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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Wondering

Do you suppose the Washington Post would have written this (in "Mr. McCain's Choice") if Tim Kaine (who has no more political experience than Sarah Palin does) had been chosen to be Obama's running mate?
[T]he most important question Mr. McCain should have asked himself about Ms. Palin was not whether she could help him win the presidency. It was whether she is qualified and prepared to serve as president should anything prevent him from doing so.

In this regard, count us among the puzzled and the skeptical.

Once the buzz over Ms. Palin's nomination dies down, the hard questions about her will begin. The answers will reflect on her qualifications -- and on Mr. McCain's judgment as well. (link)
There is no way that the Post would have written such things about Governor Kaine. The focus of any editorial would have been on winning the state of Virginia for Obama, and how shrewd a move it was in picking him.

A double standard? You bet.