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Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's That Time Of Year Again

Get out your wallets:

Salvation Army begins Red Kettle Campaign

For the next month, you will probably see those Salvation Army Red Kettles. Every year, the organization collects tens of thousands of dollars for those in need. And after 116 years, the bells are still ringing.

Last year, the Salvation Army collected more than $200,000. The goal this year is $210,000. (link)

There is no finer charity on the planet. Want to earn a place in heaven? Give. Generously.

Let The Students Decide

I was reading an article this morning in Virginia Tech's online student newpaper, "Collegiate Times," (the article is entitled "Options for Norris Hall down to two") it having to do with options being considered for future use of Norris Hall, the now-notorious building in which sociopath Cho Seung-hui did most of his mass slaughter of students and faculty back in April, when I came upon the comments section attached to said article.

Apparently the task force that was chosen by the university to come up with a plan for the hall has narrowed its choices to two, one involving a couple of "centers" - the "Center for Violence Prevention and Peace Studies" and the "Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships."

It figures.

I was prepared to recommend that Virginia Tech be shut down, its students sent home, and its faculty terminated when I started reading some of the comments left by VT students and alumni in reaction to this nutty idea. They're actually pretty good. I list a few:

From "Fred":

I have the sad feeling that if by chance the Peace Studies group wins this bid that the "Room of 32 scholars" plan they envision will be a place for misguided grad students to toke up, tune out and complain about how hard their lives were in Arlington. Let's give the building back to engineering. Unlike the navel gazers and anti-Americans of "peace studies", engineers keep their mouths shut when it comes to opinion and focus on producing concrete results through their research.
From "Mike M":
We have a center for peace studies. It's called the Political Science department.
From "Concerned Student":
Don't you dare take another academic building and turn it into a department for uselessness ...
From Scott Ahearn:
"Center for Violence Prevention and Peace Studies" has to be the biggest eyeroll I've had all week. The phrase "Peace Studies" pretty much guarantees that it will be completely useless and nothing more than a multi-million-dollar whineatorium.
Of course, just when I started to think that there is hope for young America after all, having read these wonderful responses to the university task force's goofy plan, I came upon this comment from one "Eat It TG":
Anti-American rhetoric is not only ok, it is the responsibility of the people of the country. Spouting off pro-American sentiment is for politicians and military personnell (sic), and they do it enough for all of us. Norris should be reconverted (sic) to a new engineering building. Preferrably (sic) with state of the art (sic) labs, but a few classrooms would be ok, too (ugh).
My recommendation to the task force? Include a few Linguistics classrooms.

The Age In Which We Live

Don Surber on Hollywood Conservatives:
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?

Joseph Curl of the Washington Times today noticed that Republicans in Hollywood are not very vocal. I don’t blame them. For the last 40 years (maybe longer) conservatives in Hollywood have been assigned to the action-movie ghetto as the socialists try to re-educate the dumb masses with such fare as “Redacted.”

Gee, war sucks. Who knew?

I think the last conservative to win an Oscar was James Stewart.
Now that I look back on it, Hollywood liberals, with their ditzy political/cultural/societal ideas and pronouncements contributed mightily in years past to my becoming a stalwart conservative.

Thanks, Babs.

Keeping You Informed

On yesterday's Senate vote that was intended bring about defeat in Iraq and embarrassment for George W. Bush, Jimmy-One-Note, our junior senator, James Webb, voted for surrender. Again.