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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How Does Tim Kaine Look Himself In The Mirror?

What does it say about a politician's position on an issue when that position is built upon a stack of bald-faced lies and distortions? Lies so blatant - distortions so grotesque - that they go beyond the ridiculous and enter into the realm of grossly offensive.

The lies to which I refer began before Tim Kaine was even elected governor. In 2005, he promised us that he wouldn't do that which he is now doing. From his campaign website, reproduced here:

"Tim Kaine strongly supports the Second Amendment. As the next Governor of Virginia, he will not propose any new gun laws."

Today Tim Kaine proposed a new gun law:

Va. Gov Proposes Gun-Show Sales Checks
By Kristen Gelieau, Associated Press Writer

Richmond, Va. (AP) -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine on Tuesday proposed requiring background checks for everyone who tries to purchase firearms at gun shows - legislation he called critical to helping prevent tragedies like the shootings at Virginia Tech.
Oh, politicians make such empty promises all the time, you say. That's how they get themselves elected. Mark Warner lied about not raising taxes; Kaine lied about not proposing new gun laws. The next person to run for the office will do the same.


Because we accept it.

In this particular instance, to make matters worse, the basis upon which Kaine's new gun law is founded is a twisted distrortion of the truth in itself. The bigger lie. The now oft-repeated gun show lie:

Attempts to expand background checks in Virginia have failed repeatedly, but the latest effort has support from relatives of several of those killed or wounded by a mentally ill student at Virginia Tech. Some of the family members joined Kaine for his announcement Tuesday at Virginia State Police headquarters in Richmond.

"If by doing this, we can keep one family from having to go through what these families have suffered, it will be the best thing that the Legislature will do this year," Kaine said.

But we all now know that gun show background checks would have made no difference with regard to the incident that took place on the Virginia Tech campus in April. Our governments - state and federal - have passed gun laws on top of gun laws and Seung-hui Cho still managed to purchase two handguns - legally - and kill - with impunity.

So the governor, thoughtless, powerless, shameless, proposes what in response?

Another gun law.

And when the next crime is committed by someone using a firearm, what will Tim Kaine's response be?

Another gun law.

The people of Virginia must tell this man that enough is enough. Tim, you have your gun laws. Plenty of them. Enforce them. You'll have no more.

Beyond that, your lies and distortions serve us poorly and dishonor the office you have been allowed by the good citizens of this commonwealth to temporarily occupy. We'll have no more of it. You disgrace us.

McCain Supporter Attacks ... Conservatives

I suppose we should make it clear at the outset (because neither the author nor the newspaper do), that former Congressman Charles Bass has endorsed the candidacy of John McCain for president.

With that made clear, this becomes clear as well:

Who's the RINO now?
By Charles F. Bass, writing in the Washington Times

On the "Bill Press Show" — a nationally syndicated talk radio show hosted by liberal Bill Press — Bay Buchanan hinted that she would be willing to support Hillary Clinton if former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani were the standardbearer for the Republican Party next November.

Bay Buchanan's comments, coupled with the threats from a handful of evangelical leaders, highlight exactly what's wrong with the Republican Party today. For years the far right has derisively chided centrist Republicans like me as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). In light of the comments from Mrs. Buchanan and company it raises the question: Who's the RINO now?

With so much at stake for America in this election, I am stunned that "Republicans" like Bay Buchanan, James Dobson and Tony Perkins would threaten to refuse to support the Republican nominee in 2008 because they fear the nominee may not meet their social agenda litmus test. The next president will make critical policy decisions that will chart the course for our country for decades to come: From the economy, to health care, to the global war on terror, the stakes in 2008 couldn't be greater.

Their threats to not support our party's nominee next November is just another example of the myopic, self-interested approach taken by the true extremists of our party. (link)
Myopic. Self-interested. Extremists.
When it's convenient for him to do so, John McCain tells us that he's one of us. A rock-solid conservative American.
The friends he keeps tell us a whole different story. Guys like Charles Bass, a man - a "moderate" - like so many who spent too many years in Washington, want to mold their Republican Party in the image of ... the Democratic Party, and are willing to drive the loyal base out in order to do so.
A winning strategy? You decide.
* I should make this clear too. I'm not a Republican.

Get A Pencil. Take Notes.

For you rank amateur editorialists out there (you know who you and you are) who tried to further your left-wing agenda by attempting to associate the massacre of 32 innocent students and faculty on the Virginia Tech campus in April with that "gun show loophole" (despite the fact that the killer didn't purchase either of his weapons at gun shows), the New York Times this morning shows you how it's supposed to be done.

They, you see, avoid that obvious disconnect and instead link the effort to close the "loophole" with a larger issue - an accelerating momentum - perhaps known only to them - in Congress to bring guns under control and the carnage brought to an end:
Progress on Guns

It took too many years and too many deaths to persuade Congress to act, but President Bush is expected to sign into law today a measure that will make it harder for people with a history of dangerous mental illness to purchase firearms. That is good news, but there is more work to be done.

