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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Speaking Of Small Minds ...

Some environmental activist who lives far, far away has announced that he is gathering opposition to the construction of that new power plant down in Wise County that will provide inexpensive electricity, government revenue, and most important, much-needed jobs.

Apparently his employment with the Sierra Club demands that he opposes the creation of jobs for needy folks down this way ...

The news:
Coalition opposes power station
Dominion Virginia Power has proposed building a coal-fired plant in Wise County.
By Michael Sluss , The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- A coalition of environmental groups formally launched a campaign Tuesday to derail a proposed coal-fired power plant in Wise County, arguing that the plant will encourage destructive mining practices and worsen air pollution.

"We're going to the grass roots, we're going to the corporate suites," said Glen Besa, the Appalachian regional director for the Sierra Club. "We're going to fight this power plant wherever we can."

Dominion is seeking approval for a 585-megawatt power station on a 1,700-acre site near St. Paul. The plant, which would have about the same generating capacity as Appalachian Power Co.'s Smith Mountain Lake hydroelectric project, could provide enough power to serve 146,000 residential customers, according to the company.

Dominion hopes to get approval from the State Corporation Commission next spring and begin operating the plant in 2012. Dominion officials said the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center would have 75 full-time workers and create 350 new mining jobs in far Southwest Virginia. And it will help meet a growing long-term demand for electricity, officials said. (link)
a) 425 new excellent-paying jobs are to be created in a part of the country where they are desperately needed.

b) The project is opposed by a left-wing organization, the Sierra Club (one that isn't a club and isn't headquartered in the Sierras), that is headed up by the kind of elitist individuals who'd rather be tortured than be forced to breathe the same air as Wise County, Virginians.

c) The opposition is led by an individual, that Glen Besa cited above, who isn't from the area either. He works out of comfy digs over in Richmond.


There's Hope Yet For The Episcopalians

Oh, wait. Never mind.

I thought the headline read:

Leaders Pledge Gay Bishops Will Practice Restraint

But no:

Leaders Pledge Restraint on Gay Bishops

Deviant behavior to be tolerated ongoing.

Nothing More Need Be Said

George Will on the New York Times violation of the very campaign finance laws that it championed:

"The Times, a media corporation that is a fountain of detailed editorial instructions about how the rest of the world should conduct its business, seems confused about how it conducts its own."

"Sauce for the Times," The Washington Post, September 26, 2007

Kiss This Goodbye

Here's the bottom line, people:

You can have the finest health care delivery system on the planet. And pay dearly for it.

Or ...

You can have Hillary's universal rationed care. And pay dearly for it.

Before you decide, think about this:
Healthy Report

September 26, 2007 -- The quality of U.S. health care is steadily improving, with more patients getting recommended treatments, according to a report released yesterday.

"Since 2000, improvement in just four areas of care - beta-blocker treatment for heart attack patients, cholesterol management, controlling high blood pressure and improving blood-sugar control among diabetics - has saved the lives of almost 125,000 Americans," the National Committee for Quality Assurance said. (link)
Beta-blockers. It's this sort of cutting edge research and application that will be the first to get sacrificed when Hillary tries to control the cost of care. Those 125,000 lives that were saved will be sacrificed.

But, by God, they at least had health care coverage before they died.

Don't believe me? Go to Canada or Europe and inquire about such treatments. Just make sure you either plan on staying a long, long time or plan by obtaining a round-trip ticket.

Dems Vote To Enrich The Rich

Well, they did it. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted yesterday to expand SCHIP to include health insurance coverage for rich kids. To the tune of $35 billion. An amount that the government doesn't currently have on hand. But will soon enough. The taxman cometh.

Rich kids? Well, specifically families with annual household incomes of $83,000. I'd call that rich. And, if enacted, those kids' parents will be able to plan that vacation in Cancun after all. Such the helping hand.

The news:

House Votes to Expand Insurance for Kids
By Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer

Washinton, (AP) -- The House voted Tuesday to expand health insurance for children, but the Democratic-led victory may prove short-lived because the margin was too small to override President Bush's promised veto.

