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Monday, October 29, 2007

I'll Not Waste My Time

The Roanoke Times this morning comes out in support of retiring Senator John Warner's plan to bring an end make a microscopic reduction in global warming temperatures.

The Europeans have been there. And done that.

And now they're looking for Plan B.

The Times would be wise to as well.

They Just Don't Get It

To the people at the Washington Post, changing the SCHIP eligibility threshhold so as to exclude upper-middle class Americans but allow for the expansion to include government-funded health care for middle-class Americans - at the expense of the poor (who smoke cigarettes) - is an improvement. To rational people, it's still a travesty.

Their take:

More Health-Care Politicking

The latest version of the measure expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program makes significant changes to address the criticisms of President Bush and some Republican lawmakers. The compromise focuses more resources on enrolling the poorest children; further reduces eligibility for childless adults; and strengthens protections to ensure that illegal immigrants do not receive benefits. It caps SCHIP eligibility at three times the federal poverty level, ending the bogus argument about covering children in families earning as much as $83,000 a year. And it seeks to lessen the risk that families will drop private insurance to put their children on SCHIP by making more SCHIP money available to help pay premiums for private insurance. Mr. Bush's assertion that the measure "fails to do what needs to be done to put poor children first" is unconvincing. (link)
Cut out the weasel words and you get this: If signed by the President, SCHIP will be made available to people who can afford their own insurance. And, despite the fact that "it seeks (seeks? What in God's name does that imply?) to lessen the risk that families will drop private insurance to put their children on SCHIP," families will drop private insurance to put their children on SCHIP.

The expansion of government-funded health care to include citizens who aren't living in poverty is wrong. A slippery slope if there ever was one. A slippery slope these people are well aware of and are most assuredly pushing us toward.


A perfect example of middle-class Americans feeling deserving of government welfare can be found in this article in today's Roanoke Times. No mention given as to why a Montgomery County couple earning $43,160 a year should be on the dole or why the husband, a skilled technician, can't find a different employer that provides health care insurance coverage. Questions never asked. An assumption that money grows on trees assumed.

NASA On A Missionless Mission

It's come down to this: NASA missions now amount to keeping the space station functional. Something that could be done in a warehouse in Omaha. Instead, at great expense, it's done in deep space. Some mission:
Astronauts Discover Damage to Space Station
By John Schwartz, The New York Times

Spacewalking astronauts yesterday found evidence of damage to a crucial part of the International Space Station’s power system.

The discovery of what appear to be metallic shavings in one of the station’s enormous rotating joint assemblies suggested problems for the orbiting space station that could affect ambitious plans to add two power-hungry laboratories. (link)
So now resources will be diverted from remodeling the space station to repairing the space station. Precious resources.

And about those unmanned exploratory flights to Venus? Venus who?

Now Do You Understand That He's Irrelevant?

This weekend movie box office news is rather pathetic:

A high-profile documentary, Sony Pictures Classics' "Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains," had a poor debut, taking in just $10,573 at seven theaters. The film from director Jonathan Demme ("The Silence of the Lambs") follows the former president during a tour to promote his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." (link)
You'd think Hollywood and the always-fawning news media elite would have accounted for more turnout than that.