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Monday, January 21, 2008

Kilgore Makes The Case

An undeniable truth: The livelihood of many a Southwest Virginian depends on coal. To the many - and thus to most of the rest of us - that fact overrides any theoretical arguments put forth by clearly cowed and biased global warming "scientists" and muddle-headed editorial writers. Hands down.

Still, environmental concerns exist. And must be dealt with.

To that end, Delegate Terry Kilgore (R-Lee County) gives voice in this morning's Bristol Herald-Courier to that which many of us believe and hold dear:
Newspaper is wrong about coal-burning power plant

On June 4, 2006, the editorial staff [of the Herald-Courier] wrote, "... Naysayers doubt any coal-fired power plant can be a good neighbor or a rational solution to the nation’s energy needs. They are wrong. … Dominion’s planned Virginia City power plant must meet all of these [environmental] strictures. If it does not, the federal government will not
issue the required permits. It’s play by the rules or no plant."

The editorial continued, "This heavy regulation is an important safeguard for Wise County and rest of the region. No one wants to see the region’s air choked with smog or its mountains leveled, even in exchange for jobs and heady boost to the tax base. Fortunately, the power plant project doesn’t require such a trade-off."

I couldn’t agree more with that assessment; it was true then and now. To get a permit, it will have to pass federal and state regulators.

If this project is approved by regulators, it will be one of the cleanest coal-fired facilities in the United States. Dominion officials, from the bottom to the top, have assured me and others in the delegation that this facility will meet or exceed National Ambient Air Quality Standards and Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality limits under the Clean Air Act. It is important to note that these standards include protections on public health – the health of sensitive populations such as asthmatics, children and the elderly.

It is extremely important to note that I live in Southwest Virginia with my wife and kids – I would not want to cause undue harm to them, my constituents or anyone else for that matter. I am 100 percent confident that Dominion will be a responsible company in our region. (link)
Thanks, Terry. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Disband The Legislature

I know I wrote the other day that as long as our august lawmakers were focusing their attention on such pressing issues as bull balls, cats' rights, and the misuse of herbs, we'd be better off, since they would then have no time to devote to raising our taxes. But they're getting carried away.

Here's a story (for the love of God) about some state delegate's kid getting injured in a baseball game and said delegate wants to pass a law so that injuries in baseball never happen again.

On deck: proposal to ban aluminum bats
A Norfolk lawmaker says using wooden bats in games at public high schools would be safer

By Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Pitching in a high school baseball game last year, junior George Miller was struck in the leg by a batted ball that was hit so hard he was taken to the emergency room.

He was not seriously injured. But his mother, Del. Paula J. Miller, D-Norfolk, was so alarmed that she came to Richmond this year with a bill to ban the use of aluminum bats in games at Virginia's public high schools.

Miller, a self-described "baseball mom," said she has seen studies showing that the ball flies off aluminum bats faster than wooden bats, giving players less time to react. But she said she had no statistics to show whether metal bats are more dangerous.

"Safety in Virginia should be a priority, rather than waiting for some tragedy," she said. (link)
On that "waiting for some tragedy" thing, I should mention this little bit of history:

The game of baseball predates Virginia being a state. In fact, having been invented, as best anyone can tell, in 1744, America's favorite pastime is older than America itself. And - hold on to yourself - in the 264 years since its creation, there have been no recorded "tragedies" resulting from the use of aluminum bats. Zero.

But why wait for another millenium to pass without some do-gooder Democrat stepping in and preventing a "tragedy" from occurring sometime before the Second Coming of Christ.

As they say, one can't be too safe. So many tragedies; so little time ...

- - -

And to go along with all the tragedies, we are inundated with nasty threats.


Drought hurt some of Va.'s crops in '07

Racist Speaks Today In Harrisonburg

Juian Bond Speaks Today In Harrisonburg

We Are Winning The Hearts & Minds

I've always said it was never about Roe v. Wade. And that overturning the Supreme Court's most memorable attempt at legislating, in the end, is unimportant. It's not about constitutional amendments.

What's important is winning the hearts of America's young women. Once they're captured, the law will conform.

