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Saturday, February 02, 2008

LaRouchies Paulites?

If you're not familiar with political activist Lyndon LaRouche and his cadre of loyal LaRouchies, you should be. Not so much for what they believe(d), but for how vehemently they believed it. Can the followers of this Marxist/Trotskyist-turned Hamiltonian purist be found in the band of true believers who pop up here and there and proclaim the superiority of thought of ... Ron Paul?

This gets a little weird:
At McCain Speech, a Paul Rally Breaks Out
By Juliet Eilperin, writing in the Washington Post's "The Trail"

St. Louis -- Everything about Arizona senator John McCain's appearance in an airport hangar here Friday was predictable: the stump speech, the well-worn jokes and the warm-up speakers who spoke of how well-prepared McCain was to confront terrorists who threaten the American way of life.

Everything, that is, except for the supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) who showed up.

Sure, you may have seen them on street corners and heard them cheer on their candidate in debates.

But they made a serious impression at McCain's rally, including by waving handmade signs declaring "The Media is Bias" (as opposed to "biased") and "McCain is a Democrat." (link)
The article refers to the Paul supporters at McCain's rally as being "Paulites." History repeating itself? True Believers? Has Lyndon LaRouche endorsed a candidate yet?

The Tide Also Lowers All Boats

Barack Obama (not to mention his increasingly fawning media) may proclaim himself to be a new kind of Democrat, but he sure comes across in his pronouncements as being the same old same old.

On the subject of economics: The "income gap" is a favorite topic among all liberals. And yesterday, Obama proved himself to be at least that. A liberal that is. With all that that implies.

So how does Mr. Sunshine propose to close that gap? By raising the income levels of America's poor and middle class? Nope. Like every other Democrat since Lyndon Johnson, he vows to reduce the incomes of those at the top:
Closing Income Gap Tops Obama’s Agenda for Economic Change
By David Leonhardt, The New York Times

Wichita, Kan. — Senator Barack Obama says the top priority of the next president should be to create a more lasting and equitable prosperity than achieved by either President Bush in the current decade or even Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

If elected, Mr. Obama said he would to try to forge a popular mandate for policy changes that could reverse a generation of slow wage growth and outlast any one administration. At the top of his list would be shifting the tax burden more toward the wealthy and making investments — in health care, alternative-energy research and education — that would cost a significant amount of money but could ultimately lift economic growth.

“The project of the next president is figuring out how do you create bottom-up economic growth, as opposed to the trickle-down economic growth that George Bush has been so enamored with,” Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, said. (link)
This is what we call Eat The Rich economic policy.

Name for me an instance in human history where government, having confiscated earnings from one class of its people and redistributed it to another, created wealth (for either). Actually, don't bother even trying. It's never happened, though the Soviets tried real hard to make it happen.

This pronouncement of Obama's tells me the guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to economics. He simply has the same tired, discredited ideas that his brethren have espoused for forty years.

Which means to me that he'll do well in the upcoming Democratic primaries. May God help the rest of us.

Back On The Streets

Should an admitted child rapist - or attempted rapist to be exact - be allowed probation because he is "emotionally immature," had a rough childhood, and struggles with a low IQ? A Massachusetts judge thought so. And a six-year old boy has paid the most horrendous price for that judge's kind heart, and weak mind:
Sex Offender Accused of Raping Boy, 6, in Public Library
By Katie Zezima, The New York Times

Boston — A convicted sex offender was arrested this week and charged with raping a 6-year-old boy in the New Bedford public library, feet away from his mother, who was working on a computer.

The suspect, Corey Saunders, 26, had pleaded guilty to attempted rape of a child in 2001, but was released from prison in 2006 over the strong objections of prosecutors and psychiatrists.

The police said Mr. Saunders lured the boy into the library’s book shelves on Wednesday.

Judge Richard Moses of Superior Court had ruled in December 2006 that prosecutors did not prove in a civil commitment hearing that Mr. Saunders was a sexually dangerous person and that he should be held in a treatment program after his sentence was completed. Instead, Mr. Saunders received probation and was required to register as a Class 3, or high risk, sex offender.

In his ruling, Judge Moses wrote that Mr. Saunders was “far from emotionally mature” at the time of his offense, and that his difficult childhood and low I.Q. were mitigating factors in the decision. (link)
The prosecutor in the earlier case said this about the now-repeat offender:

“I was D.A. for 16 years and I put [Saunders] in the top 10 most dangerous offenders. Everybody knew this guy was just another incident waiting to happen.”

The judge ignored the prosecutor's admonition as well as many warnings. And now a little boy has been raped.

What's the proper punishment, I wonder, for that judge?

More On Brattleboro

Cold Fury has the latest on that town full of loons up in Vermont that has placed on the local ballot a "symbolic" call for the arrest of President Bush and Vice President Cheney:
"Town officials say the petition that led to ballot measure complied with the law. Petition organizers say the measure was symbolic."

And your callers say the measure was idiotic. Typically silly left-wing fantasy. Childish and pathetic. Stupidly pointless. Y’know, progressive.
Ain't it the truth. Read the whole thing.

'Hungry Is A Country?'

This is funny. Or pathetic. I don't know.

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