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Friday, February 15, 2008


Those of you who have tried communicating your intentions to a horse will appreciate this. A master horsewoman at work:


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That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout

Danville basks:
Plant to bring 813 new jobs
By Rex Bowman, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

A Polish mattress maker plans to open a factory in Danville and hire 813 workers. The move will give an economic boost to a city struggling economically even as the rest of the state enjoys low unemployment.

Com.40 Ltd., based in Nowe Skalmierzyce, Poland, is a key supplier of home-furnishings giant IKEA, which recently opened a manufacturing plant in neighboring Pittsylvania County.

Com.40 plans to spend $36.3 million to open a factory in Danville, which has shed textile, tobacco and furniture jobs by the thousands in the past two decades. (link)
Good news for a tortured Southside.

- - -

* I hear the employment exam for those of you interested in finding work is going to require that applicants be able to spell and pronounce - from memory - the name of the town in which the parent company is headquartered. Get started.

The Big Question

Sent up by James Taranto:

"Obama has a talent for eliciting intense emotion--an ability that can be dangerous in a politician. What more does he have to offer?"

"We Shall Be Overcome," Best of the Web Today, February 14, 2008

Where Are Those Who Demanded Higher Taxes?

A working definition of the word liberal has to include something about it involving a person's psychological makeup that allows for one to demand a host of restrictions and hefty burdens on others but also allows that same person to think that his demand exempts himself. That would explain this true-to-form bit of news:

'Tax Me More Fund' raises little revenue
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Richmond — State lawmakers can rule out Virginian's offering up more of their hard-earned money to fix the $1.4 billion budget shortfall Gov. Tim Kaine announced this week.

At least that is what a peek at the so-called "Tax Me More Fund" suggests.

Since its inception in 2002, the fund has collected a total of $10,217.04.

[It provides] generous taxpayers with a way to contribute more of their money into the state's coffers and allow lawmakers to highlight the hypocritical nature of higher-tax advocates.

"It's amazing how people want to tax other people for every idea they have, and they are not willing to step up to the plate themselves, said Delegate M. Kirkland Cox, Colonial Heights Republican and a sponsor of the legislation that created the Virginia fund. "It's a real good way to make a point." (

Said Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, Prince William County Republican:
"In 2004, you had the chamber of commerce and others saying they were willing to pay more," the Prince William County Republican said, referring to a debate that year over raising taxes. "Well, funny thing is, they didn't seem willing to put their money where their words were. They could have easily participated more in the Tax Me More Fund but didn't. That's because they didn't really want to pay more. They wanted everyone else to pay more so they wouldn't have to."
Finally, there's this: In 2006, when the Washington Post and Roanoke Times editorial staffs were screaming for taxes to be increased here in the commonwealth, the fund set up for people like those at the Washington Post and the Roanoke Times so that they could put their money where their mouths were ...

... brought in $19.36.

That's approximately 78¢ per editorialist.

See definition at top of post.

Tell Us What You Really Think

I'm not sure this was a good PR move but I like the guy's moxie:

GM’s Lutz On Hybrids, Global Warming And Cars As Art
By Glenn Hunter, D Magazine

During a closed-door session with several journalists at the Cacharel restaurant, [current GM Vice Chairman and ex-marine Bob] Lutz declared that:

– Hybrid cars like those made by Toyota “make no economic sense,” because their price will never come down, and diesel autos like those touted by Chrysler are also uneconomic. The only place in Europe that diesel-driven cars are big, he said, is where diesel fuel is half the cost of regular gasoline; in most places there, the costs are comparable and diesel has little market penetration.

– Global warming is a “total crock of [shit].” Then he added: “I’m a skeptic, not a denier. Having said that, my opinion doesn’t matter. (With the battery-driven Volt), “I’m motivated more by the desire to replace imported oil than by the CO2 (argument).” (link)

Whatever works ... and maximizes shareholder value.

We Need More Coal-Fired Power Plants!

If those plants spew tons of carbon dioxide ("greenhouse gases") into the atmosphere. And that CO2 can be turned into fuel.

Bring it, baby!

Federal Lab Says It Can Harvest Fuel From Air (With a Catch)
By Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times

In the category of things that sound so good they have to be checked out more thoroughly (so stay tuned) is this news out of Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Scientists there say they have developed a way to produce truly carbon-neutral fuel and useful organic chemicals at large scale using water and carbon dioxide removed from the air as raw materials. There are plenty of schemes brewing to capture carbon dioxide, both directly from the atmosphere and from the stacks of power plants. All of them, for the moment, are costly or hard to envision at the billion-tons-a-year scale that would be needed to blunt the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere coming mainly from fuel burning. (link)

So, let's translate: If we are going to become energy-independent, we need to be generating a whole lot more greenhouse gas that can then be used in the manufacture of clean fuel.

Works for me.

Gunman Goes On Rampage At NIU!

Before you ask, yes, Northern Illinois is another one of those "gun-free" zones in a state with just about as many gun laws as one can dream up.

But we need one more, you see ... just one more law and all this will go away ...

Gun shows ... Bullet registration ...

Meanwhile crazy psychopaths walk the streets because society refuses to do anything about them.

Does This Mean Bill Clinton Is No Longer Black?

Black Lawmakers Rethink Clinton Support

And The President Will Grant Them Pardons

More games coming out of Congress:
House finds Bolten, Miers in contempt of Congress
By Alexander Bolton and Klaus Marre, The Hill

The House voted Thursday to hold White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify before a panel investigating the firing of several United States attorneys.

Ahead of the vote, Republicans had walked out in an effort to show that they want to work on a permanent update to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) rather than be part of a “partisan fishing expedition,” as House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) put it.

“I hope this administration will realize this Congress is serious about its constitutional role of oversight,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). (link)
That comment from Pelosi is particularly rich. "Congress is serious." If that were the case, how would we be reading headlines like this?

After Pelosi's party leadership failed to get legislation in place before this vital piece of national security law lapsed, the report quoted Pelosi's second in command (Steny Hoyer, D-MD), stating that he "didn't expect Democrats to try again before they leave at the end of the week for a weeklong recess."
The kids' recess took precedence over national security.
So much for taking these clowns seriously.
If Bolten and Miers are in fact contemptuous of Congress, they are only voicing the opinions of all Americans.

Star Wars

The implications here are the things science fiction is made of:
US to Try to Shoot Down Spy Satellite
By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer

Washington (AP) - Taking a page from Hollywood science fiction, the Pentagon said Thursday it will try to shoot down a dying, bus-size U.S. spy satellite loaded with toxic fuel on a collision course with the Earth.

The military hopes to smash the satellite as soon as next week—just before it enters Earth's atmosphere—with a single missile fired from a Navy cruiser in the northern Pacific Ocean. (link)
Don't let them fool you. It's actually one of our space-based battle cruisers that will be shooting that satellite down. With one well-placed plasma ray ...