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Monday, December 01, 2008

The War Goes On

* Special Note: I reach something of a milestone with this post this morning. This happens to be my 10,000th entry posted to "From On High." That's a lot of water passing under the bridge, as they say. 10,000 comments. 10,000 thoughts. Kinda hard to believe. It's been fun, too. I've enjoyed (most) every minute of it.

Now we begin the next 10,000 ...

- - -

There are those in this country - even after all these years - who have failed to grasp the significance of the battle that is now, finally, winding down in Iraq, and of the fact that it was simply one battle in a very large war. One of many battles. A global war. A war on an idealogy.

A war on radical Islam.

Somehow, incredibly, there were seemingly smart people who argued that if we simply evacuated the streets of Baghdad and sent our troops to … say … Okinawa, that all would be well. That radical Islam would somehow vanish.

But that ideology remains, as strong and as deadly as ever, even with our glorious victory in Iraq. It festers. It continues to metastasize. It grows. And it continues to inflict terror on innocent men, women and children around the world.

Mark Steyn on the horror that was visited upon another of those battlefields - Mumbai:
It’s missing the point to get into debates about whether this is the “Deccan Mujahideen” or the ISI or al-Qaeda or Lashkar-e-Taiba. That’s a reductive argument. It could be all or none of them. The ideology has been so successfully seeded around the world that nobody needs a memo from corporate HQ to act: There are so many of these subgroups and individuals that they intersect across the planet in a million different ways. It’s not the Cold War, with a small network of deep sleepers being directly controlled by Moscow. There are no membership cards, only an ideology. That’s what has radicalized hitherto moderate Muslim communities from Indonesia to the Central Asian stans to Yorkshire, and coopted what started out as more or less conventional nationalist struggles in the Caucasus and the Balkans into mere tentacles of the global jihad.

Many of us, including the incoming Obama administration, look at this as a law-enforcement matter. Bombay is a crime scene, so let’s surround the perimeter with yellow police tape, send in the forensics squad, and then wait for the DA to file charges.

This isn’t law enforcement but an ideological assault — and we’re fighting the symptoms not the cause. Islamic imperialists want an Islamic society, not just in Palestine and Kashmir but in the Netherlands and Britain, too. Their chances of getting it will be determined by the ideology’s advance among the general Muslim population, and the general Muslim population’s demographic advance among everybody else.

So Bush is history, and we have a new president who promises to heal the planet, and yet the jihadists don’t seem to have got the Obama message that there are no enemies, just friends we haven’t yet held talks without preconditions with. This isn’t about repudiating the Bush years, or withdrawing from Iraq, or even liquidating Israel. It’s bigger than that. And if you don’t have a strategy for beating back the ideology, you’ll lose. [link]
Now that we've been able to elect "our first black president," maybe we're allowed to ask our first black president what exactly he intends to do about the Islamist scourge that grows - and gains strength - again - around the world, and that continues to take a terrible and tragic toll.

My guess is, Obama is going to dabble in global terrorism the way Bill Clinton did; a missile sent into a remote tent here, a get-tough speech there. And he'll do nothing substantive. We can expect him to react to each incident of terrorism - after the fact - and they're sure to come, regardless how he mesmerizes - with words of sorrow and a hint of revenge, the way the Indian government is handling the Mumbai tragedy today. But he'll do nothing to kill the idealogy. Obama wants to get along with those who vow to kill us, after all. Those unconditional talks ...

And the problem will only worsen. And many thousands will yet die.

For those who hope to protect their families, the message becomes clear: We're on our own.

May God have mercy on us. And lock & load.