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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Point To Consider

With all the hysteria flying around regarding that mythical "gun show loophole," it's worth your time to know what the hand-wringing is about. The Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning (in "Loaded Question") provides a bit of context:

What, exactly, is an unlicensed dealer? News reports note that as many as a third of the vendors at gun shows don't have gun-dealer licenses. That's because they're not selling guns; vendors peddle everything from beef jerky treats to bone-handled Bowie knives. Licensed gun dealers at gun shows sell large numbers of guns as a business, just as automobile dealers sell large numbers of cars to earn a living. "Unlicensed dealers" are, apparently, those individuals who might occasionally sell a gun or two from their private collections. Using the loaded language of gun-control activists, then, would anyone who sells a car through the classified ads qualify as an "unlicensed car dealer"?
Last time I was at a gun show, I remember passing by a booth offering athletic socks. Was that vendor one of those infamous "unlicensed dealers?" Does it even matter to those who simply want guns banned and who use this "loophole" as an excuse to achieve that end?

Thanks, Times-Dispatch, for injecting some reality into the discussion.

- - -

A good example of the confusion that exists can be seen in this Bristol Herald-Courier editorial. I'd recommend that the ignoramuses who pontificate on such matters actually visit a gun show (like this one being held tomorrow up in Salem). They might then have some attachment to reality and have a clue as to that which they criticize.

Guess The Busybody

Here's the headline from Drudge. Guess which political party the lawmaker is affiliated with:

Lawmaker in New Mexico: Tax TVs, video games to fight fat...

You'll not need two guesses.

What's This 'Urge' Nonsense?

If you as a Republican lawmaker believe that earmarks are wasteful and make for bad public policy, don't use them. Calling on "the other guys" to eliminate them as well is nothing more than an insult to our intelligence.

This, upon careful reading, looks to me like ... same old, same old:
House Republicans Urge Earmark Moratorium
By Robert Pear, The New York Times

Washington —House Republicans called on Friday for “an immediate moratorium” on earmarking money for pet projects. They urged Democrats to join them in establishing a bipartisan panel to set strict new standards for such spending.

As an interim step, House Republican leaders said, they will insist that all House Republicans follow standards to eliminate “wasteful pork-barrel spending.”

Republicans set forth their intentions in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (link)
What these fellas are signaling is the fact that they can't - or won't - stop earmarking unless the Democrats do the same. Which is tantamount to saying "Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth."

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to our two-party system.

You Gotta Admit It's Creative

When Environmentalist Worlds Collide

A tree hugger vs. a solar power-ist. One side has to lose. Too bad.

The Soft Bigotry Of Emptymindedness

A story about one of those open-minded liberals we hear about from northern Virginia:

Hundreds of activists on both sides of the gun control debate crammed into the General Assembly's office building Monday to lobby for or against measures addressing the issue.

Many of the gun rights activists were armed, which is legal under Virginia's concealed weapons law. The spectacle of armed men and women trolling the halls of the General Assembly makes some lawmakers nervous, especially those who represent areas of the state that generally support gun control.

John Pierce, cofounder of Open Carry.org, said he and other activists got into the same elevator as Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) at one point on Monday.

According to Pierce, Saslaw said "I see we're debating a gun bill. Half of the cast of 'Deliverance' is in town," a reference to the 1972 movie about a group of friends who survive a canoe trip in rural Georgia.

In an interview today, Saslaw didn't deny he made the remark. But he added, "How do they know I was referring to them and not the other side? I never said anything other than we must be debating the gun bill. I never said which side. Some of those people must have one hell of an inferiority complex."

Tim Craig, "Dueling Banjos," The Washington Post, January 24, 2008

Hat tip to Alton and Charlie

They Are Blind To The Truth

They were so close. Losing the war was in their grasp. Then they saw it slip away. Dramatically. Precipitately.

Or not.

Leftist columnist Joe Conason, writing in the New York Observer:
As America marks the first anniversary of the troop escalation in Iraq, at least one thing has become clear. Although the “surge” is failing as policy, it seems to be succeeding as propaganda.
As you might imagine, the benchmark that Conason and his ilk used not long ago to gauge progress in Iraq - casualties - no longer matters. It's now about Sunnis and Shia putting down the swords they've held for centuries and hugging one another. That hasn't happened. Therefore the war is still a hopeless failure.

Give it up, Joe. America won. You lost.

Deja Vu All Over Again

I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared for this:

Bill Clinton again wagging finger, raising eyebrows

The accompanying photo ...

... reminded me so much of this unforgettable moment in America's history:

Like that pimple on your butt that just won't go away ...