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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day To Give Thanks

They are underpaid. And their work comes with great risk. And we often ignore the fact that they do the Lord's work in protecting our loved ones. Day in. Day out. Asking for little in return.

In spite of that ... Perhaps be cause of that ...

Here's to Washington County Sheriff's Lieutenant Scott Snapp, who was shot in the line of duty on Tuesday. We all pray for his speedy recovery.

On Turkey Day we proudly salute Lt. Snapp and all those who "man the walls" while we gather with loved ones around the heaping dinner table to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Is This Even Possible?

Brian De Palma's highly acclaimed (well, highly acclaimed in Europe anyway) anti-America/anti-Bush/anti-Iraq War movie hit the box office last weekend. Though "hit" might not be the right word.

Is it possible that a major motion picture, one produced and directed by Hollywood's best and brightest, one that comes attached with over-the-top fawning praise from the movie critic elite, could gross $25,000 in its premier weekend? (to be fair and accurate, it actually brought in $25,628)

That's not a typo.

While the animated flick, "Beowulf," was raking in $27,515,871, De Palma's "Redacted," a story about an American soldier raping an Iraqi girl (the title "The Rotten American Bastards of Abu Ghraib" had already been taken, I'm thinking) brought in $25,628. Enough to pay for part of a Hyundai.

To compare, the anti-America flick grossed 0.92% of the cartoon's box office receipts in the same time period.

Keep makin' 'em, Hollywood. We'll keep boycotting them. Time - and the war - are on our side.

Quote Of The Day

From Ed Morrissey:
The latest kerfuffle in the Democratic primary centers on whether living abroad as a child carries more weight on foreign policy than being First Lady. It's akin to watching two guys in a bar debate whether playing Pop Warner football gives more credibility than playing Madden 2007 when criticizing NFL head coaches ...

An odd moment, indeed. Who gives these people advice? On one hand, we have a candidate telling people with a straight face that his adventures as a 10-year-old and two whole years! on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee prepare him to run American foreign policy. Hillary Clinton rightly skewers this, but then claims that her role as First Lady -- when she presumably made none of the decisions and had none of the responsibility for foreign policy -- makes her supremely qualified for the role.
"Wife Or Child -- Which One Has The Best Foreign-Policy Experience? " Captain's Quarters, November 21, 2007

NRA Wins Big. Again.

Ed Rendell, one of the most anti-gun governors in the country (did I mention the fact that he's a Democrat?), thought he could muscle through legislation in Pennsylvania the other day that would "limit most handgun purchases to one per month ... and that would empower local governments to enact gun-control laws." He got a good spanking instead.

The news:
Rendell can't sway panel on gun bills
Defying his plea to "say, 'Enough,' " a House committee opposed limiting purchases and allowing local controls.
By Amy Worden and Mario F. Cattabiani, Philadelphia Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau

Harrisburg - Pennsylvania's House Judiciary Committee yesterday handily defeated two key gun-control bills despite a dramatic appearance by Gov. Rendell, who implored the committee to pass tougher gun laws to curb violence, especially in crime-marred cities such as Philadelphia.

Rendell's 40-minute appearance, in which he sought to refute gun-lobby arguments about weak enforcement of current laws and drive home polls indicating that most Pennsylvanians favor some forms of gun control, appeared to change few minds. (link)
It's fair to say that gun control proponents, knowing that they have a lock on at least three votes in the Supreme Court (the political jurists - Stevens, Ginsburg, and Souter), will turn their efforts to influencing the law through judicial fiat, now that the high court has agreed to take up that D.C. 2nd Amendment case that came out of the 4th Circuit.

But when it comes to We The People, this is now settled law. We maintain the right to keep and bear arms, in spite of the efforts of Democrats like Ed Rendell. Now and forever.

A Different Point Of View

To former Virginia State Police superintendents who have gone over to the dark side in the gun-control debate, something to consider:

People don't stop killers. People with guns do.

As far as "gun free" campuses are concerned, Virginia Tech people, yours wasn't. All the police presence in the world, with all the state-of-the-art firepower, prevented 0 deaths when Cho Seung-hui began his slaughter of 32 defenseless men and women, boys and girls in your target-rich and completely vulnerable environment you created for yourselves. And all the laws you want written in an effort to prevent the next Cho Seung-hui from pulling off the same carnage will have the same result.

