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Monday, February 11, 2008

You Haven't Lived ...

... until you live cower in fear in a home that perches precariously on the side of a mountain and hurricane-force winds come ripping through. I now know what a lab rat in a wind tunnel feels:

Winds rip region, knock out power

Oddly, both my children who live in and around Roanoke had their electricity go out yesterday (Jodi's is still out). Ours stayed on throughout (knock on wood). Guess Jesus likes us better.

Our Public Schools Figured This Out Long Ago

Make the tests easier:

Remedy sought for low scores in state's nursing programs

Or improve the methods, effectiveness, and performance of the schools involved. Whichever works.

Has The Cato Institute Taken Over The Gazette?

Color me skeptical. Still ...

The kids over at the Charleston (WV) Gazette never met a law or government regulation that they didn't find appealing. And today we read this (in an editorial - "Potpourri")?

Many politicians vow to create jobs, boost manufacturing, curb inflation, and otherwise guide the economy. When good times arrive, they're praised. Or if bad times hit, they're blamed. But, in truth, the economy is a monster machine that drives itself, and politicians can do little to affect it. This point was underscored last week by Newsweek columnist Robert Samuelson, who wrote: "We have a $14 trillion economy. The idea that presidents can control it lies between an exaggeration and an illusion."
This time, by God, they're right. Perhaps for the first time ever.

Maybe now they could pass that message along to the Democratic frontrunner in the race for president - the man who has promised
everything - including the kitchen sink - to voters in recent weeks.

This commercial pretty much says it all. Got a problem? Obama gotta solution:

The short of it: Barack Obama is going to create "jobs AND opportunity." What a guy.

Any bets on whether the Gazette endorses the man anyway?

I love people who live by their principles ...

A Reasonable Suggestion ...

... offered up to your run-of-the-mill - and typically unreasonable - anti-smoking nazi.

First, the nazi:

Fuming on stalled bans on smoking
By Michael Paul Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch Columnist

The House of Delegates, where Republicans hold the majority, defeated bills last week that would ban smoking in restaurants. Such bans are still in play in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, has proposed the ban. But why is this a partisan issue?

Don't offer me another specious argument against government interference, as if it's an inalienable right for people to blow smoke up my nose.

How about my rights to clear lungs, or clothing that doesn't require dry cleaning after a visit to a restaurant or bar?

"Freedom" has become another word for "selfish" in our society. But should diners have to expose themselves to risk because of someone's imaginary "right" to spark up a cigarette? (link)

I love that horse shit about smokers being selfish. Like this moron who wants smokers banned from every eatery in the land is Mr. Magnanimous.

You don't want smoke going up your nose, Mike? There are all sorts of restaurants and taverns - the vast majority here in Virginia in fact - where your intolerance - your selfishness - holds sway and smoking is prohibited by the proprietors thereof. So why are your undies in a bunch? Why don't you simply patronize those establishments and avoid the ones that cater to clientele that you choose to not be near?

Perhaps because it isn't about your nose at all, except in the sense that it persists in being out of joint over a problem that shouldn't be a problem at all, and one that allows for a simple solution.

Go where you're appreciated. Where you feel comfortable. Where the atmosphere is to your liking. Go where the intolerant elite meet to eat.

But you should at least try to be more accepting of other points of view, Mr. Civil Rights Advocate. Your call for a certain segment of American society to be treated like second-class citizens is somehow beneath you.

These People Are Mental

How else to explain the thought process that results in this head-scratching disconnect from all reality:
How Many More Warnings?
New York Times editorial

Even with families victimized in the Virginia Tech massacre looking on, lawmakers in Virginia lined up like clay pigeons for the gun lobby last month to block legislation that would have closed the state’s notorious gun-show loophole. That means that anyone — ex-felons and deranged citizens included — can continue to buy firearms at laissez-faire “sportsmen” shows. (link)
All of Virginia was looking on as well, in bemusement, wondering what the Virginia Tech massacre - the one these geniuses keep bringing up, thinking it makes some point - had to do, in any way, with gun shows.

I know it's all they have to work with but this silly argument - "deranged citizens" are buying weapons at gun shows - despite a complete lack of evidence to support the notion - is embarrassing. Stop it.


Obama Wins in Maine; Clinton Replaces Her Campaign Manager

The Godless ...

... and their presidential candidate.

'Classic' Actor Dies

There are a few actors on earth who could make me want to see a movie just because he was in it. One of those few was Roy Scheider. He'll be missed:
'Jaws' star Roy Scheider dead at 75: hospital

Roy Scheider, best known for his role as the heroic police chief in classic 1975 movie "Jaws," died on Sunday aged 75, hospital officials confirmed.

The veteran actor died at the University for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas, a hospital spokesman said. No cause of death or further information was immediately available.

Scheider's acting career spanned five decades and included two Oscar nominations for his performances in 1971's crime thriller "The French Connection" and 1979's "All That Jazz." (link)

One of the good guys.