On that level, the most important level, we are succeeding:

Generation Next moves beyond abortions
By Daniel Allott, The Washington Times

• A Harris Poll found 55 percent of "young adults" opposed "abortion rights," making 18-30 year-olds the age cohort most likely to oppose abortion.

• A survey of 30,000 Missourians found the percentage of "strongly pro-life" teenagers and young adults under 30 years old increased 13 percentage points, from 23 percent to 36 percent, between 1992 and 2006, while self-identified "strongly pro-choice" Missourians under 30 dropped 21 percentage points, from 39 percent to 18 percent.

• A June New York Times/CBS News/MTV poll found a substantial majority (62 percent) of 17- to 29-year-olds felt abortion should either "not be permitted" (24 percent) or "more strictly limited" (38 percent) than it is now.

• A University of California-Los Angeles poll found the share of female college freshmen who supported abortion fell from 68 percent in 1992 to 53 percent in 2004.

• A Hamilton College poll of high school seniors found 72 percent of female students said they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant, and only 13 percent said they would counsel a pregnant friend to consider an abortion.

This sea change in abortion views among America's youth has helped produce ... a steady decline — 40 percent among states consistently reporting data — in minors' abortions since 1990. (link)
This all comes too late of course for the tens of millions of babies slaughtered in America's abortion clinics in recent decades. But better late than never.

- - -

See also "Movement Gets a Youthful Infusion" in this morning's Washington Post.

When Liberal Worlds Collide

If the future of my country weren't at stake, I'd find the warfare going on within the Democratc Party to be a real hoot.

Two headlines tell us all we need to know about politics on the left in 2008:

On Eve of King Holiday, Race Dominates Campaign

and ...

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

Meanwhile Republicans are talking about the economy, and illegal immigration, and the war on terror, and the subprime housing mess, and tax cuts, and social security ...

Another Movie Destined For The Trash Heap

Didn't Hollywood learn a lesson in 2007? Anti-America movies in time of war fail. And fail. And fail. And fail. And fail.

Guess not:
Oliver Doing Dubya Flick
New York Post Wire Services

January 21, 2008 -- Director Oliver Stone, who has made conspiracy-themed movies about Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, reportedly wants to make a film about George W. Bush.

Stone is in talks with "No Country For Old Men," star Josh Brolin to play the title role in "Bush," according to Daily Variety. He is shopping a script and hoping to release the flick by the November election or Inauguration Day. (link)
Whatever ...

Quote Of The Day

From Mark Levin:
As I understand Victor Davis Hanson’s position, those of us who believe John McCain will cause severe damage to the conservative movement and the Republican party should hush up, or at least calm down, for this electoral juggernaut, who has managed to get 33 percent of the vote in South Carolina (despite backing by most of the establishment there) and is strong on the war in Iraq. And if we continue to bring attention to those issues that concern us — which are not insignificant to anyone who has worked in conservative circles for nearly 40 years — then we will destroy the party and Hillary Clinton will win, thereby losing the war on terror. VDH is neither the first nor will he be the last to make this case.

With all due respect, this is absurd on many levels.
"Speak Up! " National Review Online, January 20, 2008

Fake But Accurate

Another day. More media deceit. Deemed harmless of course. It's the media.

The Heavy Hand Of Government

It's not just the business establishments that want to be inviting to smokers.

This abuse of power is outrageous.

At one time, it was also un-American.

These people must be stopped.

So It's NOT Global Warming

I read just the other day some alarmist decrying the reduction of the ice cap in Antarctica and the reason for it. Little did she know (that term should be tattooed on their foreheads) it had nothing to do with Al Gore's favorite schtick:
Antarctic volcanoes identified as a possible culprit in glacier melting
By Kenneth Chang, International Herald Tribune

Another factor might be contributing to the thinning of some of the Antarctica's glaciers: volcanoes.

In an article published Sunday on the Web site of the journal Nature Geoscience, Hugh Corr and David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey report the identification of a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards frozen within an ice sheet in western Antarctica.

"This is the first time we have seen a volcano beneath the ice sheet punch a hole through the ice sheet" in Antarctica, Vaughan said. (link)
Guess this means we're not all going to die from global warming.

We're going to die from drowning! Aaaaggghhh!!!!!