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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jumpin' Ugly

I just love it when Alton gets fired up. He pulls out the daggers (and all the stops) and proceeds to slice and dice.

The latest: Some blogger over in Martinsville (he must be new; I've never heard of him) recently made some allegations about Congressman Virgil Goode that the rest of us thought had been knocked down long ago. And Alton gives him a good fanny smackin' for having done it:
Welcome to the digital age, James. As a relatively new blogger you must learn a few things. It's very easy to take five minutes and put up a "quick hit" such as you did yesterday on Virgil Goode. I'm sure you put in at least five minutes writing about Virgil's latest "lie". I can imagine you sitting back afterward while smiling smugly, thinking to yourself, "let's see how that goes over".

Responsible bloggers do not live for that quick, smug feeling of "gotcha" though. Most know that "gotcha" will all too often come back atcha. Responsible bloggers research their subjects and do not fall for the big lie. Not very often, anyway. I myself have done so, you and I both will again. But I resolved long ago not to resort to the smug name calling you've just enjoyed doing.

Read the whole thing. Unlike James, the Democratic sounding board, Alton provides exhaustive detail to bolster his argument.

Great stuff, Alton.