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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keeping You Informed

The NRA has announced its endorsements in the upcoming November 6 general election for the House of Delegates here in Virginia. They include:

For those of you who don't know which district you live in, see this map:

You'll note that in the 6th District race, Bill Thomas (D-Pulaski) gets a question mark (?).

You'll also note the three A+'s. Unbridled support is in order.

Click on images to enlarge.

Graphic courtesy of the NRA Political Victory Fund.

Map courtesy of the Virginia Division of Legislative Services

On Diversity Of Thought ...

... you'll find more at a Klan rally than you will on a college campus today.

See the trailer for Indoctrinate U here.

It's time we put liberal back in the word liberal.

Can't We Just Buy a Curlicue Lightbulb Instead?

Al Gore flits from one global warming speaking engagement to another in a fossil-fuel guzzling private jet.

John Edwards sheds tears of commiseration for the plight of the poor from behind his "No Trespassing" sign that is staked out in front of his 28,000 square foot home.

And then there are all those liberal environmentalists up in Massachusetts:
Cape Cod Commission denies Cape Wind application

New York (Reuters) - The Cape Cod Commission in Massachusetts Thursday denied Cape Wind's application to bury electric cables needed to connect its proposed 420-megawatt offshore wind farm in the Nantucket Sound to the state power grid.

Cape Wind said in a release that it would challenge the Commission decision. The Cape Cod Commission is a local organization created by the state in 1990 to manage growth and protect Cape Cod's natural resources.

Sen. Ted Kennedy and many residents who own coastal property from where they could see the wind turbines on a clear day oppose the project along with some environmental groups concerned about disrupting the patterns of migratory birds and the potential effect on local sea life. (link)
That's the same Ted Kennedy, so you know, that is big on reducing pollution. Just not in his backyard, as it turns out.

These guys crack me up.

While Rome Burns

Don't these people have more important things to consider?
Aligning Psyche and Sex
Methodists Meet to Evaluate Transgenderism, Starting With Baltimore Pastor
By Daniel Burke, Religion News Service

The Rev. Drew Phoenix is many things to many people.

To congregants of St. John's of Baltimore, he's the fun-loving pastor who counsels them, takes their children hiking, explains Scripture and plunges into worthy causes.

To conservative Methodists, Phoenix embodies another front in the culture wars: a rebel who has defied God and nature and should be removed from ministry.

To mainstream society, Phoenix is an enigma who transcends traditional sexual boundaries, provoking uncomfortable questions about the interplay between body, mind and soul.

To the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church, he's number IV on the docket for its Oct. 24-27 session: "A Review of Bishop's Decision . . . Whether Transgendered Persons Are Eligible for Appointment in The United Methodist Church." (
Meanwhile, the increasingly liberal United Methodist Church leadership is - or should be - dealing with this lesser issue:

"Church attendance in 2005 was 3.34 million, the lowest level in reported history."

Instead they're debating transgenderism.

For the love of God.

What a Waste Of Time

What kind of person goes around each day looking for a reason - any reason - no matter how obscure - to be offended?

Rush $2,100,100. Senator Webb 0.

Senator James Webb stirred up a hornet's nest a few weeks ago by attacking talk show host (and conservative icon) Rush Limbaugh on the floor of the Senate, challenging the "radio raconteur's" patriotism and impugning his character by twisting a pair of words spoken during his afternoon show one day prior. The "phony soldiers" smear campaign was launched.

Rush Limbaugh was accused of being, among other things, unpatriotic!

Something Webb didn't know, but has now learned the hard way, ol' Rush don't take to bein' smeared too kindly.

He did some in-your-face in response. And adoring crowds (particularly active duty military)cheer. And a charity that Limbaugh supports on a regular basis (set up to provide college scholarships for the orphaned children of fallen Marines) is richer, to the tune of $4,200,200. Half of that is coming out of Rush's pocket.

We have reached this point in the saga: 41 Senate Democrats accused Rush Limbaugh of denigrating the troops in time of war. Rush has responded by showing his (unwavering) support by shelling out $2,100,100 of his own money. James Webb? Harry Reid?

Here's Ed Morrisey on the subject:
So now Harry wants everyone to think that he participated in the fund-raising effort deliberately. He wants to take credit for over $4 million in donations that came from two people -- the bidder, and the man Reid intended to smear and intimidate. That's not just laughable, it's pathetic.

Let's see Reid put his money where his mouth is. Where's Reid's $2.1 million? He could sell off a few of the Nevada properties that have enriched him while he manipulates their value through legislation. His colleagues could also pitch in and at least match Rush in the aggregate -- donating $50,000 for everyone who signed the letter. If they want to take credit for the fundraising, why don't they contribute some funds themselves?
That question is hereby asked of Senator Webb, the man who started all this, as well. Where's your show of support for the troops, little man? A wonderful charity beckons.

Put up or shut up.

I Need Read No Further

I see this headline in the New York Times and immediately become curious as to how the paper spins the story:

Critical Letter to Limbaugh Fetches $2 Million

The first sentence: "After Rush Limbaugh referred to Iraq war veterans critical of the war as “phony soldiers,” he received a letter of complaint signed by 41 Democratic senators."

A complete and utter falsehood.

No need to read any further.

By the way, did you hear that Morgan Stanley dumped all its New York Times stock the other day because the once-proud "paper of record" is a shell of its former self and is on its way to ruin?

I wonder why.

Can You Spell E-S-P-I-O-N-A-G-E?

The Clintons are up to their old tricks:

An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton
By Peter Nicholas and Tom Hamburger, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

New York -- Something remarkable happened at 44 Henry St., a grimy Chinatown tenement with peeling walls. It also happened nearby at a dimly lighted apartment building with trash bins clustered by the front door.

And again not too far away, at 88 E. Broadway beneath the Manhattan bridge, where vendors chatter in Mandarin and Fujianese as they hawk rubber sandals and bargain-basement clothes.

All three locations, along with scores of others scattered throughout some of the poorest Chinese neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, have been swept by an extraordinary impulse to shower money on one particular presidential candidate -- Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Dishwashers, waiters and others whose jobs and dilapidated home addresses seem to make them unpromising targets for political fundraisers are pouring $1,000 and $2,000 contributions into Clinton's campaign treasury. (link)

Where's the FBI? What top secrets is Hillary going to give to the Chinese Communists in return for this bit of largesse? Why aren't the Clintons in prison?

Dennis Miller On Al Gore's Peace Prize

“I don’t know what the heck the weather has to do with the peace prize. Maybe we should give it to Al Roker the next time.”

The video.

Pelosi Spanks Twit

Well, I'll be darned. One day after I accused the leadership of the Democratic Party of knowing no shame, they prove that they do. Know that they've brought shame on themselves, that is.

The news:

Pelosi Rebukes Stark for Iraq Comments
By Erica werner, Associated Press Writer

Washington (AP) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuked a fellow San Francisco Bay-area liberal Friday for what she said were "inappropriate" comments about Iraq during a congressional debate.

During a debate on children's health care Thursday, Rep. Pete Stark accused Republicans of sending troops to Iraq to "get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

Pelosi issued a statement Friday evening rapping Stark, who is in his 18th term representing the liberal East Bay. He's California's longest-serving House members.

"While members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand—providing health care for America's children," Pelosi said. (link)

Perhaps Stark should resign in disgrace ...