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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Been There. Done That.

Every married man can relate to this situation. We go to the trouble of buying the little woman the perfect Christmas gift, only to see it immediately returned after the holidays for a refund.

If we're lucky ...

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What Are They Thinking?

People are dying each week out on I-81 because of the congestion (I drove from Winchester to Wytheville last Thursday and passed four major accidents, two completely shutting down the northbound lanes as wreckage and bodies were being hauled away).

Anyone trying to traverse the heavily traveled highway (and stay alive in the process) on any given day knows that something has to be done to alleviate the problem.

But then there are those "conservation groups":
Conservation groups sue to stop I-81 widening
Groups argue that extra lanes would affect homes, businesses and historic battlefields.
By Jeff Sturgeon, The Roanoke Times

Conservation groups have sued the federal government to halt widening plans for Interstate 81. Although many motorists support the addition of traffic lanes for safety, opponents argue that shifting freight from trucks to trains is the superior alternative and would do much less damage to the environment and private property.

Monday, the Shenandoah Valley Network, a regional coalition of citizen groups, sued the Federal Highway Administration on a variety of grounds, along with two other plaintiffs: the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition for Smarter Growth, an East Coast network of environmental and civic groups; and a Shenandoah County farmer whose property is beside I-81.

"The bottom line is VDOT [the Virginia Department of Transportation] has selected a highway-widening alternative and excluded a multistate rail alternative that many in the public and many local officials have supported," coalition Executive Director Stewart Schwartz said. (link)
Reality check: The rail alternative is an "in addition to" proposition at best, not an alternative solution.

Beyond that, I want to know how many additional deaths these conservation groups are willing to accept in order to protect their precious farm fields.

I Have Certain Standards

There's a breaking news story out there involving presidential candidate John Edwards. Talk of the "scandal" seems to be percolating up from a longstanding simmering whisper.

But the news is coming by way of The Enquirer, a name that does not insert itself well in the same sentence with the word "news."

I'll wait until someone more reputable confirms the story before I bring it to you. Where's Dan Rather?

Hollywood Can Redeem Itself

I remember when I was young seeing an animated version of this movie. It was fabulous. I hope the screen version is half as good:
Jackson to make Hobbit
By Tom Cardy, The Dominion Post

The Oscar-winning Wellington film-maker and Hollywood studios New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios announced today that they had resolved their legal dispute. Jackson and partner Fran Walsh will serve as executive producers on two Hobbit movies.

Pre-production will begin as soon as possible and both will be shot simultaneously, tentatively in 2009. The Hobbit is likely to be released in 2010 and the sequel in 2011. (link)
2010. I'll be there. In the front row.

Quote Of The Day

On that disastrous climate conference that just ended on the resort isle of Bali:
With hawk-eyed representatives of more than 100 green organisations present, it was probably the worst place in the world to commit an environmental faux pas. (source)
Not to mention the fact that nothing was accomplished.

Not to mention the fact that millions were spent on the 10,000 attendees.

Not to mention the carbon footprint left behind.

Not to mention ...

My Kinda Guy

We should have all our elected representatives put themselves on the record when it comes to the most important constitutional issue to come before the United States Supreme Court in the last two decades.

One politician didn't need any prodding.

Here's to Bob McDonnell:
McDonnell joining D.C. gun ban foes
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell yesterday said he intends to file a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a federal court's decision to overturn the District's gun ban.

"This is a very important case, perhaps the most important case [concerning the Second Amendment] in American history," Mr. McDonnell said. It "has been around for 200-plus years and this question has never been decided." (link)
On this we absolutely agree. It's high time the Supreme Court decided whether our venerated Bill Of Rights protects the "right of the people" to keep and bear arms or not (as bizarre as that statement reads since that's exactly what it says).

Thanks for making your position clear, Bob.

An Endorsement

If this is Fred Thompson, I've found my guy.

If ...

Wow. One has to wonder, though, if there's a "compassionate conservative" lurking.

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What Was He Thinking?

There's always been a disconnect between Bill Clinton's brain and his mouth. That's why most Americans just chuckled and shook their heads the other day when the former president volunteered the services of another former president, George H.W. Bush, to help a future Hillary administration clean up the mess that George W. Bush had created.

Well, some may not have thought it funny:

Dubya Dad Disses Bubba
By Charles Hurt, The New York Post

December 19, 2007 -- Former President George H.W. Bush shot down a proposal yesterday by former President Clinton that the two elder statesmen set off around the globe to repair damage done by the current President Bush once his wife gets into the Oval Office.

The elder Bush "wholeheartedly supports the President of the United States, including his foreign policy," said his chief of staff, Jean Becker.

"He has never discussed an around-the-world-mission with either former President Bill Clinton or Sen. Clinton, nor does he think such a mission is warranted, since he is proud of the role America continues to play around the world," Becker said in a statement. (link)
To think, Bill Clinton and his spouse have a good shot at regaining the White House.

God help us.