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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How Silly Is This?

I have no idea what prompts a person to want to know what poverty is all about. But some folks with time on their hands up in Roanoke seem to have a need:
Simulation helps area leaders imagine poverty
United Way of Roanoke Valley wanted to inspire empathy in people.
By Jessica Marcy, The Roanoke Times

Deb Chappell stood in front of a group of professionals who were about to experience poverty.

"Some of your profiles look a little grim," she said to the 49 participants Tuesday morning. As part of a poverty simulation exercise, they had just received packets detailing their employment status, family condition, income, assets and budgets.

Instead of their annual retreat, board members of United Way of Roanoke Valley decided to participate in a poverty simulation exercise with other community leaders. They hoped the exercise would help them better understand how the poor struggle. (link)
A suggestion: Teach them what opportunities are out there. Teach them how to achieve. Show them the way toward wealth.

We don't need any poverty how-to seminars. We have enough people dealing with that around here.

We Need Rain

"The stockyards are full to capacity." That's the news I heard a few weeks ago.

The reason - the drought - has since gotten worse:
Drought forces farmers to sell cattle
Abingdon, Va. (AP) — Dry conditions in Southwest Virginia are forcing farmers to sell their cows because they cannot afford to feed them.

Feeding a cow through the winter in a normal year costs as little as $150 — at $25 per roll of hay. That cow's calf usually sells the next year for $450 to $500.

But with no hay available locally, the cost of bringing in hay has increased to $70 or more a roll, so the cost to feed and care for the same cow easily could exceed $500 — more than triple the normal cost. (link)
And we're not alone. I was talking to someone over near Cincinnati last week about square bales of hay. Whereas we paid $2.50 a bale last year, we just bought our last load at $4.00 per. The woman I was talking to said, "That's nothing! We're paying $6.00 to $8.00 over here!"

I heard on the radio weather report the other day that the weather was going to be perfect for the next several days - warm and sunny. Perfect.

Try telling that to the cattle farmers.

Clarence Thomas Destined For The Pantheon Of Heroes

It was just a matter of time before Justice Clarence Thomas rose above the long-stale howls that come from America's leftists (sexist! Uncle Tom!), and began to seize control of the imaginations of America's black youth. It was evident in his confirmation hearings those many years ago. It's even more pronounced in his achievements - and in his demeanor - today. Even the mainstream press is starting to recognize that he is an extraordinary man:
Thomas seen as role model
By Carleton Bryant, The Washington Times

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has lived a life that should serve as an example for today's youth — one of hard work, self-discipline, academic achievement and moral conviction, conservative blacks say.

"We need more Clarence Thomases, quite frankly," says Donald E. Scoggins, president of the think tank Republicans for Black Empowerment.

"He's an African-American who has achieved greatness," says Michael S. Steele, Maryland's former lieutenant governor. "He's an example of success and leadership ... personal achievement and perseverance."

Radio talk-show host Mychal S. Massie says that Justice Thomas "perfectly exemplifies the character and morality I share [with] my son and young people as a whole." (link)
Such a stark contrast between Justice Thomas's message to black youth and that of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who make it their mission in life to travel the country and tell minorities - especially young black males - that they can never succeed in this "hate-filled white" society.

It's good to see that Clarence Thomas is finally getting his due.

Dems Losing Democrat Support

You know they've worked themselves into a corner when they start squabbling among themselves. The anti-war movement in Congress is in complete disarray:
On War Funding, Democrats Have a Day of Disagreement
By David M. Herszenhorn, The New York Times

Washington, Oct. 2 — Three prominent Congressional Democrats on Tuesday sought to step up criticism of the White House over the rising cost of the Iraq war. The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said that he would block President Bush’s request for nearly $200 billion in supplemental financing for war operations, and that the government should levy a war surtax to cover costs.

But the effort seemed to fizzle as Democratic leaders reacted coolly to the ideas. Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California issued a statement opposing the war tax, and Senate Democrats continued work on a defense appropriations bill that would assure sufficient funds to keep war operations going. (link)
Now that his one and only issue has crumbled to dust, I wonder what Jimmy Webb is going to do to pass the time?

Oh. I guess he still has his bogus stories to hype and American citizens to slander.

Smoke Free But Tobacco Friendly?

Is this the perfect compromise for those who run in fear of cigarette smoke swirling around them as they try to eat their noon-time leaves and twigs?

Swedish Smokeless Tobacco Aims at U.S. Market
By Mark Landler and Andrew Martin, The New York Times

Stockholm, Sept. 27 — Cooling his heels outside a popular nightclub here recently, Jesper Froberg stubbed out his cigarette and reached for a less harmful pleasure: smokeless tobacco, neatly packed in tiny pouches that look like miniature used tea bags.

“I’m really concerned about my health,” said Mr. Froberg, a maître d’hôtel, who tries to limit his smoking. “This stuff is safer than cigarettes, it’s discreet, and it’s really good.”

Now this form of tobacco is coming to America ...

Snus (rhymes with loose) is a moist ground tobacco that a user tucks between the cheek and the gum. Unlike chewing tobacco and moist smokeless tobacco — commonly known as dip — snus requires no spitting. Thanks partly to its popularity here, Sweden has the lowest smoking rates in Europe. It also has fewer incidences than its neighbors of smoking-related diseases, including lung and oral cancer. (link)

No smoke. Reduced risk of cancer. Everyone should now be happy.

Sure they will.

Jim Moran Makes The News. Again.

This time it has nothing to do with his blatant anti-semitism. According to Don Surber, Congressman Moran (D-NoVA) is involved in some really sleazy - and highly questionable - deals with lobbyists:
In 2006, PMA Group lobbyists gave $1,333,074 to three Democratic congressmen and walked away with $100 million worth of contracts for PMA clients. That’s a return of $75 for every $1 invested in just 6 months. In 2008, look for mo’ money and mo’ Democratic congressmen to cash in.

The 3 Democratic rent-to-own congressmen are John Murtha, Jim Moran and Peter Visclosky.
Jim Moran. A rent-to-own congressman. You folks in Fairfax must be very proud.

Senate Legislates!

Oops. Never mind. They instead sent out a letter about that phony story relating to Rush Limbaugh and "phony soldiers."

Two presidential candidates even signed it. Including Hillary.