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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

They Don't Know What They Want

Environmentalists are going to oppose efforts to create electric power no matter how environmentally friendly the source of that energy might be.The latest glaring example:
Coalition sues Land Office over wind farms
By Robert Elder, The Austin American-Statesman

The famed King Ranch and a coalition of environmental groups sued Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson in federal court Tuesday, seeking to require extensive environmental review and public comment on two planned wind power projects along the Gulf Coast in Kenedy County.

The coalition, the Coastal Habitat Alliance, also sued over the wind project in state District Court in Travis County. That suit claims that the state's Public Utility Commission illegally denied the alliance's request to participate in permit hearings for the wind project's transmission line.

King Ranch backed unsuccessful legislation earlier this year that would have required the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to establish a permit process to take into account the environmental consequences of wind turbines. (link)
Environmentalists attacking an alternative energy source being pushed by environmentalists.

Perhaps we should lock them all in a room ...

2 + 2 ≠ 3

What's this guy been smoking?

A new course on Iraq (for Democrats, that is)
By Michael O'Hanlon, USA Today

Rarely in U.S. history has a political party diagnosed a major failure in the country's approach to a crucial issue of the day, led a national referendum on the failing policy, forced a change in that policy that led to major substantive benefits for the nation — and then categorically refused to take any credit whatsoever for doing so. (link)
Could it be because the President ignored the demands being made by that political party and did just the opposite of that which the members of that party were demanding?

This fool is trying to give the Democrats credit for bringing about the military troop surge in Iraq. The same Democrats who have been screaming for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from the field of battle.

Nice try. No cigar.

To think: USA Today killed a forest of trees in order to print this idiocy.

The Last Man On The Planet To Hear The News

Obama: Many view Clinton negatively

Kaine Pulls a Warner

Take a momentary trip with me down memory lane. This appeared on Governor (then candidate) Tim Kaine's campaign website (www.kaine2005.org) (since shut down apparently, but you can find it here):

Strongly supports the Second Amendment

Tim Kaine strongly supports the Second Amendment. As the next Governor of Virginia, he will not propose any new gun laws. Instead Tim Kaine will guarantee strict enforcement of our existing criminal laws. He will also expand the use of such enforcement strategies as Project Exile that target criminals who use guns rather than law-abiding gun owners. [my emphasis]

There are those of us who said at the time that Kaine was lying through his teeth.

As it turns out, Kaine was lying through his teeth.

In today's news:
Kaine takes aim at firearm loophole
Efforts will be stepped up to close a loophole on gun purchases without background checks.
By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- Gov. Tim Kaine said Tuesday that he will make a "very aggressive" push next year to close a legal loophole allowing unlicensed gun dealers to avoid checking the criminal backgrounds of buyers, hoping to win support from a legislature that has been hostile to proposed gun controls.

"I'm going to be very aggressive in pushing that we close it," Kaine said in an appearance before state newspaper reporters and editors who gathered at the Richmond Times-Dispatch for a forum sponsored by The Associated Press. (link)
Virginians have been betrayed by a mendacious Democratic politician once again. There seems to be a pattern here.

How is it that Virginians have been betrayed? Those "unlicensed gun dealers" that Kaine wants to hunt down include ... you and me. Often - and in large numbers - civilians will take firearms to gun shows with the intention of selling (or trading) them. "Civilian" meaning unlicensed dealer. Tim Kaine intends to prevent you from selling your personal property (without your shelling out more money for a hard-to-obtain license that costs more than most firearms).

His aboutface - his betrayal - is reprehensible.

Then there's that increasingly annoying former state police superintendent, Gerald Massengill:
Kaine issued an executive order April 30 requiring that the names of people involuntarily committed to receive outpatient treatment be added to the database for background checks. But, as Kaine and his panel have noted, Cho still could have avoided the background check by purchasing guns from an unlicensed dealer.

"He very simply would have gone to a gun show and purchased the firearms without a background check" from an unlicensed vendor, said retired Virginia State Police Superintendent Gerald Massengill, who was chairman of the governor's panel. "It really would not have been that difficult to figure out."
Would he have? You'd have a tendency to believe that if you'd become a shill for the gun control lobby. Or might he have "simply" picked up the local newspaper, turned to the Want Ads, dialed a phone number, and purchased a weapon from someone - you, me - who had advertised his wares there?

