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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kaine Might Sharpen Up His Political Skills

I'm sure the people who turned out for Governor Tim Kaine's endorsement of a Democratic candidate for delegate over in the 9th distrct were asking each other - the what where?

Here's the story:

Kaine praises candidate's values
By Ruth L. Tisdale, The Roanoke Times

Rocky Mount-- More than 150 people gathered at the home of Anne Gravely on Saturday afternoon as Gov. Tim Kaine endorsed Democratic candidate Eric Ferguson for the 9th District House of Delegates seat.

Kaine said he was endorsing Ferguson because of his values and high morals.

"[What's his name again?] Eric is going to do a superb job in the House of Delegates," Kaine said. "You have a lot of good in the community, and that's why I'm here for Eric."

Kaine said it was important to have a Democratic majority so that new transportation bills could be passed.

"I got to have some better partners so that things like Route 58, which has been promised for not years but decades, can get done," said Kaine, referring to plans to improve U.S. 58 across southern Virginia. "I know Eric will be that kind of partner and work to make sure those things get done." (link)

Look, we all know that Southwest and Southside Virginia are unimportant to those in Richmond. And that the map gets really fuzzy when it comes to this area.

But for the governor to come into a room full of sycophants and try to encourage them to support his fill-in-the-blank candidate by bringing up a highway construction project that nobody in the room is familiar with because it is in someone else's legislative district is beyond belief.

Route 58?

Didn't someone coach this guy? Doesn't he know he's supposed to talk about that horrid congestion on I-81 and the desperate need for Hwy. 220 expansion when he comes slumming down this way? Did Kaine even know where he was yesterday?

Franklin County Democratic Chairman Losing It

Most of you haven't been following the story that has been playing out in the Virginia blogosphere over the last couple of weeks involving a political operative in Franklin County, one who also hires himself out to Democratic politicians in need of advice or website development. And, might I add, one who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut and to walk away.

It all began innocently enough on August 13 when a YouTube video clip of state Senator Roscoe Reynolds, appearing on a local Martinsville cable TV channel call-in show, one in which he proceeded to make an ass of himself, showed up on several Old Dominion Blog Alliance (ODBA) weblogs - including mine.

You can read about it - and watch the video - here.

A few days later, some guy named Joe Stanley - said operative - decided to get involved (it is rumored that he has done work for Senator Reynolds in the past) and took on the ODBA (a list of members can be found to the left) in a most foul - and, frankly, childish - way.

The Roanoke Times picks up the story this morning:

Political strife turns personal on Web sites
By Ruth L. Tisdale

Political tensions have gotten personal and spilled over onto well-known blogging sites.

Involved in the war of words is Franklin County Democratic Chairman Joe Stanley and bloggers from the conservative Old Dominion Blog Alliance.

Tensions rose on Aug. 17 when Stanley created OldDominionBlogAlliance.com and redirected it to the Web site for the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

NAMBLA is an organization that seeks to lower the age of consent for sex between men and boys. (link)

A childish prank? Perhaps.

But then again, he is a Democratic Party official.

Oh, and a too-slick-by-half politicial operative.

I've avoided this controversy to now, mostly because Stanley is - in all honesty - unimportant to the original story. But he just doesn't seem capable of leaving it alone and trying to make the best of an embarrassing situation.

Here's how he's trying to weasel out of being caught:

"I started to point it [the website he created] to a prominent Democratic site, but I don't know of anyone who wants to be associated with these hate mongers and flat-earthers. I considered pointing the domain to a jihadist Web site to draw a comparison on the extremism present in both groups," Stanley wrote on the Web site.

"While I think the ODBA and their ilk eat away at the very core of what we are as a nation, I don't think the ODBA is anti-American so decided to look elsewhere.

"They were mad at me because I created an innocent Web site for Roscoe [Reynolds]."

Stanley said he created the site because of attacks from the group.

I have no doubt that's what Stanley said.

In fact - repeat FACT - he created the site after gobs of derision started pouring in on Roscoe Reynolds (and other video clips started appearing daily - here and here) and before Joe Stanley's name ever came into the discussion.

In other words, Stanley injected himself into the fray. By creating the website and purposely linking it to NAMBLA. And making it known, after having done it, to his left-wing buddies in order for them to make mention of the link on their weblogs. Which they did.

Now, having been caught creating the site and linking it NAMBLA's website, Stanley whines about being abused by - what are we again? - hate mongers and flat-earthers?

My suggestion to Joe Stanley (an otherwise nice guy, I've met him) is to grow up. And wisen up.

You're in politics, man. A Democratic strategist for God's sake. You as a party guru need to learn to realize when you've dealt yourself a losing hand and ... fold 'em.

