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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wampler Ain't Going Nowhere

Charlie Fugate over at Good Sense brings us this bit of good news this morning:
Sen. Wampler to remain in Virginia Senate

According to a report on TriCities.com, my state senator Sen. William Wampler, Jr. will NOT pursue a seat on the State Corporation Commission as was widely believed. Instead, he will remain in the Virginia Senate where he will fulfill the remainder of his term.

While the publicity Bristol and Washington County would have received had Sen. Wampler been appointed to the SCC, I believe it was the right decision for him to remain in the Senate.
The right decision indeed, Charlie. Last thing we need in Southwest Virginia is some spawn of Rick Boucher popping up down there to take that safe seat away from the GOP. We have enough problems (the Democrats' choosing to abandon the area notwithstanding).

Thanks for the good news.

Looks Like All The Fools Don't Reside In D.C.

Some of them run the city of Newport News.

I'll not go through it all again this morning - just read my lengthy post from Sunday about the wildly successful gun buyback program that took place the other day up in Washington D.C., where a whopping 279 firearms - in varying stages of disrepair and disintegration, one would bet - were purchased (at great expense) by the city, on a day when an estimated 13,425 guns were sold over the counter nationwide and put back into circulation.

To show that D.C. officials haven't cornered the market on stupid, we have this gem in the news this morning:

Gun buyback nets police 400 firearms
The Associated Press

Newport News -- Newport News police got about 400 firearms in a gun buyback program.

Police accepted unloaded firearms Saturday, no questions asked, in exchange for $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart and to Farm Fresh supermarkets.

The event was expected to last six hours. Police spokesman Lou Thurston said officers ran out of gift cards about an hour into the buyback, but many people turned in weapons without getting gift cards.

The event was expected to last six hours. Police spokesman Lou Thurston said officers ran out of gift cards about an hour into the buyback, but many people turned in weapons without getting gift cards. (link)


For those of you who want to cash in next time a deal like this comes up, you can go to GunBroker.com or AuctionArms.com or Ebang.com or ISoldMyGun.com or A-Gun.com or msfirearms.com or e-gun.net or ArmsBay.com or Gunsandall.com or gunhouse.com or mountainmorninggunauctions , pay less than $50 for used guns all day long, and take them over to Newport News and receive a $100 Wal-Mart gift card from dimwitted city administrators for each of them.

No word on whether the police department will accept firearms by the boatload.

The "officers ran out of gift cards." No shit.

** A special note to Newport News officials: 13,425 new firearms will be manufactured and sold in the USA again today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And ...

We Agree On This ...

... or not:

Editorial: Sex ed must be comprehensive

And Taught in The Home

The Bottom Line On Governor Kaine's Budget Proposal

From The Washington Post:
[S]ome Republicans believe that Mr. Kaine's economic projections are too sunny. They charged that by proposing billions of dollars in borrowing through new bond issues, the governor was departing from the state's history of prudent management. That debate will unfold amid a credit crunch, rumors of recession and an anemic housing market -- none of it favorable for the governor.
"Mr. Kaine's Budget," December 18, 2007

All You Need To Know About The Arab World ...

... can be summed up in this New York Post headline:

Saudis Pardon Rape Victim

For the love of God.

Never Underestimate ...

... the power of the political establishment.

According to the boys back in the smoke-filled room, it's to be McCain vs. Clinton.

Whether you like it or not.

The New York Times, at the center of establishment politics (forget this at your peril), gives a boost to the boys this morning with this:

McCain Senses Momentum Is Starting to Help Him

The American people, having issued forth another big gaping yawn, say otherwise. But that won't stop the establishment from trying to shape opinion.

There's "the will of the people," and there's the will of those who will decide what our will is.

- - -

Of course, they're going to have a tough time overcoming this little obstacle: 40% of America will go out of its way to prevent a Hillary presidency.

About Those Environmentalists ...

... and their stream of new-found "global consciousness," New York Times columnist Tom Friedman wrote the following from the Bali climate conference the other day ("It’s Too Late for Later"):
The fact that global warming is now having such an observable effect on pillars of our ecosystem — like the frozen sea ice within the Arctic Circle, which a new study says could disappear entirely during summers by 2040 — is certainly one big factor. But the other is the voracious power of today’s global economy, which has created a situation in which the world is not just getting hot, it’s getting raped.

If you want to help preserve the Indonesian forests, think fast, start quick, act now. Just don’t say later.
It turns out that Friedman did his part to save the forest by buying property outside of Washington D.C. a while back, tearing down the existing home, and building his own 11,000 square-foot mansion on a hill overlooking the city.

Another liberal in fantasyland, asking the rest of us to sacrifice.

Do any of these people actually practice that which they preach?

Hat tip to Scott Johnson.

She Has a Point, But ...

On that photo posted by Matt Drudge of Hillary on one of her ... less than better days that has caused quite a buzz in the blogosphere (I reproduce it here for you):

Ann Althouse makes the following point:
We make high demands on women. A picture like this of a male candidate would barely register. Fred Thompson always looks this bad, and people seem to think he's handsome.

Ann, I want to meet the guy or gal who considers Fred Thompson to be handsome. No offense to him and his supporters, but the dude could stop a clock.

I have a tendency to believe that it won't be for his good looks that the babes out there will be lining up to vote for the guy.

Looks Like The Good Guys Have Their Bad Guys Too

Just as we can usually count on stories about nooses being found by innocent, unwitting black people eventually to be proven to be fabricated, it appears that conservative white boys are not immune from pulling (or trying to pull) such stunts as well.

On that Princeton student who was beaten up for being conservative, he wasn't:

Nava '09 admits to fabricating assault, threat e-mails
By Ilya Blanter and Kate Benner, Princetonian Staff Writers

Francisco Nava '09 admitted yesterday to fabricating an alleged assault on him that he said occurred Friday evening and to sending threatening emails to himself, other members of the Anscombe Society and prominent conservative politics professor Robert George. He admitted the falsification while being questioned by Princeton Township Police.

In an interview with The Daily Princetonian, Nava expressed remorse for his actions' effects on the recipients of the threatening emails, other Anscombe members and the general Princeton community. "I accept full responsibility for my actions and [blah blah blah] (link)

Britt Hume on FOXNews got sucked into this story last night on his telecast, asking (essentially) "Why haven't authorities handled this incident as a 'hate crime'?"

Turns out, there was no incident.

String this kid up.

Here's To Osama Obama

If Barack Obama gets the Democratic nomination, you can bet there'll be moments like this - often.

From the archives, Ted Kennedy trying to remember Osama bin Ob... er, Osama Obama's ... uh ... the black kid's name:

And Joy Behar on "The View" has a similar embarrassing moment.
(* WARNING* You'll have to endure Rosie O'Donnell in this one):

CNN even did a segment on the man's unfortunate name (*WARNING* It's actually kinda humorous.):

And this is only the beginning.

Double-click on the triangle to activate.

I Think God Is About To Decide That For Him

Castro hints he will not hold on to power