This important step forward owes much to the efforts of two New York Democrats: Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Carolyn McCarthy. They first tried to pass the measure in 2002, after a gunman, whose mental history should have blocked his purchase of a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle, walked into a Long Island church and gunned down a priest and a parishioner.

Having taken this much-needed step, the gun lobby should now join with gun control advocates to close another dangerous loophole: the one that permits nonlicensed dealers to sell firearms at gun shows without conducting any background check whatsoever. There is no principled reason gun show sales should be exempt, and the loophole poses a serious threat to public safety.

The N.R.A has so far successfully beaten back legislation to end the gun show loophole. It should not take another horrific attack by a mad gunman to change anyone’s mind. This time the N.R.A., Congress and President Bush should do the right thing — before more lives are needlessly lost. (

The New York Times was able to "wave the bloody shirt," but didn't come across as callous and insensitive - or boneheaded - by bringing up the Virginia Tech massacre.

A lesson in quality advocacy journalism to be learned and adopted.

The Elephant In The Room

A public hospital in Atlanta, according to a lengthy article appearing in this morning's New York Times (see "A Safety-Net Hospital Falls Into Financial Crisis"), is threatened with shutdown because of an accumulating debt problem. The Times says the hospital's woes are "emblematic of the crippling effect America’s health care crisis has had on public hospitals around the nation."

But it's not until the 19th paragraph that we get to the nub of the real issue plaguing this and many other health care providers around the country - uninsured illegal aliens.

First, about the hospital's impending demise:
A Safety-Net Hospital Falls Into Financial Crisis
By Shaila Dewan and Kevin Sack, The New York Times

Like tens of thousands of Atlantans over the last 115 years — like Gladys Knight, the soul singer, and Vernon Jordan Jr., the presidential confidante; like more than one in three babies born here in the last decade — [Pamela] Vaughn entered the world at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the nation’s largest safety-net hospitals.

Ms. Vaughn was not only born at Grady, she also works there, as a senior nurse in the diabetes clinic, where many of her patients are Grady babies, too. And now, like thousands of other Atlantans, she is hoping to save the teeming charity hospital that has provided her with both life and livelihood.

To generations of Georgians, this city is unimaginable without Grady. Yet that has been the prospect facing the region for the last year, the result of a multimillion-dollar shortfall in the cost of providing charity and emergency care that no one — not the counties, the state nor the federal government — has been willing to cover, though Grady provides vital services to the entire region. (link)
So why is Grady Memorial Hospital struggling to survive after all these years? Well, it is certainly true that "the cost of caring for the uninsured and underinsured has grown while taxpayer support has stagnated." But there's another reason. A big , big reason.

Those 12,000,000 undocumented - and uninsured - aliens amongst us, many of whom have settled into the comfy confines of Atlanta, Georgia:
Virtually every aspect of Grady’s operations has come under scrutiny: its nine neighborhood clinics, its subsidized pharmacy, its care for Atlanta’s growing population of illegal immigrants, even its 60-year-old governance structure. Some have suggested that Grady must compete for paying customers in Atlanta’s fierce medical marketplace, while others say that taxpayers should contribute more to continue its mission. (my emphasis)
There was a time when we required immigrants to have employment secured before they could obtain residency in this country. But that was back when we had an immigration policy that was in force - and enforced. Now we have thousands of illegals without the means to support themselves flooding across our southern borders each day, requiring free care, free food, and free housing. The outcome was so predictable.

Want illegals to receive quality health care in our neighborhood hospitals? Want to keep health care facilities from closing their doors?

Get out your wallet. America is finally tapped out.

'Polls Say: Cry'

Much has been reported about Hillary's emotional breakdown yesterday. What hasn't been - and won't be - is the fact that it was predicted in advance.

The Anchoress last week:

What I dread most in this political season is the “genuine” moment - and it is coming, soon, sometime between today and tomorrow, or tomorrow and New Hampshire - when Mrs. Clinton, in her ongoing effort to turn herself into whatever the polls says she must be, cries in public. It’s going to be genuinely ghastly.
Does Hillary deserve our sympathy? Would you feel sorry for that cute little rattlesnake that curled up in bed with you and had to be killed?

There was a brief period, when Bill was caught defiling the Oval Office with an underage female employee, that I might have felt sorry for this snake. But it didn't take long, as she was presented with the news and she started spewing denunciations of those on Bill's enemies list instead of seeking support or kicking Bill's ass, that that sympathy evaporated. Forever.

I don't feel sorry for her. And I don't want her to be my president. Here's a hanky.

- - -

Mickey Kaus cuts the woman no slack either:
'I'm just so upset that someone who's not ready from day one might lead our country': Crying! Why didn't she think of that before? ... Update: Phony or not? Well, it seems studied, if effective. And Hillary does manage to work in her talking points.

Into The Pantheon of Political Heroes ...

Well, let's see. We can do something about the looming budget crisis (a crisis of Biblical proportions).

Or we can come up with a meaningless apology for something someone we don't know did to others we don't know and had nothing to do with.

New Jersey Apologizes for Slavery

Is it true that Democrats run the Garden State?

A slavery apology. While Trenton burns ...