This bit of idiocy only makes you - and those associated with you - look like spineless clowns.

Which reminds me, I wonder what Roscoe has to say about all this?

Hope Is Gone ...

This is not a rare occurrence in the history of deep mining:
Mine Search Over, Utah Towns Try to Cope
By Brock Vergakis, The Associated Press

Salt Lake City -- Signs of prayer and support for six trapped miners remained on display Saturday as residents of central Utah's coal belt struggled with the realization that the men would not be found alive.

"It's a hard thing. Some are coping with it better than others," said Colin King, a spokesman and lawyer for families of the six miners trapped nearly four weeks ago in a collapse. "They're still dealing with the fact they have to accept now that these miners are not going to be recovered any time soon - that they've died, in all likelihood."

Rescue efforts at the Crandall Canyon Mine were suspended indefinitely
Friday. (
Here one day, gone the next. Permanently sealed in their last resting place deep in the ground. Never to be heard from again.

But the question will linger ...

On Atheists

I have a basic distrust of people who have an unalterable belief in ... nothing.

Take Sam Harris for example, who links to the Washington Post this morning.


Before too long you'll be paying yourself for your health care coverage - less that which goes to keep the government humming along ...

I touched yesterday on the new middle-class welfare program that the Democrats (and more than a few Republicans) are pushing in Congress. Something called SCHIP.*

The New York Post has detail this morning:

Sink This SCHIP

September 2, 2007 -- To the indignation of health-cartel bureaucrats everywhere - and to an ever-compliant national media - President Bush is heartlessly denying health care coverage to millions of American kids.

Nonsense on stilts.

At issue is the scope of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Passed into law 10 years ago and funded through Medicaid, SCHIP was designed to subsidize states covering poor children - but not to encourage families that already had private insurance to drop it in favor of the government benefit.

One big issue is the definition of "poor."

The poverty level for a family of four is set by the federal government at $20,650 in annual income.

Under SCHIP, the feds granted states permission to cover children with family incomes exceeding twice the poverty level - $41,300 for a family of four.

But, as is often the case with entitlements, several states want to expand eligibility. California wants to give coverage to families that make 300 percent of poverty level. Pennsylvania is raising its ceiling to 300 percent. New Jersey's limit has been 350 percent for five years.

Here in New York, always-generous Albany has already passed a bill raising the
eligibility limit for the state program subsidized by SCHIP, Child Health Plus, to 400 percent - $82,600 for a family of four - and is seeking federal approval for the increase. (

Families with incomes of $82,600 are entitled to government-funded health care.

Welfare for the upper classes.

So who's going to pay for all this? Well, let me make it simple - everyone but the Chinese.

You like the idea of free health care? You're going to love this program.

Wondering where the necessary funds are going to come from? Stop. Don't bother your pretty little head. The Democrats have it taken care of ...

* The New York Times has no problem with any of this. It even advises that the plan is supported by the voters: "Fortunately, there is strong political and popular support for the 300-percent threshold." No shit? Free money has popular support?

When You Just Crawled Out From Under a Rock ...

... you believe there's suddenly a "growing" gun culture in this country.

This is humorous:

Shooting Families Of Every Caliber
By Angela Montefinese, The New York Post

September 2, 2007 -- Gun-happy Americans are downright amorous about their arms.

In the new book "Armed America," Philadelphia photographer Kyle Cassidy shares dozens of arresting images of grinning, gun-toting citizens proudly posing with their beloved weapons, often while their kittens, puppies and little kids trot innocently around them.

The photos illustrate a growing gun culture in the United States, where there are nine guns for every 10 Americans - the highest concentration in the world, according to last week's Small Arms Survey. (link)
Well. If this guy has dozens of photos, it must be true. America is suddenly awash in guns.

Am I the only person who finds this to be pathetic?

So who is this reporter who has come to the startling conclusion that Americans own a lot of guns (and haven't in centuries past)?

Well, unless there are two Angela Montefinises sheltered in the insulated and protective confines of New York City, here's some insight into her parochial upbringing, from something called the Queens Tribune:

A daughter of Queens, Angela Montefinise received her education on the streets and in the classrooms of our borough.

Her journalistic training came from Queens College, including coursework with professor Tamara Hartman, our outgoing managing editor. That connection brought Angela to the Trib some two plus years ago, where she honed her skills in our newsroom. She demonstrated her intellect, skill, tenacity and critical thinking skills and quickly became our lead reporter and then news editor. (link)
Alas. "Intellect, skill, tenacity and critical thinking skills," but no clue as to the America she lives in.

Get the impression that there's some kind of natural barrier - or two - between Queens and the rest of the planet?