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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Cool Is This?

Let the environmentalists bellyache. I think the artist's rendering of the proposed Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center over in Wise County is gorgeous.

And the fact that it is being built where one of those infamous "mountaintop removal mining" sites once stood is sweet in itself.

You go,
Dominion Power.

Ft. Chiswell Hits The Big Time

I never quite understood the attraction this TV show had for my truckin' buddies until someone related it to the pampering my Ferguson tractor gets. Then “Trick My Truck” made perfect sense.

It turns out, the wildly popular (if you're a Peterbilt kinda guy) show has a Fort Chiswell connection:

Chrome shop featured on CMT show
By Wayne Quessenberry, Wytheville Enterprise Staff

Local fans of CMT’s hit television series, “Trick My Truck,” can see the owner of a Fort Chiswell business featured in 10 episodes this season.

Kelvin Lovelace of Florence, S.C., is the leader of the show’s truck builders now known as Outcast Kustoms.

He and his wife April own K&L Chrome Shop in Florence and the one on East Lee Highway at Fort Chiswell which is managed by his in-laws, Charles and Susanne Jordan, who reside in the Graham’s Forge community. “ (link)
So what's all the hoopla about?

Style, baby. Ridin' in style.

Photo of Eugene Jackson's "Lifeline" courtesy of Trick My Truck.

Racism Is Alive And Well

This from the Richmond Times-Dispatch strikes me as being rather un-American. Typically American - circa 2008 - but still so very un-American. It (see "Another Day") has to do with the controversy surrounding that SCC nomination that has been in the news of late:
The qualifications for SCC commissioner include not only keen intellect and professional experience but temperament.

Theodore Morrison's retirement created a vacancy on the SCC.

Last week Barnie Day [blah blah blah] ...

Day went ballistic because a possible compromise would see the Assembly placing Katherine Hammond -- a highly regarded Henrico judge appointed by Jim Gilmore -- on the SCC. Democratic State Sen. Donald McEachin subsequently would nominate an African-American judge to replace Hammond on the Henrico bench. (my emphasis)
Reread that first sentence above: "The qualifications for SCC commissioner include not only keen intellect and professional experience but temperament."

Apparently those qualifications for the SCC position - keen intellect and professional experience - matter not when it comes to a candidate for the Henrico bench. That person has to be black.

An odd world we live in.

Like I Said

The Richmond Times-Dispatch on the 'know-nothing" approach to the nuclear energy debate:
Common sense suggests there's no harm in learning more about the effects of mining uranium in Virginia. The pointed opposition to the study implies the anti-nuclear crowd fears deeper understanding of the risks and benefits may lead reasonable people to conclude that uranium mining is a good idea. The Senate has approved the study in SB 525. A sensible compromise would be welcome -- but the House should reject the know-nothing approach to energy exploration.
"Open Mines," editorial, February 26, 2008

- - -

As Virginia's most influential political blog put it on Saturday: "Utter the word uranium and a huge chunk of the American populace goes freaky. All this over a study. I shudder to think what the reaction is going to be when the first shovel breaks ground."

'Gun Free' Killing Zones

John Lott on America's effort to disarm the law-abiding, and the whirlwind we reap as a result:

Just like attacks last year at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb., the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City and the recent attack at the Tinley Park Mall in Illinois, or all the public school attacks, they had one thing in common: They took place in "gun-free zones," where private citizens were not allowed to carry their guns with them.

The malls in Omaha and Salt Lake City were in states that let people carry concealed handguns, but private property owners are allowed to post signs that ban guns; those malls were among the few places in their states that chose such a ban.

In the Trolley Square attack, an off-duty police officer fortunately violated the ban and stopped the attack.

At some point you would think the media would notice that something is going on here, that these murderers aren't just picking their targets at random. And this pattern isn't really too surprising. Most people understand that guns deter criminals.

If a killer were stalking your family, would you feel safer putting a sign out front announcing, "This home is a gun-free zone"? But that is what all these places did.

"Columbine To Va. Tech To NIU: Gun-Free Zones Or Killing Fields? " Investor's Business Daily, February 25, 2008

Not Meaning To Stir Up Trouble Or Anything ...

Look, let me go on record and state my firm belief that the photo that was released by the Clinton campaign that created such a ruckus yesterday of Barack Obama wearing "traditional Somali garb" does not necessarily make him out to be a terrorist.

