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Thursday, December 27, 2007

By Popular Demand

I've been asked by several people about that automatic shotgun that was featured in this video:

Here's some detail on this bad boy (received via email):

Military Police Systems recently unveiled a must-have weapon in the current CQB [close quarters battle] environment. The company out of Piney Flats, Tennessee has come out with a unique selectable (via a unique trigger) 12-gauge shotgun called the Auto Assault 12 Automatic Shotgun or AA-12 Automatic Shotgun. The AA name originally stood for "Atchisson Assault" after the original inventor but has been changed since Military Police Systems purchased the rights to the unique weapon. The weapon utilizes a constant recoil system that reduces recoil by 90% as compared to a traditional 12 gauge shotgun. The reduction in recoil is the primary reason that this shotgun can be fired effectively in the automatic mode.

With little or no barrel rise, this weapon is a monster when clearing rooms! The weapon will definitely become a force multiplier with its ease of operation and massive firepower in both the law enforcement and military arenas.

Technical Data -

* Caliber - 12 Gauge (2 3/4" Shells)

* Rate of Fire - 300 Rounds per minute/fires a 20 round drum in about 4 seconds

* Operations - Long Stroke Gas Piston with constant recoil

* Length - 33 Inches with 13 Inch Barrel (same size as an M4 with stock extended). 38 Inches with 18 Inch Barrel

* Weight - 10.0 lbs with 13 Inch Barrel. 10.5 lbs with 18 Inch Barrel

* Feeding Device - 8 round magazine, 20 round drum magazine, 40 round drum magazine (in development)

* Safety - Thumb Safety* Sights - Front: Protected Post which is adjustable for Elevation. Rear: Protected Ring which is adjustable for W/E.

* Stock - Glass filled nylon available in: Urban Grey, Desert Tan, Olive,Drab, Black, and Various other Camouflage Patterns.* Finish - Matte Stainless Steel

* Made of corrosion-resistant, high impact, heat-treated stainless steels and high-impact plastics

* Low Maintenance - During a Blackwater shoot, 5000 ROUNDS were fired through a single weapon WITHOUT cleaning or a drop of Lube.

I'm not sure. The Auto Assault 12 may be available down at your local Wal-Mart. Give 'em a call.

Let's Go Even Further

The Roanoke Times pleads: "Let localities make the smoking call."

I say: Why stop there? Let business owners and consumers make the smoking call.

So Now He's a James Carville?

Two short years ago now-Senator James Webb was sitting at home picking his teeth, contemplating a change of underwear, looking forward to Oprah in the afternoon, and planning his big trip down to Big Lots to buy himself some new socks, white ones with those cool racing stripes around the top, with nothing better to do.

That was then.

Today Professor Webb's political wisdom is eagerly sought by a sycophantic and idolatrous press. A regular Machiavelli he's become. He da man.

How an inadvertant twist of fate can change one's lot in life.

The vision and insight the mainstream media have been anxiously waiting for:
Webb: State is 'in play' in 2008
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Democratic victories in Tidewater last month and Mark Warner's return to politics give the party a good shot at winning Virginia's 13 electoral votes in the 2008 presidential election, says Sen. Jim Webb.

"Virginia is definitely in play," Mr. Webb, a Democrat, told The Washington Times. "We took seats in areas that were strongly Republican." (link)
If those areas were strongly Republican, Jimbo, Democrats wouldn't have won. Weakly Republican perhaps would be more apt.

But never mind.

Jim Webb spake. Hold the presses.

How You Can Tell We're Winning The War

By the number of times the mainstream media reported - and analyzed - the story about the tiger who killed the hapless zoo-goer.

On television. On the radio. In the papers. Throughout the day. For two days. Ad nauseum.

The alternative was for the press to report the good news coming out of Iraq.

Thus ...

Story Of The Year, 2007

As Michelle Malkin would have it:
There should be no question what the top story of the year was: America's counterinsurgency campaign in Iraq, the Democrats' hapless efforts to sabotage it and the Western mainstream media's stubborn refusal to own up to military progress.

... Democrats tried and failed repeatedly to undermine this military strategy and starve the war of funding. Their poisonously partisan allies at MoveOn.org attempted to smear surge architect and patriot Gen. David Petraeus as a traitor. The New York Times and Associated Press fought tooth and nail to obscure the successes of the surge with their relentless "grim milestone" drumbeat.

But by year's end, with Shiites and Sunnis marching and praying together for peace, even anti-war Democrats and adversarial media outlets alike were forced to acknowledge that undeniable military progress and security improvements had been made.
"Surge & Denial," The New York Post, December 27, 2007

A Problem. A Reason Given.

Leave it to the weblogs to provide "the rest of the story."

You may have read this bit of news in the New York Times before Christmas:
Sales of women’s clothing, a traditional pillar of the holiday shopping season, are unusually bleak so far this year, according to a major credit card company, an ominous sign for the retail industry. (link)
Retail experts seem to be perplexed as to the reason for the decline.

Blogger Rachel Lucas is not:
[H]ave you ever seen an Old Navy store right before Christmas? It looked like New Orleans after the flood. It looked like a Biblical plague had struck. Clothes were strewn all over the floor, and the line to the checkout was at least 50 feet long.

But that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest issue is WHO IN THE HELL IS MAKING THESE CLOTHES? I mean for f**k’s sake, people. I haven’t seen such ugliness in all my life, even the 1970s. Everything is orange and pink and bright red, covered in ridiculous patterns that make you have a migraine. Nobody wants this sh*t! You can tell because of every item, there are 50 each of the orange, pink, and bright red left, but maybe one green and one blue remaining, either in extra-small or extra-large. Get a clue, designers. A goddamn CLUE. (link)
Kinda makes me want to go over to Old Navy just to check out the oranges, pinks, and bright reds.

Anyway, sales of women's clothing are down. As they should be, it would appear.

Quote Of The Day

From Mickey Kaus:
Are you impressed with a drop in home values of 6.6% over a year? It doesn't seem like such a big correction, given the dramatic run-up in prices over the last decade or so. ... And don't declining prices make housing more... what's the word? ... affordable? ... This evening NBC Nightly News billboarded a "housing CRISIS." (Link available here.) I thought a "housing crisis" was when people couldn't find housing, not when it got cheaper. (NBC's expert: "It's very, very difficult to find any silver lining." No it's not.) ...
"One Hed Fits All," Slate, December 27, 2007

Clinton Sets Foreign Policy Course

Unfortunately, it's the wrong Clinton.

Just days after telling an interviewer that, should we still be in Iraq when she becomes president in 2009, Hillary Clinton will begin the process of extricating us from what she perceives to be a quagmire, her husband has other ideas entirely.

From the Huffington Post:

Exclusive - Clinton: We Need To Stay in Iraq to Protect the Kurds From The Turks
By Blake Fleetwood

Bill Clinton, in prescient talks to 50 wealthy supporters at a fundraiser, off limits to the press, said:

"The two wrinkles in her policy that some of the purists won't like, but I think she is absolutely right, are that she would leave some troops in the Kurdish area in the north because they have reconciled with each other and they enjoy relative peace and security...And if we leave them...not only might they be gone into a long civil war...the Turks might be tempted to attack them because they don't like the fact that the PKK guerrillas sometimes come across into northern Iraq and hide after staging attacks in Turkey."

"We don't want that," the former President went on to say. (link)

Get the impression that the other half of that "we" has no say in the matter? Did Bill even consult with his wife on this? Will Hillary be the dutiful housewife and let the old man run things for her?

It's enough to give one pause ...