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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where's Boucher?

I know this looks bad but not to worry. Your 9th District representative has the situation under control:

Time to invest in Virginia's bridges
Bristol Herald Courier editorial

Southwest Virginia’s 368 substandard and defective bridges aren’t a safety hazard – at least not yet.

The Virginia Department of Transportation recently released its bridge report card. Each of the state’s 20,838 bridges and culverts earned a grade; 1,746 – including the 368 subpar spans in this region – didn’t pass.

And Southwest Virginia seems to have more than its share of needy bridges. Scott County, alone, has 68 deficient bridges – the most of any local entity. Washington County comes in next at 49.

The problem, of course, comes down to money. (link)
Yes. Money that had been allocated back in 2005 to be exact. $295,000,000,000 of it to be exact.

Oh wait. Our portion of that bridge repair money went to that Blue Ridge Music Center instead. About which our congressman is mighty proud.

What was that about substandard and defective bridges again?

I hope you don't have far to drive to see them boys a'pickin' and a'grinnin' over in Galax.

A Man Who Transcends Party

Badrose has a post up this morning calling on all Virginians to rally around the nomination of former Delegate Barnie Day for the open position on the State Corporation Commission. I second that motion. Mr. Day is a well-liked and respected member of the community and is considered by many to be the best candidate - among qualified candidates - for the position.

It's my understanding that a few Republicans are thinking of bringing in a man or woman of their persuasion for the post. Understandable. But not wise.

Mr. Day is the choice of Southside and Southwest Virginia. Let's make it happen.

- - -

Carl Kilo, and therefore all of Wise County, are behind the man as well.

- - -

The Roanoke Times editorial team this morning endorsed the candidacy of Barnie Day. They just don't realize it, or aren't revealing it.

On Taxes & Human Migration

Food for thought:
Politicians who think taxes don't matter might want to explain the Dakotas. North Dakota ranked second worst in out-migration last year, while South Dakota ranked in the top 10 as a destination. The two are similar in most regards, with one large difference: North Dakota has an income tax and South Dakota doesn't.

Here's another example. The only Pacific Coast state to lose migrant population in 2007 was California, which has the highest state income tax in the nation. This is the continuation of a dismal 10-year performance with nearly one and a half million Golden Staters leaving what was once the premier destination state in America.

Meanwhile, next door, Nevada was second among the states in new families -- and a big percentage of the new arrivals are Californians. Nevada has no income tax. High income Californians can buy a house in Las Vegas for the amount of money they save in three or four years by not paying California income taxes.
"States of Opportunity," The Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2008
Chart courtesy of United Van Lines and the WSJ.

Keep Your Daughters At Home Saturday

Bill Clinton scheduled to visit Abingdon on Saturday

I'm Conflicted

Rogersville teenager accidentally shot with stolen gun

Clinton Hopes to Rout Obama in Primaries

Obama Hopes to Rout Clinton in Primaries

A Degree Ain't What It Used To Be

The truth hurts:

Stop throwing tax dollars at well-funded colleges
Melanie Scarborough, The Examiner

The failure of secondary education means that a college degree is roughly the equivalent of what a high school diploma was a generation ago. Consequently, college instruction is not necessarily higher education; in many cases, it’s remedial, with universities having to teach freshmen basics they should have learned in ninth grade. Employers know that, which is why even the most menial of jobs now requires a college degree — spawning lower-tier state universities that are essentially seat-selling operations. (
I can vouch for that comment about employers, to a point. In the résumé review process, even many college degrees are worthless as far as I'm concerned. Equivalent to a GED.

The point made by the columnist: "Throwing money at schools that don’t need it to spend on students who don’t deserve it defines government waste."

- - -

Oh, by the way, a warning: If you attend(ed) Radford, you don't even want to read the article, assuming from that which is written that you can read the article.

- - -

Oh, by the way, an anecdote that is recounted in the column reminds me of something I read in the Roanoke Times the other day. First, the anecdote:

When a friend’s daughter was in town a couple of years ago visiting American University, where she had been accepted as a freshman, I showed the girl — a California native — the sights of Washington, D.C.

As we crossed the National Mall, she asked me what that big building was at the end. I told her it was the Capitol, and she asked, “What’s that?” I explained that was where Congress meets, and she asked, “What’s that?”

The girl was weeks away from graduating from a swank high school, had been accepted into a supposedly competitive university, is the daughter of parents with post-graduate degrees ... and she’d never heard of Congress.

I would have assumed she was an anomaly or blamed the California school system if I hadn’t heard similar comments from other young people who attend top-rated high schools in Virginia, such as the daughter of a co-worker who mentioned a classmate visiting Europe — “one of those places that starts with an A.” Amsterdam? Austria? Antwerp? “No,” she said. “I think it was Alcatraz.”

The fact that our public high schools are doing such a bang-up job of educating our youth prompts a Roanoke Times columnist to call for a dramatic expansion of pre-K funding! Perhaps 14 years of remedial instruction will bring about what 13 years haven't.

For the love of God, Alcatraz is in Europe and Congress is ... what again?

It Was Bound To Happen

The truth that dare not be spoken: The Democratic Party is in large part led by people whose only claim to prominence is to be found in their skin color. Thus we see in recent weeks all the vicious racial animosity surfacing within the party over Barack Obama's ascendency.

The latest, from an Hispanic:

'Super' Latino Slams Clinton
By Maggie Haberman, The New York Post

February 12, 2008 -- A prominent member of the national Democratic Party has circulated a sharp e-mail saying the removal of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle was disloyal to Hispanics and should give "pause" to superdelegates and voters.

The e-mail from, Steven Ybarra, a California superdelegate who heads the voting-rights committee of the DNC Hispanic Caucus, was sent to fellow caucus members in the hours after word broke that Solis Doyle - the most prominent Latina in Clinton's campaign - would be replaced by another close Clinton loyalist, Maggie Williams, who is black. (link)
And when Williams, "who is black," gets fired, some "black" caucus member will be outraged. And so it will go.

Those who nurture the notion that skin color is more important than the content of one's character deserve this.

- - -

Oh, by the way, Heaven forbid either one of them is transgendered.

These Guys Have Learned Nothing

Charles Johnson has this eye-popping bit of news for us this morning:

Che Guevara Flags in Obama's Houston Office

Barack Obama
won’t wear an American flag on his lapel, but on the wall of his Houston campaign office: a Cuban flag with a picture of Communist mass murderer Che Guevara.
The flag: These people know no shame.

- - -

Ed Morrissey: "Does Obama know his Houston supporters honor a terrorist in his campaign office?"

- - -

AllahPundit: "Who’d be the right-wing equivalent of Che, anyway? McVeigh? His body count’s lower but spiritually they’re two of a kind. Tack up a poster of him in some McCain outpost and see if the media notices."

Photo courtesy of Fox.

Avoiding Trouble

You gotta love this Drudge headline:

NOT PIMPING: Chelsea Dines with 21-Year-Old Superdelegate...

Matt knows he doesn't want to be suspended from publishing or be forced to apologize.

Thus ....