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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sycophancy Unbecoming

Jeff Schapiro, butt boy for the Democratic Party (and columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch), has a flowery report for us this morning from New Hampshire on a speech given at a Democratic Party fundraiser there by Senator James Webb. Apparently Webb is opposed to the war in Iraq. And stated such. Thus the opportunity to write a 743 word column.

"As a decorated combat veteran, ... Webb has emerged as a leading ..."

"These credentials have led pundits and political operatives to suggest Webb as a
vice-presidential running mate ..."

"Webb brought the audience to its feet ..."

"Webb jokingly promised ..."
Cheeks spread. Nose buried.

Come up for air, man.

There Must Be a Message Here Somewhere

A contingent of outraged (and seemingly confused) women showed up at a gun show in Richmond yesterday. They were upset that the state of Virginia allows that "gun show loophole" to continue:
Activists square off
By Bill Mickelway, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Guns and death are a troublesome mix, even on the lawn of Mosby Memorial Baptist Church.

As police looked on warily, more than 50 gun-control advocates gathered for a protest, sponsored by the Virginia chapter of the Million Mom March, against a gun-sale loophole.

32 advocates of clamping down on gun-show loopholes, each signaled by a gong stroke, lay supine on the ground, symbolizing Seung-Hui Cho's 32 shooting victims at Virginia Tech on April 16.

"If Virginia Tech isn't enough to change the law, I don't know what the hell is," said 79-year-old June Hazlehurst, a longtime gun-control advocate and organizer. "Pardon my language," she added. (link)
I think we can excuse the foul language, June. The idiocy is another matter.

You want to change the "gun show loophole" law that had nothing to do with the Virginia Tech massacre in April why? You think that closing that gun show loophole will prevent other sociopaths from obtaining weapons over the counter at gun stores how? By what reasoning does one reach the conclusion that the mass murderer, Cho Seung-hui*, who has never been accused of having attended a gun show in his life, would have been stopped from killing 32 innocent people by having him fill out a form at a gun show - the same form that he filled out at the gun store(s) when he bought his handguns legally?


Collect your thoughts. Get your indignation straight. Come back to us with a coherent outrage. And, by the way, leave the silly demonstrations at home. It's so 1968.

* I was asked once in an email why I put Cho's last name first instead of the way the reporter spells it above. I probably should. He was an American. It's the Koreans that put last name first.

You Mean We'll Have To Decide For Ourselves?

Shocking news coming from the Roanoke Times editorial page this morning:

"Next year, The Roanoke Times will join with the other newspapers owned by our parent company, Landmark Communications, in ceasing to endorse in the presidential election."

Dennis Kucinich must be crushed by the decision.

Hillary The Nation's Healer

I'm reminded of that famous quote from movie critic Pauline Kael after Richard Nixon - shocklingly - won the election in 1972 (by a landslide) - "How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon."

The Clinton Surprise
By Judith Warner, writing in the New York Times

The shocks just keep on coming:

Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic field with 51 percent of the vote.

She beats Barack Obama by 24 percentage points among black Democrats.

She is projected now to beat Giuliani – or at the very least to be in a statistical dead heat with him in the general election.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. According to the received wisdom of those in-the-know here in Washington, Hillary was supposed to be divisive, unelectable, “radioactive.” (
If all your "news" comes from the New York Times, one might understand how a person can come to this conclusion.

Only one problem. There are - believe it or not, Judith - other sources of information out there besides a newspaper that has been in the tank for the Ice Queen since she decided she was a New Yorker and ran for the Senate. To wit:
Half Shun Hill
By Tim Perone, The New York Post

October 21, 2007 -- Half of likely voters nationwide would never vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in next year's presidential election, a poll released yesterday reveals.

Nearly 50 percent of 10,000 registered voters surveyed ruled out supporting New York's junior senator, according to the Zogby Interactive poll.

That is up from the 46 percent who said in March that they'd refuse to vote for her.

While Clinton's support remains strong within her own party, 83 percent of Republican women said they would not choose her. (
Key word being NEVER. 50%. Do some math.

Hillary is in fact still the most divisive presidential candidate in American history (at minimum since segregationist George Wallace ran as an independent in 1968).

So you folks in Manhattan keep on thinking that Hillary is going to somehow bring this nation together. When election day 2008 rolls around, that 50% are going to be entering the booth looking for the ANYONE OTHER THAN HILLARY ... lever.

Maine Is For Morons

Would the public school system be right in providing drug-active kiddies with syringes?

Would the public school system be right in providing crime-active 11-year-olds with guns?

Would the public school system be right in providing children who smoke with their favorite brand of cigarette?

After all, if the little tykes are going to be doing drugs, and breaking into homes, and toking on Marlboros anyway, shouldn't we be there for them?

In Maine, the answer is yes:
Not All Are Pleased at Plan to Offer Birth Control at Maine Middle School
By Katie Zeima, The New York Times

Portland, Me., Oct. 19 — Carissa Porcaro, a student at King Middle School here, did not hide her feelings about the Portland school board’s decision to let the independently operated clinic at her school provide girls access to prescription contraceptives.

Wearing a sticker with the words “I’m against giving out birth control” written in black marker, Carissa, 13, said she did not think the school should make the drugs available. Her mother disagrees.

