

Martinsville's unemployment still highest in the state
Written by Bill Wyatt, The Martinsville Daily

Martinsville still has the highest unemployment rate in Virginia. The record has stood for the past 90 days. At 8.7 percent unemployment is up 0.3 percent from the month beofre, but down from 9.1 percent over the same period last year. Hooker Furniture's closing is cited as a major factor in the number.

Neighboring Danville is second on the list at 7.0 percent. Henry County is third at 6.6 percent. To our west, Patrick County is at 4.5 percent.

Statewide, Virginia is at 2.4 percent, the lowest number for the Commonwealth in 7 years. (link)
An accompanying chart shows that Henry County's unemployment rate has gone up 29% in the last year (from 5.1% in July, 2006 to 6.6% in July, 2007). It's on its way to being number one in the state. With a bullet.

Not a record to be proud of.

Now You're Talkin'

Congressman-for-Life Rick Boucher can fund his bike paths and hiking trails until the end of time (or until he expires; whichever comes first). Nobody's going to stop him. And, if you think about it, being a Democrat, he could be inflicting much greater harm on this tortured region. Nothing will ever come from his 20-years-and-counting effort to create a job or two here in Southwest Virginia, of course, but at least he's killed no one (no, I'm not going to tie his name to that collapsed bridge in Minneapolis - again). And, from all accounts, he doesn't molest travelers in public restrooms.

So what will pay dividends? What will bring prosperity to the land that time forgot?

Carroll, Galax vie for enterprise zone status
By Christopher Brooke, Galax Gazette Staff Reporter

Hillsville - Carroll County is attempting to get new businesses to undeveloped Interstate 77 exits by designating those areas as state enterprise zones.

As part of an effort to get public utilities to exits 1, 8 and 19, Carroll will explore the opportunity to amend and extend the current enterprise zone designation at Exit 14 to cover the other interchanges, as well.

Enterprise zones typically allow localities to offer state and local incentives, such as tax credits, to businesses that invest and create jobs within the zones.

Significant activity has been occurring at Carroll's undeveloped interstate interchanges of late, with a 100-acre pad being graded by private developers at Exit 19, members of the Fancy Gap community trying to get public water and sewer at Exit 8 and engineering work underway to in hopes of getting water and sewer service there in time for a private investment at Exit 1. (link)
You want to turn the area's economy around? Think corporate tax amnesty.

Shoot. There aren't enough bodies in Southwest Virginia to fill all the jobs that will be created.

I Enjoy Reading The Washington Post

The editorialists there put me in a good humor each morning.

First, though, a definition:

Noun: tolerance tŏl'ər-əns
1. The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.
2. The act of tolerating something


Now, an example of leftist intolerance of "the intolerant," to be found in this morning's "Mr. Craig's Secret":

"I am not gay. I have never been gay," said conservative Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig on Tuesday as he tried to explain the stunning revelation of his June arrest on charges of soliciting sex from an undercover police officer in a men's room at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Once again, the party that embraces a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and blocks laws that would stop discrimination against homosexuals finds itself with a loyal foot soldier who votes one way and allegedly acts another. Mr. Craig voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.
I wonder if these guys felt the need to twist the charges brought against Senator Craig out of hatred (intolerance?). Duplicity maybe? Craig wasn't brought up on "charges of soliciting sex from an undercover police officer." He was charged with disorderly conduct.

But more importantly, what are conservatives being accused of here? Hypocrisy? Or just weakness? Is Craig a phony or is he simply a weak man suffering from an inability to control his (alleged) abnormal urges? Could it be that he's a man who truly believes that which he advocates but fails to measure up on rare occasions to the standards he himself sets?

That's not hypocrisy. That's the mark of an imperfect man.

A little more tolerance might allow for that possibility to be explored.

But no.

Setting aside the feckless attempt at indicting a sizeable majority of the American citizenry, shouldn't we be a tad more tolerant of those who are obviously struggling with their inner demons? Must we be so intolerant?

Yeah. They make my morning ...

While We're Dishing Out Blame ...

... let's not forget those most responsible for students getting a good education.

The students themselves:
20% of D.C. students absent Day 2
By David C. Lipscomb, The Washington Times

About 20 percent of students enrolled in D.C. public schools were absent on the second day of class this week, according to attendance records provided by school system officials.

Many students who had enrolled were not present because they had not registered for classes, Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee said last night. It was not clear yesterday how much of the attendance problem was due to students who had not registered on time and how much was due to students who didn't show up for other reasons. (link)
"Other reasons." Starting with the fact that they just don't care.

The school system might as well start filling out their McDonald's applications for them.

Stupid, stupid people.

The Reason I'm No Longer a Democrat

They have no brains.

John Edwards, one example in a long line of examples, makes the case. Again:

Edwards: Americans should sacrifice their SUVs
The Associated Press

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards told a labor group he would ask Americans to make a big sacrifice: their sport utility vehicles.

The former North Carolina senator told a forum by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, yesterday he thinks Americans are willing to sacrifice.

Edwards says Americans should be asked to drive more fuel efficient vehicles. He says he would ask them to give up SUVs. (link)

Does this joker have a campaign manager? Isn't there someone who can get to him and advise him that his call for Americans to sacrifice while he's in the process of building a 28,000 square-foot mansion and flying all over the country giving laughable speeches smacks of hypocrisy? If not idiocy?

Man, your fifteen minutes are so up. Go away.

Like Nobody's Going To Be Looking

Of course, after Edwards delivered his speech in which he announced that he was going to ask Americans to give up the use of SUV's in order to save the planet, he was photographed leaving the convention hall ...

Yes. That's an SUV.

The boy wants to be president. I'm not sure he should be allowed to wander the streets without adult supervision.

Photo courtesy of The Politico.

Spot the Crook

Someone in this photo is a lawbreaker. Can you point him/her out?

Is it ...

a) the Democratic fundraiser on the left who is wanted in California for evading a fraud case?

b) the Democrat on the right with the shit-eating grin and wads of potentially ill-gotten campaign dough in her wonderbra (it must tickle, from the smile on her face)?

c) all of the above?

The Courtroom Of Public Opinion

Well, it looks like Senator Larry Craig can find some solace in knowing that his attempted homosexual liaison bowel movement wasn't illegal. According to lawyer Dale Carpenter, writing in the most famous lawyer blog on the planet, The Volokh Conspiracy:
... assuming for the sake of argument that Craig did everything the officer alleged, how was it the basis for a criminal charge that could get him a $1,000 fine and/or ten days in jail?

Disorderly conduct is a notoriously nebulous crime, allowing police wide discretion in making arrests and charges for conduct or speech that is little more than bothersome to police or to others. The "disorderly conduct" statute to which Craig pleaded guilty provides that one who knowingly “[e]ngages in offensive, obscene, abusive, boisterous, or noisy conduct or in offensive, obscene, or abusive language tending reasonably to arouse alarm, anger, or resentment in others” is guilty of the misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. Minn. Stat. § 609.72, subd. 1(3) (2004).

More specific criminal charges were not advanced. A charge of interference with privacy was dismissed. Craig was not charged with any other crime, like public lewdness, indecent exposure, public sexual conduct, solicitation of prostitution, harassment, resisting arrest, or assault.

Craig's conduct was not obscene, abusive, boisterous, or noisy. The officer might have considered Craig's actions "offensive . . . conduct . . . tending reasonably to arouse alarm, anger, or resentment in others." But if that's so, it seems a pretty thin basis for charging him.
I'm no lawyer so I'll defer to one who knows the relevant statutes. But there's Minn. Stat. § 609.72, subd. 1(3) (2004) and then there's the smell test. As Dale writes:
From the arrest report, here's what Craig allegedly did: (1) put a duffel bag at the front of his stall; (2) peered through a crack into an adjoining stall; (3) tapped his foot; (4) moved his shoe over until it touched an officer's; and (4) ran his fingers along the underside of the stall divider. That's it.
If old Larry wants to argue that these actions didn't violate the law, more power to him. It looks like he has a case (now that he's pled guilty). But if he wants to try and argue that they are the actions of a normal man sitting in a public restroom stall, I welcome the explanation.

His having been arrested for doing whatever he was attempting to do is harsh punishment. Looking at the societal aspects of the incident though, his having been made an example of by law enforcement sends a message to all the other perverts out there. That is:

We enter the public restroom to relieve ourselves. Not of tension. Not of our worldy woes. Not of pent-up sexual desires. But of bodily wastes. We then move on. You want to get your kicks? Take it to San Francisco.

Keep your fingers and your feet and every other appendage out of my restroom stall. Or you'll wish you'd only been arrested.

Deja Vu

Can sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom be far behind?

Can sales of top secret spy data to China be in the offing?

Can cigars in the Oval Office be in vogue again soon?

Clinton Donor Under a Cloud in Fraud Case
By Mike McIntire and Leslie Eaton, The New York Times

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said yesterday that it would give to charity $23,000 it had received from a prominent Democratic donor, and review thousands of dollars more that he had raised, after learning that the authorities in California had a warrant for his arrest stemming from a 1991 fraud case.

The donor, Norman Hsu, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democratic candidates since 2003, and was slated to be co-host next month for a Clinton gala featuring the entertainer Quincy Jones. (link)

For those of you who are reading this kind of story now - every day - and shaking your head in despair, wondering if history is repeating itself, look on the bright side. At least she won't be accused of sexually molesting a female staffer.

Then again, there are those rumors ...

I Have Those Days Too

Little buggers ....