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Friday, October 12, 2007

We Need Another Hiking Trail ...

Another announcement. More job losses here in Southwest Virginia:
Henry County hit with 2nd round of job losses
Ridgeway Furniture is set to close, adding to Stanley Furniture's job cuts.
By Duncan Adams, The Roanoke Times

Back-to-back bad news hit Henry County furniture workers this week, with the latest blow delivered Wednesday to about 70 employees of Ridgeway Furniture Co. in Ridgeway.

Howard Miller Clock Co., a leading clockmaker headquartered in Zeeland, Mich., confirmed Thursday that it will close subsidiary Ridgeway Furniture, a company with an 81-year history in Henry County. The closing likely will be completed by the end of

After that, the only vestige of the company in Henry County might be Ridgeway and Martinsville Speedway's tradition of awarding a grandfather clock to NASCAR race winners. (link)
What was that revitalization plan again?

And The Winner Is ...

CNN has breaking news ...

They're announcing the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize ...

The winner is Al Gore!!!!!!!

The world is now safe. Peace returns to a troubled planet.

Al joins the ranks of a gifted elite. A dolt, a terrorist, a
communist, another communist ...

Why Isn't This Illegal?

And why aren't these Congresspersons busting rocks at Leavenworth?
Stop their pay, send them home
By The Washington DC Examiner

Here's how the Democrats “drained the swamp” and ended the Republicans’ “culture of corruption” on Capitol Hill: Roll Call recently reported that three top Democrats on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee got more than $100 million in earmarks for clients of the PMA Group, an Arlington-based lobbying shop run by their former chiefs of staff.

The earmark recipients coincidentally (we are supposed to believe) donated $542,350 during the first half of this year to the ethically challenged trio — Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., and Rep. Peter Visclosky, D-Ind. This cozy arrangement is apparently OK under the House’s new ethics rules. “Unless you can demonstrate a quid pro quo, it’s hard to prove campaign contributions were made to yield an earmark,” Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, told The Examiner.

Ellis says the only reason former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, R-Calif., was convicted on bribery charges was because “he was dumb enough to write it down.” (link)
These guys are out of control. They're immune from investigation and oversight. And they know it.


Typical Krugman

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman attacks the powerful OZ right-wing blogosphere this morning for doing the work that journalists - in the old days - would have done themselves - investigate, ask questions, and report the facts.

The trouble with Krugman's attack is that he can't refute the facts that have been uncovered revolving around that poor kid that the Democrats trotted out last weekend to make their case for providing government welfare to the middle class, so he simply ... attacks:

Sliming Graeme Frost
By Paul Krugman

Soon after the radio address, right-wing bloggers began insisting that the Frosts must be affluent because Graeme and his sister attend private schools (they’re on scholarship), because they have a house in a neighborhood where some houses are now expensive (the Frosts bought their house for $55,000 in 1990 when the neighborhood was rundown and considered dangerous) and because Mr. Frost owns a business (it was dissolved in 1999). *

[Krugman has to do some twisting of the facts here, though he's careful not to lie. The home this destitute family owns is now worth an estimated $300,000. There is also a commercial property in their portfolio worth an additional $190,000 that brings in rental income.]

You might be tempted to say that bloggers make unfounded accusations all the time. But we’re not talking about some obscure fringe. The charge was led by Michelle Malkin ...

The attack on Graeme’s family was also quickly picked up by Rush Limbaugh ...

And G.O.P. politicians were eager to join in the smear. "... but had 'backed off' as the case fell apart." [?!]

And the attempt to spin the media worked, to some extent: despite reporting that has thoroughly debunked the smears, a CNN report yesterday suggested that the Democrats had made “a tactical error in holding up Graeme as their poster child,” and closely echoed the language of the e-mail from Mr. McConnell’s office. (link)
There's no need for you to read the whole thing. I can tell you that the closest this columnist comes - can come - to rebutting the facts presented by the right is to simply declare the story refuted. Without any supporting proof.

So typical of this bunch.

But the facts are out there for all to see. You can read them for yourself here.

The tactic being deployed here reminds me of the Washington Post's reaction to the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth charges that were made against John Kerry in 2004. As the controversy raged about whether or not Kerry deserved the many medals that he had been given when he briefly served in Vietnam, and whether his extensive and detailed accounts of the incidents pertaining were true, the Post remained silent. Then, days later, a report was published that essentially began with the premise that the charges made by the Vets had been resoundingly refuted elsewhere, and the Post went after the Vets! Very few facts were ever cited. Most of the charges were ignored. The subject was changed.

Same here. Krugman says the accusations made by Michelle Malkin and the right-wing bloggers about the Frost kid's family having sizeable wealth have been refuted. By whom doesn't matter. How doesn't matter. And that's that.

Oh, and we're filthy bastards for having brought it up.

Judge for yourself. If you find that to be the case, I will do my best - I'll struggle mightily - to live down the charge.

* This is like saying Leona Helmsley wasn't really rich. She just owned $5 billion worth of property that was once nothing more than an Indian playground.

Noose Brings Obscure Prof Fame

How was this to be predicted? A noose mysteriously appears affixed to a Columbia professor's door and that professor finds herself thrust into the glow of controversy adoration.

Oh, did I mention that she specializes in the study of how race and racial prejudice can affect clinical and educational interactions?

The glee:

Noose Case Puts Focus on a Scholar of Race
By Elissa Goodman, The New York Times

In Madonna G. Constantine’s classroom at Columbia University’s Teachers College, emotions can run high.

“People have cried in class,” said Dr. Constantine, 44, a professor of psychology and education who specializes in the study of how race and racial prejudice can affect clinical and educational interactions. “Uncovering those issues, students often get to a place where it can be painful.”

In an interview in her office, a suite peppered with academic tomes and mugs from psychology conferences, Dr. Constantine said she remained mystified over who could be responsible for leaving a noose dangling on her office door at Teachers College this week.

“I really don’t have any idea of who could have done that,” she said. (link)
No. Of course not.