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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You People Are Pathetic

As anticipated, the Roanoke Times has endorsed the candidacy of Democrat Bill Thomas for delegate in the 6th District (Bland and Giles counties, parts of Wythe and Pulaski counties). Because of his "independence of thought."

Editorial: In the 6th, vote for Thomas
A retired judge offers independence of thought that the incumbent just doesn't show.

The retired juvenile court judge [Thomas] has maintained the independence that he cultivated while on the bench and is proud that he won't be "obliged to vote a certain way." (
Really? His positions are independent of - different from - those of his Party? He hasn't turned out to be your run-of-the-mill tax-and-spend Democrat?

Make the case.

Thomas understands the difficulties already in collecting fines and the futility of trying to collect even larger civil penalties, especially from people who can't afford huge fees.

He believes the General Assembly will need to revisit transportation funding in 2008 and said he would look for "fair, reliable sources."

He strikes us as thoughtful and dispassionate in his examination of issues, and promises to be a delegate who will carefully weigh the repercussions of legislation in lieu of casting a vote in the manner expected by his party.
This is beyond pathetic. And they had weeks to come up with it.

Thomas is opposed to those abusive driver fees? So is every Democrat in the General Assembly (these days anyway).

Thomas believes the General Assembly needs to revisit transportation funding in 2008? So does every Democrat in the General Assembly.

Where's that "independence of thought?"

Maybe it's in the fact that the guy also wants to raise a host of taxes? Oddly, the Times endorsement doesn't mention this quote that appeared in a Roanoke Times video a month ago:

"I would propose an increase in gasoline taxes ..."

"I think it would be appropriate to put toll stations on the interstate where folks using the interstate highway system, be they local Virginia residents or out-of-state residents, can pay for the use of that road. If it keeps local people from using the interstate system ... then that just frees up more space for the out-of-state traveller ..."
That's "independence of thought?" I don't think so. Every Democrat in the commonwealth spews such "thoughts."

So where is that independence of thought, fellas?

You had a whole lot of time to dream up a good reason (heaven forbid, a series of reasons) to endorse this Democrat. And you came up with this?

A better argument could easily be made that the incumbent, Republican Anne B. Crockett-Stark, has exhibited far more "independence of thought," having defied the powers that be in this state - every major newspaper (including the largest in Southwest Virginia), every head of our institutions of higher learning, the mainstream media (local, state, and national), the entire Democratic opposition, sitting Governors, former Governors, sitting Senators, sitting Congresspersons, half the Republican Senate delegation in Richmond, not to mention all the celebrities, and a large percentage of the citizenry - and fought them all to a draw on raising taxes on an already overtaxed populace.

Independence of thought. Coming from the always reliably independent-of-thought Roanoke Times. Spare me.

The Final Word on The Fortney 'Pete' Stark Affair

From James Taranto:
"I hope that with this apology I will become as insignificant as I should be."

We hope so too, but just to be sure, it might help if he were to resign, move out of state, and change his name.
"Best Of The Web Today," October 23, 2007

Boucher Works To Save SW Virginia Jobs!

Or not.

House OKs protecting 53,000 SW Virginia Jobs!

Or not.

WaPo Endorsements Are Out

No need to peruse them. Here's the gist:

● Spendthrift incumbent Democrat delegates good.

● Spendthrift incumbent Republican delegates good.

● Fiscal conservatives bad.

Update: Maine Is Not Completely Full of Morons

I guess this is an improvement over an earlier decision to give school kids the weapons they need to destroy themselves:

Plan would limit King Middle School birth control access
The School Committee will consider setting a student minimum age and letting parents choose to opt out.

By Kelley Bouchard, Portland Press Herald Staff Writer

A Portland School Committee member wants to give parents the power to keep their children from participating in a controversial new plan to make prescription birth control available to students at King Middle School.

Benjamin Meiklejohn submitted a resolution Monday, to be considered by the committee on Nov. 7. The proposal would give parents the option to block access to prescription contraception if they enroll their children in the King Student Health Center.

Meiklejohn's proposal also would limit access to prescription contraception such as "the pill" and "the patch" to students who are at least 14 years old.

The committee's 7-2 vote last week would make King the first middle school in Maine to offer a full range of contraception in grades 6 to 8, when students are 11 to 15 years old, school officials said. (link)

In a more sane part of the country, the school committee would instruct this pack of do-gooders at the middle school to focus on that which they're paid to oversee - the education of the community's kids. But apparently in Maine the schools also serve as social welfare agencies.

So the little tykes there will still have contraceptives made readily available to them. But can they read? A matter of lesser import, it would seem.

TD Columnist Takes On Democrat Blog

When I found out that the fellas behind the popular weblog Raising Kaine were paid employees (or agents) of the Democratic Party of Virginia, I quit reading it. I get the Party's press releases emailed to me; why bother?

Well, apparently Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist extraordinaire Bart Hinkle is a regular reader. And has some thoughts:
The Raising Kaine Brain-Teaser Challenge
Bart Hinkle

In an
earlier post, we had a little fun noting that Raising Kaine (a) blasts Republicans for not following public opinion on SCHIP, but also (b) blasted Republicans for “pandering” to public opinion on gay marriage.

As November 6 approaches, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out just what, according to RK, Republicans are supposed to do.

Today’s brain-teaser: Figure out just when, according to Raising Kaine, politicians are supposed to pander and demagogue—and when they are supposed to do the opposite. (link)
Read the whole thing. Mr. Hinkle cites a number of examples where the kids at Raising Kaine criticize Republicans for shamelessly pandering ... and for shamelessly not pandering. Ricocheting off the walls like adolescents who really don't have a clue.

The shock.

Good stuff. You go, Bart.

Kucinich For President!

Without doubt, he best represents the mainstream of his party:
Kucinich sees UFO, new book claims
Posted by
Mark Naymik, Cleveland.com

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has seen a UFO, writes Shirley MacLaine in her new book, "Sage-Ing While Age-Ing."Kucinich, she writes on page143-144 of the book, "had a close sighting over my home in Graham, Washington, when I lived there. Dennis found his encounter extremely moving. (link)
I was bitterly disappointed that the Democrats didn't nominate Al Sharpton for president in 2004. He would have represented his Party so well.

All hope is not lost though. Along comes Kucinich. And his Martian platform ...

McCain & Feingold Can Fix This. Again.

The more they try to keep money out of politics, the greater the lengths politically engaged Americans will go to to get their candidate elected.

Bizarre related news this morning:
As Campaigns Chafe at Limits, Donors Might Be in Diapers
By Matthew Mosk, Washington Post Staff Writer

Elrick Williams's toddler niece Carlyn may be one of the youngest contributors to this year's presidential campaign. The 2-year-old gave $2,300 to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

So did her sister and brother, Imara, 13, and Ishmael, 9, and her cousins Chan and Alexis, both 13. Altogether, according to newly released campaign finance reports, the extended family of Williams, a wealthy Chicago financier, handed over nearly a dozen checks in March for the maximum allowed under federal law to Obama.

Such campaign donations from young children would almost certainly run afoul of campaign finance regulations, several campaign lawyers said. (link)
We need more laws! We need more laws. We need more ...