Are Kaine and this Massengill going after newspaper advertisements next?

If the next word out of Kaine's mouth is ... well, it doesn't matter any more, does it? It's clear that his words - his promises - are worth nothing. He lied to us to get elected. We called him on it. Our warnings have been validated.

We're going to fight you on this, pal. And not just because of your deceit.

'... But Fails To Find It'

Thought I'd finish this Roanoke Times headline:

Christiansburg council looks at tourism

This doesn't mean they won't keep looking. God love 'em.

Waste of a Day

Did you ever have your day all planned out, built around a plane trip, and have it crumble?

I had planned to fly from Greensboro to Orlando yesterday, set up shop at the terminal and conduct my email/phone business before moving on to my hotel. I drove like a bat out of hell (obeying all speed limits along the way, of course) to get to the airport on time. When I got there, I was just on time.

Problem is, the plane never came. Well, it came. But two hours late. There's a lot of that going around these days, I hear.

This time though I can't blame Delta. The jet that we were scheduled to leave Greensboro on at 11:30 was held up in Boston because of heavy snow. Or so they said anyway. So we left at 1:30 instead.

I made the necessary adjustments, did my phone work in Greensboro, and made the best of an aggravating day.

By the way, for those of you back in Bland, Virginia this morning, where it's a toasty 24°, it's going to be 76° and sunny today here in Orlando. Eat your hearts out.

They Won't Go Down Without a Fight

The New York Times clings to the notion that not all is lost in Iraq. America could still lose.

A Calmer Iraq: Fragile, and Possibly Fleeting

(Hopeful) Speculation on what could be. This passes for "news" in the mainstream press.

And They Wonder Where Their Viewers Went

Just to show that these guys can't be taken seriously, Time magazine asked various personalities who they would nominate for their Person of the Year honor. Here's the response from NBC News reader Brian Williams:

My nominee for 2007 Person of the Year is a woman--a woman with a history of abuse, a woman who has never run for elective office, someone we all know, someone who makes her presence known on a daily basis in all our lives and, for my money, is better than any male alternative. That woman is Mother Earth. I think the environment is the compelling issue of our time.
Maybe he thought Time wanted his nominee for "Compelling Issue of our Time." Or maybe he just isn't all that bright.

Mother Earth. For the love of God.

Jimmy One Note Gets Spanked

Our junior Senator James Webb, for unspecified reasons, recently decided to visit Iraq. One reason for his trip certainly wasn't to gain an honest assessment of the situation on the ground. It's the same old same old from him.

Greyhawk, a blogger who devotes his time to military matters, has some thoughts on Webb's performance. And his appraisal is rather brutal.

A snippet:
"Security is good now because the coalition, Iraqi Army, and Iraqi police all work together," said an Iraqi fruit stand owner. "One hand does not clap."

... it honestly disturbs me that a guy like Webb probably can't read that quote without feeling a bit of dismay.

What's Webb going to do if we actually win this war? Can you say a-p-o-l-o-g-y?

You Had Your Day. Get Out Of Our Way.

Stephen A. Smith, recently demoted columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer (and one who apparently decided to not accept the demotion and quit instead) and ESPN radio personality, has something to say about the ten million American bloggers out there. In so many words, he thinks we should be banned.

From a three-part interview with his paper ... er, former paper ("Stephen A. Smith Q-and-A Part 3: Internet writers have 'sabotaged' newspapers"):
"And when you look at the internet business, what’s dangerous about it is that people who are clearly unqualified get to disseminate their piece to the masses. I respect the journalism industry, and the fact of the matter is ...someone with no training should not be allowed to have any kind of format whatsoever to disseminate to the masses to the level which they can. They are not trained. Not experts.
Experts. Right.
It would be such a better world if we got all our news filtered through the likes of Dan Rather and CNN.
Go away, man. There's a high school football game somewhere that needs your attention.