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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stick To The Script

I just shook my head when I read this in the Roanoke Times this morning:
Where there's smoke there needn't be fire
Virginia should require slightly safer cigarettes.

Nearly half of the states ... have created fire-safety standards for cigarettes. Meeting the standards usually requires manufacturers to use paper that self-extinguishes when someone discards a burning cigarette. It doesn't prevent every fire, but it reduces their number.

In 2006, unattended smoking material ignited more than 150 residential fires in Virginia. Four people died; more than a dozen were injured. Damage totaled more than $4 million.

A few bills introduced in the General Assembly would adopt safety standards for the commonwealth similar to those in other states. They have bipartisan support and even the backing of large cigarette manufacturers. Indeed, some of the big tobacco companies already are transitioning to the safer products. They seek a level playing field and consistency from state to state.

Virginia should give that to them and make accidental fires less likely. (link)
A problem worthy of a government solution. Just what the Times looks for.

But wait. If these geniuses were serious about saving lives - yes, you can consider me dubious - what about this very next paragraph?
Not that this change would have more than a trivial effect on smoking-related deaths. Tobacco companies don't want their customers to burn to death, but they are content killing off Americans at a rate in excess of 400,000 smokers per year.
400,000 people (or 400,004 if we include those described above who died as a result of "unattended smoking material igniting" here in Virginia) are going to croak and we're worried about cigarette wrappers? Hell, more people die from heart attacks during bowel movements each year.

Worry about the precarious future of our way of life! Civilization is threatened! We're dying like flies out here by the hundreds of thousands and you're majoring in the minors! Get your heads out of your a***es.

Sheesh. I need a cigarette.

The View Of Those Who Choose To Be Victims

I find this exchange between a pro-gun rights advocate and an anti-gun bystander at yesterday's "Lie-In" in Richmond to be enlightening. And utterly appalling.

From "Va. Tech families urge gun control":
Colin Goddard, who survived despite being shot four times by [Seung-hui] Cho, was taken aback when a member of the Firearms Coalition approached him and said students could have stopped the rampage if they were allowed to carry handguns on campus.

"I would have stopped him," Jeff Knox, director of operations for the Manassas-based group told Mr. Goddard. "Because when I went to school, I carried a gun. It was legal, I did it."

Mr. Goddard responded quickly.

"I feel sorry for you — the fact that you feel you need to protect yourself in every situation," the Virginia Tech senior said. "You're afraid of crazy situations happening. I've lived through this, and I know that I can't continue in my life afraid of things. Things are going to happen out of my control.

"There are people within our society who we deem capable and correct, our police forces who are supposed to protect us — and I put my full trust in them."

"I was one of the people who were lying down when [the shootings] happened," Mr. Goddard said. "So I've done my lying down."
On April 16, 2007 Colin Goddard was lying down on the floor in a classroom in Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus; defenseless.

He was shot four times at point-blank range by a crazed sociopath.

He trusts the police to protect him.

The same police that were there to protect him the first time around.

And he feels sorry for the man who chooses to not be a victim.

For the love of God.

The Other Side Of The Story

The rabidly liberal and avowedly anti-gun Roanoke Times, in reporting the "Lie-In" demonstration in Richmond yesterday (see "Passions run high on gun show loophole") chose to accompany the piece with two AP photos (in its on-line version of the paper) this morning.

This ... ... was meant to be reinforced by the shot of "bodies" strewn on the capital lawn:

For the sake of balance, I thought it worth showing another more poignant photo, also from AP, also from the "Lie-In" yesterday:

The lesson learned - or, regrettably, not learned - at Virginia Tech.

Photos coutesy of AP.

click on images to enlarge.

Because We Like Santa's Gifts

Earmarks Seen Likely to Continue

What Do You Expect?

She couldn't control his penis. How is she going to keep him from hurting her campaign?

But that invites the question: How is Hillary Clinton going to control Osama bin Ladin?

The Emmett Hanger Effect

For those of you not familiar with the name, Emmett Hanger is the liberal Republican state senator from Augusta County, Virginia who owes his reelection to the fact that Democrats were allowed to vote in the GOP primary last June. Hanger, very unpopular witihin his own party ranks because of his penchant for routinely joining the other side in Richmond in taxing and spending beyond our means, appealed to enough crossover voters to gain the nomination - and ultimately the general election - over a much more popular conservative Republican.

As bizarre as it may appear, we now have an elected official in Richmond with more of a following within the party that is supposed to be his opposition.

I bring that up for a good reason. A not completely remote possibility of the same thing occurring on the national stage.

What if John McCain gets the Republican nomination for president? *

Rush Limbaugh may have reached the same conclusion I did long ago.

Believe me, the NONE OF THE ABOVE lever is a viable election option that I have used in the past (how is President Dole doing, by the way?) and will if forced to again.

- - -

* Exit polls in recent primaries are showing McCain doing reasonably well among independents and Democrats but less so among Republicans, and horrendously among conservatives.

'I Have a Dream That All God's Childr ...zzzzzzz

Bill Clinton sleeps while others celebrate Martin Luther King's life and accomplishments.

This is too funny:

It gets so boring listening to little people drone on and on about mere mortals. Eh, Bill?