I do think, however, it makes him out to be a complete doofus.

Christ Almighty. What was he thinking?

Hail to the Chief. Leader of the free world. Commander of the mightiest fighting force the world has ever known.


Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Volvo and union might not resume bargaining

Volvo and union could resume bargaining

Looks Like Someone's Adopted My Plan

I've suggested in the past that, when some addlepated government bureaucrat decides to launch one of those gun buyback escapades, an enterprising capitalist should go out and buy some cheap guns and sell them for a profit. To the addlepated bureaucrat. In turn, to the taxpayers who allow addlepated bureaucrats to get away with making such foolish decisions. Make 'em bleed.

Let's go to Oakland, California, where the addlepated have run the show since the beginning of time. Here's Alex Tabarrok:

Oakland's recent gun buyback was especially ridiculous. The police offered up to $250 for a gun "no questions asked, no ID required." The first people in line? Two gun dealers from Reno with 60 cheap handguns. Fortunately the buyback did manage to get some guns off the street, too bad they were turned in by a bunch of senior citizens
from an assisted living facility. Whew, the streets are safe at last.
Tabarrok's op-ed in the Oakland Tribune is worth reading too. In it he writes:

Imagine that instead of guns, the Oakland police decided, for whatever strange reason, to buy back sneakers. The idea of a gun buyback is to reduce the supply of guns in Oakland. Do you think that a sneaker buyback program would reduce the number of people wearing sneakers in Oakland? Of course not.

All that would happen is that people would reach into the back of their closet and sell the police a bunch of old, tired, stinky sneakers.

Or, as was the case with those two gun dealers from Reno, people would buy sneakers at wholesale and sell them to the idiots who are willing to pay top dollar for them. I'd be taking some of that action all day.

But let's be clear: This effort to "get guns off the street" was never intended to get guns off the street. It was - is - intended to make liberals feel good about themselves. That's why you never hear one say he or she is disappointed by often low numbers of guns purchased. You know the spiel: "Even one gun taken out of the hands of criminals is worth it." This despite the fact that a criminal's spouse can go down to the local Kmart and buy a boatload of replacement weapons the same day.
Anyway, Oakland, California is now the proud owner of a pile of stinky sneakers.

Perfect timing too. I hear Wal-Mart has a sale running through Saturday.

What a Downer

Placebos Just As Good As Uppers: Study

But I thought He Was The Savior Of All Mankind

This Obama stat surprises me:
For or Against Presidential Candidates
Rassmussen Reports

Thirty-four percent (34%) of all voters say they will definitely vote for John McCain if he is on the ballot this November. Thirty-three percent (33%) will definitely vote against him while 29% say their support hinges on who his opponent is.

Barack Obama has the same number who will definitely vote for him--34%. But, more people are committed to voting against him than McCain. Forty-three percent (43%) say they will definitely reject him at the ballot box. For 18%, their support depends on his opponent. (link)
43% will definitely ("are committed to ...") vote against Obama in November. Note that it doesn't say they'll simply not vote. That figure is right up there with the negative attitude expressed toward the Wicked Witch of the North (in this study, Hillary comes in at 46% opposed).

Doesn't leave much room for error on Mr. Sunshine's part.

Have Their Antics Caught Up With Hollywood?

This probably doesn't surprise those few people who actually became interested:

Oscars a ratings flop Sunday
By James Hibberd, The Hollywood Reporter

Following the lowest-rated Emmys since 1990, the strike-hindered ratings performance of a severely truncated version of the Golden Globes and a nonstruck airing of the Grammys that nonetheless disappointed, Sunday night's presentation of the 80th Annual Academy Awards on ABC hit an all-time ratings low.

According to overnight fast national ratings, the awards averaged a 10.7 rating among adults 18 to 49 and was seen by 32 million viewers. In the demo, that's down a sharp 24% from last year and the lowest on record. Among viewers, that's a 20% drop. The previous all-time low was in 2003. (link)
The "experts" tell us the poor showing has to do with the fact that there just weren't any big box office hits vying for "Best Picture." I think it has as much to do with the fact that, if we were allowed to vote on it, we'd banish en masse every rich, spoiled, smartass, Michael Moore-loving, anti-American Hollywood bimbo - male and female - and a lengthy list it is - to prison, and throw away the key.

But that might just be me ...

That Leaves 5,186,203 To Go

Obama Wins Over One Ohio Voter