Embarking on a health care debate likely to animate the 2008 elections, the House voted 265-159 to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP, by $35 billion over five years. Bush says he will veto the bill due to its cost, its reliance on a tobacco tax increase and its potential for replacing private insurance with government grants.

The Bush administration says the legislation could qualify some New York families of four making about $83,000 a year, or four times the poverty level. (link)
To highlight the fact that this was a mean-spirited attempt to expand the omnipresent tentacles of the growing universal health care menace, the Democratic proposal called for massive new taxes on the poor:

Eight Democrats opposed the bill. Some, from tobacco-growing districts, object to raising the federal cigarette tax to $1 a pack, a 61-cent increase.
Those in the bottom buckets of the income scale are disproportionately cigarette smokers. This effort to fund health care for rich kids would therefore fall most heavily on those least capable of paying for it. So much for all that compassion blather.

In any case, President Bush has vowed to veto this beast. He can't do it quickly enough.


For the record, Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Abingdon), overseeing some of the most poverty-stricken precincts in the nation, voted to raise taxes on the poor. Thanks for taking care of us, Rick!

Same Old Ditsy Dowd

Now that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has come out from behind that TimesSelect firewall, we're offered a vivid reminder of the fact that the woman is afflicted with an inability to have a coherent thought. Her trying to express the resulting confusion-of-the-mind makes for entertaining - and amusing - reading.

This morning, in a wildly rambling, painful-to-try-and-follow screed dealing with the recent visit of the Iranian president to the the USA, Dowd chastises a host of people - from Katie Couric to the staff at the New York Daily News - for being unkind to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But she saved her vitriole for Columbia University's president:

A snippet from ‘Fruitbat’ at Bat:

[Ahmadinejad's] irrelevant U.N. speech was a bad combo with the schoolyard name-calling of Lee Bollinger. Even some in the anti-Ahmadinejad audience gasped a bit as Columbia’s president gave the meanest introduction in the history of introductions — one that only managed to elevate the creep sitting on stage with his thugs. Once you’ve made the decision to invite a tyrannical leader, you can’t undo it by belittling him in public. Universities are supposed to be places where you can debate and hear dissenting voices; it would have been far better just to hand the mike to the students and let it rip.

How dare President Bollinger call that worm names!

This from the woman who routinely makes up childish schoolyard names for the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State ...

Maureen Dowd thinks we were wrong in mistreating an avowed terrorist. She routinely expresses her belief that we should instead mistreat President Bush.

The woman is back. And hasn't changed.

Who's Running The Museum?

As you know by now, those who are in charge of the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond have decided to break up its fabulous - and priceless - collection of Civil War memorabilia, the largest in the world, in order to bring an end to the controversy revolving around the word confederacy, and send its thousands of historical objects to various museums scattered around Virginia. If you're not familiar with the story, start here and follow the links.

There's some irony here, if that's the right word.

If you go to the Museum's very own website, you find out that the Museum is recognized by its administrators as being "endangered."

The details:

Museum recognized by Civil War Preservation Trust

The Museum of the Confederacy is recognized as one of 2007's "History Under Siege" sites. "History Under Siege" is the Civil War Preservation Trust's (CWPT) annual report on endangered Civil War battlefields. According to CWPT, although not a battlefield, the Museum and White House of the Confederacy "are as endangered as any battleground in the U.S.," and are "literally being strangled" by the neighboring urban medical complex of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Those responsible for the maintenance of the Museum acknowledge the fact, by posting this finding to the official Museum website, that it is endangered, and they choose to destroy the Museum of the Confederacy anyway.

A few questions: Who is behind this? Does the president and CEO of the Museum have the authority, even with the Board's acquiescence, to do this? The leadership has been given the task of preserving the museum; does killing it fall under that purview?

Do the people not have a say in the matter?

The Museum of the Confederacy is an invaluable treasure trove of Virginia and Southern history. It is an historical entity unto itself. To break up the collection is to destroy a piece of that history.

This decision must not stand.