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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Freedoms Are Safe For Another Day

I have to tell you, I burst out laughing when I read the first sentence of this article about the showdown in Richmond that took place yesterday over that mythical "gun show loophole":

Panel rejects closure of gun-show loophole
By Larry O'Dell, The Washington Times

The heartbroken families of the Virginia Tech shooting victims suffered a second and probably final legislative defeat yesterday in their bid to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from buying firearms at gun shows. (link)
Now there's objective reporting for you. Why this O'Dell character didn't conclude that sentence with ... "paving the way for the slaughter of untold numbers of children and cuddly little kittens ..." I don't know.

Ever been to a gun show? Rife with criminals and the mentally ill. Yes?

The same criminals and mentally ill who, by the tens of thousands (well, maybe a small handful, if they could find them; the exhaustive search continues), have been found to have committed crimes with firearms purchased at gun shows.

That sentence is what we call hyperbole (extravagant exaggeration). In a news article, no less.

With that out of my system, here's the news that this dude was attempting to report:

The Courts of Justice Committee voted 9-6 yesterday to reject legislation closing the so-called gun-show loophole, then sent the measure to the Virginia State Crime Commission for a year of study. Because a House committee last week rejected similar legislation, the issue appears to be dead for this General Assembly session.

The bill would have required private sellers to obtain criminal background checks on buyers at gun shows, just as federally licensed dealers must do.
That term - private sellers - is a euphemism (an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive), by the way, for criminals and the mentally ill otherwise known as law-abiding American citizens. You and me.

So we win one. Let freedom reign. For another day.

But be vigilant. Those who are hell-bent on robbing you of the most precious right you have been afforded - the right to protect yourself when criminals and the mentally ill intend to do you and yours bodily harm - will be back. Be there to meet them head-on.

- - -

Special Note: Let it be recorded that Senator Creigh Deeds (D-Bath County), who, according to the NRA, claims to be a solid supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, as did his mentor, our governor, who made the same outlandish declaration when he was seeking the governorship, voted in favor of restricting our 2nd Amendment rights.

It's rumored that Deeds intends to be our governor. We'll see about that.

- - -

Special Note II: Let it also be noted that Senators John Edwards (D-Roanoke) and Roscoe Reynolds (D-Henry County) defied their party and their governor, and voted to preserve our rights. Thanks, Roscoe and John.

Want To Make It a Threebee?

It appears that the Democrats' effort to bring government-funded child health care to upper-middle class adults has failed again:
Bush's Second Child Insurance Veto Stands in House
By Christopher Lee, Washington Post Staff Writer

House Democrats failed for the second time in nearly four months yesterday to override President Bush's veto of a proposed $35 billion expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

The 260 to152 tally left backers of the legislation about 15 votes short of the two-thirds majority of lawmakers voting necessary to override the president's Dec. 12 veto. Forty-two Republicans supported the override attempt, two fewer than in the previous effort to reject Bush's Oct. 3 veto of an earlier version of the bill. (link)
This can't set well with the Democrats. Every issue, it seems, is now going against them. Maybe the war will take a turn for the worse and cheer them up.

Not That It Really Matters ...

... since his candidacy is toast anyway, but there may be something to this:
Huckabee alienates GOP in Arkansas
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

For the 10 years he was governor of Arkansas, Mr. Huckabee was at war with much of his party.

Now that Mr. Huckabee is seeking the presidential nomination, many Arkansas Republicans warn that he could wage a bruising battle with the national party, too. (link)
At war with his fellow Republicans. I envision a McCain-Huckabee ticket.

What Part Of YOU LOST Do They Not Get?

The Republicans were driven from power in 2006 in large part because of their inability to control wasteful spending in the form of earmarks. And what did they learn from their humiliating defeat?

Only that there are still a few Republicans remaining to secure more earmarks, it appears:

GOP Porkers Guard Trough
By Robert D. Novak, The New York Post

January 24, 2008 -- When House Republicans convene behind closed doors today at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., they have a chance to make two bold moves to restore their reputation for fiscal responsibility. First, they could declare a one-year moratorium on GOP congressional earmarks.

Instead, the retreat is likely to adopt some limitation on earmarks with no public impact and exerting no pressure on the earmark-happy Democratic majority.

Staring into a '08 election abyss, Republicans lost credibility as upholders of lean government by sponsoring profligate pork-barrel spending during 12 years in the congressional majority and haven't reformed since the '06 Democratic takeover. The message out of West Virginia this week will be business as usual. (

You'd think they would have learned ...

Something To Ponder

If you loved the Clinton years, stick around. Bill may soon be in charge of things again. Though you may be looking forward to it, it proves to be a frightening thought to liberal New York Times columnist Gail Collins:
Editing Hillary’s Story

The implicit promise of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy was that she had learned from Clinton I. In her, Americans would have a candidate who had been in the very center of White House decision-making. And the very fact that so much had gone wrong was added value. She is nothing if not a good learner, and — the story went — she had discovered at great price where all the landmines lay, both in the presidency and her own character. And she had forged a separate political identity in seven years in the Senate. During an era when the challenges to a new president could be sudden and overwhelming — and here Hillary isn’t ashamed to play the terror card — she was uniquely prepared to hit the ground running and achieve the greatest do-over in American history.

Now, Bill’s role as Chief Attack Dog undermines all that. If he’s all over her campaign, he’s going to be all over her administration. Instead of the original promise of the thoroughly educated Hillary, we’re being offered the worst-case scenario — that the pair of them are going to return to Pennsylvania Avenue and recreate the old Clinton chaos. (link)
"He's going to be all over her administration." Can anyone doubt it?

Even those on the left want no part of it.

Marching Orders

The New York Times this morning is telling the Democrats in Congress who their next target for character assassination is to be:
Justice Nomination Seen as Snub to Democrats
By Philip Shenon and Eric Lichtblau, The New York Times

Washington — The Justice Department lawyer who wrote a series of classified legal opinions in 2005 authorizing harsh C.I.A. interrogation techniques was renominated by the White House on Wednesday to a senior department post, a move that was seen as a snub to Senate Democrats who have long opposed his appointment.

The lawyer, Steven G. Bradbury, who has run the department’s Office of Legal Counsel without Senate confirmation for more than two years, has been repeatedly nominated to the job of assistant attorney general for legal counsel. (link)
Bradbury, an underpaid servant of the people, will soon wish he'd never been born.

Hillary's Plan For America

As the Soviets taught us in the 30's (a history class that the Democrats' soon-to-be nominee failed to pay attention in), government control of the means and distribution of production never has the ends desired. Never ...

Venezuelan troops seize food
One News

Venezuela's top food company has accused troops of illegally seizing more than 500 tonnes of food from its trucks as part of President Hugo Chavez's campaign to stem shortages.

The leftist Chavez this week created a state food distributor and loosened some price controls, seeking to end months of shortages for staples like milk and eggs that have caused long lines and upset his supporters in the OPEC nation.

Troops said they halted the transport of 350 tonnes of food to states along the Colombian border on suspicion of smuggling, he said.

Another 165 tonnes were impounded in an eastern state on accusations of hoarding, he added. (link)

While the store shelves are bare, food is being confiscated by the government. In a fabulously oil-rich country. The kind of meddling that Hillary is more than prepared to involve herself in should she be put in charge.

I pity the Venezuelans. I fear for my country.

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