Gun show loopholes?

How about "gun-free" lunacy.

A few Yucks To Get You Thru The Day

If you enjoy Hillary and her cheating husband being ridiculed, you'll like the latest from News Busters:

Double-click on the little triangle to activate.

It Gets Better & Better

The latest news from the war front:
US reports ‘phenomenal’ drop in Iraq violence
By Stephen Fidler and Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times

Violence in Iraq has fallen at a rate that has surprised military commanders and even one of the architects of the “surge” that boosted US troop numbers in the country this year, according to figures gathered by the US.

The figures show the numbers of suicide attacks, roadside bombings, mortar and other attacks on US forces and on the Iraqi population have more than halved since 30,000 extra troops in June.

Jack Keane, the former army general who helped persuade George W. Bush, US president, to increase troop numbers in Iraq, said the decrease in violence was “phenomenal” and had occurred far faster than he had expected. (link)
Will the Democrats soon get their wish? Will President Bush begin pulling troops out of Iraq, with success - victory - (not the Democrats' wish) having been achieved?

Here's to an Iraq withdrawal. With heads held high. Flags unfurled. Shouts of Victory! on the lips of ... most Americans.

Support The Troops

A group calling itself Move America Forward is taking to the nation's highways in support of our brave men and women who are in harm's way. They are going on a mission that they have entitled the “Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour.”

Their message:
We'll have pro-troop rallies and events in 40 cities across America for the next three weeks, and at each event we'll collect signed Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday greeting cards that we'll deliver to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan . We're collecting over 100,000 cards in this effort - and given the current rate the cards have been coming in to our headquarters at Move America Forward we could well exceed that goal.

When the "Honoring Our Heroes at the Holidays" national pro-troop tour ends on December 16th (in New York City), Move America Forward will then have a delegation fly to Iraq and hand-deliver the final batch of cards to our troops on Christmas Day.

We want to bring out great crowds to these events and collect huge numbers of Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday cards for our troops.
Here's the tour itinerary map:

If you're in the neighborhood, make a point to sign one of their cards or drop off your own. So many of our troops will be spending the holidays far, far from home in hostile, forbidding territory, and could use the support.

The schedule of events can be found here.

SW Virginia Shut Out Again

I don't have a big dog in this fight but I thought I'd bring it to your attention anyway.

There were a number of people (Democrats) in this area who were bragging about all the power and influence that their takeover of the state Senate was going to bring to certain of our long-term senators here - including mine.

I got an unofficial - we'll call it tentative - list of committee chairman assignments for the coming year and guess who ain't on it.

Phil Puckett (D-Tazewell )
Roscoe Reynolds (D-Henry County)
John Edwards (D-Roanoke)
Creigh Deeds (D-Bath County)

So who will be making up the Democratic Party's leadership next session (in all likelihood)? Can you say NoVa? Hampton Roads?

Here are your Senate committees and their proposed chairpersons for 2008:

Commerce and Labor -- SASLAW (D-Annandale)
Courts of Justice -- MARSH (D-Richmond)
Education and Health -- HOUCK (D-Spotsylvania)
Finance -- COLGAN (D-Manassas)
General Laws and Technology -- LOCKE (D-Hampton)
Local Government -- LUCAS (D-Portsmouth)
Privileges and Elections -- HOWELL (D-Reston)
Rehabilitation and Social Services -- PULLER (D-Mount Vernon)
Rules -- WHIPPLE (D-Arlington)
Transportation -- MILLER (D-Norfolk)
Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources -- TICER (D-Alexandria)

That last one is my favorite. Some gal from the D.C. suburbs is going to be heading up the agriculture committee. You can bet she'll be fighting for the interests of her beef cattle constituency.
As for Reynolds, Deeds, and Puckett? Rest easy. They may be of no importance, but they'll continue to be good party lap puppies.

All you Democrats here in Southwest Virginia must be very proud about now.

- - -

Update: The Washington Post has the details. The liberal paper from up north seems quite happy with the new lineup. Interestingly, Deeds is quoted as saying, "I'm not concerned at all [about the regional imbalance that is pointed out above]. We're all in this together." The same Deeds who was a darling two years ago but was overlooked by his party this time 'round to make room for all the liberals. Smell the coffee time, Creigh?