“She thinks it’s really good,” Carissa said after school on Friday. “I think it’s stupid because what people are saying is that it’s O.K. to be sexually active.”

Two days after the school committee voted 7 to 2 in favor of adding prescription contraceptives to the services offered at the health clinic, the issue continues to draw fervent support and ardent opposition in this city of 64,000, the largest in Maine.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Cathleen Allen, whose son is enrolled at King. “Someone is finally advocating for these students to take care of themselves.”

Ms. Allen added, “It’s an eye-opener for all of us, but when you look at the facts, why not?” (link)
Get the impression that Portland, Maine is infested with a lot of liberals?

"Well, they're going to be doing it anyway. We should be there to assist them." Like children have no greater intellectual capabilities relating to discerning right from wrong than do your average barnyard animals.

Then again, these parents who think they're doing 11-year old children a favor by foisting contraceptives on them may have no greater intellectual capablities than does your average swine or cow. That might go a long way toward explaining the reasoning. Or lack thereof.

Pinch Me

A conservative Republican elected governor of Louisiana? Can it be possible?

Looks like:
Indian-American Congressman Elected Louisiana’s Governor
By Adam Nossiter, The New York Times

New Orleans, Oct. 20 — Bobby Jindal, a conservative Republican congressman from the New Orleans suburbs and the son of immigrants from India, was elected Louisiana’s governor Saturday, inheriting a state that was suffering well before Hurricane Katrina left lingering scars two years ago.

Mr. Jindal, 36, defeated three main challengers in an open primary, becoming this state’s first nonwhite governor since a Reconstruction-era figure briefly held the office 130 years ago. (link)
I doubt that you'll be reading a whole lot about the fact that this win reveals - yet again - that the Republican Party is the party of diversity and inclusion. Mostly because, in this whacked-out country of ours, Indian-Americans aren't considered "minorities." Only African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans, and women (though the last is actually in the majority) are allowed to be minorities.

I know. Your head is exploding too.

Anyway, here's to Bobby Jindal, the GOP, and the people of Louisiana. Maybe now they can get that god-forsaken state turned around.

Here's My Take

I've read over the last several weeks that Republicans are generally disappointed that a solid conservative - a Ronald Reagan - hasn't stepped forward to lead the pack in the never-ending presidential primary race. That there's a "none of the above" attitude pervading the Party's contest.

That perception is cultivated by stories like this:
Religious Right Divides Its Vote at Summit
By Michael Luo, The New York Times

Washington, Oct. 20 — After an earnest appeal for acceptance from Rudolph W. Giuliani, Christian conservatives ended their two-day summit here Saturday still divided about which of the Republican presidential candidates to marshal their collective might behind.

Mitt Romney edged out Mike Huckabee in the straw poll at the Values Voter Summit. (link)
Here's the way I view this: Unlike the Democratic field, which has proven over time to be made up of nuts, fools, and lightweights, over which Hillary now has a commanding lead, the Republicans have a number of well-qualified candidates running. Giuliani, Romney, Thompson - even Huckabee - even Duncan Hunter - are better qualified and more capable of running the country than is the Democratic soon-to-be nominee.

John Edwards has proven himself to be one of those classic "limousine liberals" that we read about in our youth.

Barack Obama has shown over and over again that he is not ready for primetime. And his polling numbers show it.

Then there are the whackjobs ...

Even Hillary is a lightweight by comparison. After all, the qualifications for the job of Commander-in-Chief listed on her résumé consist of one uneventful stint in the Senate and ... faithful housewife to a cheating husband.

So I don't get worked up over early polls. The Republican field is strong. You Republicans have a lot of excellent candidates, the top five of whom are extremely well-qualified. Not to worry.

'Illiberalism' Thrives On Campus *

I'm prompted to put the Indoctrinate U movie trailer up this morning to better illustrate the point that college campuses today are incubators of Stalin's hatchlings.

Here's the latest in a long line of examples:
Academic Follies In Iowa
By John Hinderaker, Powerline

Everyone knows about the left's dominance of "elite" educational institutions. The truth is, though, that state universities and lesser-known schools are often worse. The University of Iowa is a case in point. Iowa's History Department has 27 professors, every single one of whom is a Democrat. Given the university's commitment to diversity, you might think that when the next opening occurred, the department would take the opportunity to hire someone not associated with the Democratic Party or with political liberalism.

You would be wrong, of course. Iowa's History Department had such an opening, and had at least one such applicant, Mark Moyar. Nor was Moyar underqualified by any conceivable measure: a graduate of Harvard with a Ph. D. from Cambridge University, he currently teaches at the U.S. Marine Corps University. But Moyar was not one of the eight applicants who made it past the screening of resumes. The problem, apparently, is that he is the author of a history of the Vietnam War titled Triumph Forsaken, which does not hew to the liberal line about the Vietnam War. Still, one might not think that being the author of Triumph Forsaken would be a black mark on the resume of an applicant for a teaching position.

... the solid phalanx of liberalism in nearly all universities' social science departments continues to be impenetrable. (link)
How truly bizarre. A 2007 campus "liberal" is equivalent to a 1950's campus reactionary. What was all that about commies and black lists again?

* From Dinesh D'Souza's wonderful book - Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus