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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here I thought the editorial board members of the Bristol Herald Courier were a bunch of lunatics. Well, maybe they are, but ...
McCain For President

Sen. John McCain has earned the reputation as an architect of bipartisan compromises and a disciplined budget hawk. At no other time in our nation’s history have we needed a leader with those skills more than now.

Sen. Barack Obama, while a gifted orator and a truly inspirational figure, has a skimpier record of bipartisan work and is proposing new taxes and additional government spending at a time when restraint and frugality are imperative.

For these reasons, the Bristol Herald Courier’s editorial board endorses McCain, the Republican candidate for president. (link)
The most important two words in the editorial as far as Obama is concerned, as far as I'm concerned, are "skimpier" and "record." These guys are being generous. In fact, Obama has no record whatsoever. He's no more qualified to be president than Paris Hilton is (perhaps less so; she makes much better commercials).

That's why I found the Washington Post's Obama endorsement on Friday to be laughable on its face ("The nominating process this year produced two unusually talented and qualified presidential candidates"). When "qualified" and "Obama" are used in the same sentence, you know these guys aren't serious.

So here's to the Bristol Herald Courier for bringing common sense to the process. Let's hope it becomes contagious.