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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not To Be Left To Rank Amateurs

An attempt to wax poetic. Success? You decide. This is from an editorial in the Galax Gazette:

"A cow is an exotic sight to the city-born."

A peculiarly sardonic and sententious style? Pompous, perhaps aphoristic moralizing? Or sheer idiocy. Hard to say ...

Pour Me A Drink, Bartender

If it worked for them ...

I, being an aspiring author, have come upon the key ingredient in the recipe that is sure to bring me fame and fortune. I need to be completely soused while doing this:
The death of hard-boozing author Norman Mailer — who stabbed one of his wives while tipsy — spotlights a troublesome fact: Many great writers are alcoholics. A 1989 Washington Post analysis said famous drunken authors include Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, O. Henry, Dorothy Parker, Eugene O’Neill, John O’Hara, Adela Rogers St. John, Truman Capote, Jack London, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen Crane, Hart Crane, Herman Melville, Ring Lardner, Sherwood Anderson, Dylan Thomas, John Cheever and others. A writer’s lonely life inside the mind, plagued by insecurity, causes vulnerability to hooch, the report concluded.
"Potpourri," The Charleston Gazette, November 19, 2007

Food For Thought

On "green" technologies and where they're headed, the Wall Street Journal:
There's no shortage of new capital pouring into alternative energy projects these days. According to the National Venture Capital Association, "clean tech" start-ups attracted more than $800 million in venture capital last quarter, a new record. What's not clear is whether these are fundamentally energy ventures or political ventures. The Manhattan Institute's Peter Huber, a former engineering professor at MIT, exaggerates only slightly when he says that "Basically, 'alternative' means stuff that nobody actually uses." If that turns out to be true, then alternative energy companies could struggle for market share without government assistance.
"Global Warming, Inc. ," November 29, 2007

Uh Oh

We all know, you don't want to make Hillary mad. Perhaps it's best that we not tell her ...
For Democrats, Iowa Still Up for Grabs
By Anne E. Kornblut and Jon Cohen, Washington Post Staff Writers

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) draws support from 30 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa, compared with 26 percent for Clinton and 22 percent for former senator John Edwards (N.C.). New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson received 11 percent. The results are only marginally different from a Post-ABC poll in late July, but in a state likely to set the tone for the rest of the nominating process, there are significant signs of progress for Obama -- and harbingers of concern for Clinton.

The factors that have made Clinton the clear national front-runner -- including her overwhelming leads on the issues of the Iraq war and health care, a widespread sense that she is the Democrats' most electable candidate, and her strong support among women -- do not appear to be translating on the ground in Iowa, where campaigning is already fierce and television ads have been running for months. (link)
The bubble bursts. I can hear her throwing that tantrum now.

Can Their Global Warming Reports Be Far Behind?

This is not all that surprising, given the nature of the organization that dreams this stuff up:

U.N. to Say It Overstated H.I.V. Cases by Millions

Hmm. The U.N. dramatically (and intentionally) overstated its case.

Now what was that headline I read the other day about a U.N. report claiming that we are all soon to die from AIDS global warming?

Pinch Me

Front page, New York Times:

Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves

Islamists are on the run. The Times is on the run. It's a good day.

Today Iraq, Tomorrow The World

Christopher Hitchens on the turning tide of battle:
The forces of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi stink in the nostrils of the Arab world, and have been—here I borrow some words of Thomas Paine—"in point of generalship … outwitted, and in point of fortitude outdone." Bin Ladenism in Iraq has been dealt a stinging defeat. Surely this is something to celebrate.
"Something To Give Thanks For," Slate, November 19, 2007

Do As I Say, Not ...

Rush Limbaugh asked a valid question the other day on his radio show. Somehing to the effect of:

"Bill Clinton asks us to support Hillary for president. But he was never loyal to her. Why does he think we should be?"

Worth pondering.

She Might Want To Reconsider ...

Glenn Reynolds makes a point worth considering:

"HILLARY GOES AFTER OBAMA ON 'EXPERIENCE:' Well, it's true. He's never been First Lady."

Her kind of experiences I'm not sure we need.