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Friday, February 29, 2008

Alleged Culprit Nailed

News out of Wise County:
22-year-old charged in burning of Wise tower
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Federal prosecutors have charged a 22-year-old Coeburn man with burning down the High Knob observation tower in Wise County on Halloween last year.

The tower, inside the Jefferson National Forest, was a popular destination for lovers, families and stargazers, and is the subject of a grassroots fundraising campaign among Wise residents, who hope to rebuild it. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that 5,000 visitors trekked to the tower annually.

U.S. Attorney John Brownlee said Nicholas Owens was charged with arson of government property in U.S. District Court in Abingdon. (link)
Carl Kilo sums it up with "Nicholas Owens-Local Dumbass Burned the High Knob Tower" with more details out of the Bristol Herald-Courier.

Photo(s) courtesy of the Roanoke Times.

Can't Be Inspecting Those Abortion Mills

For the record, Roanoke Senator John Edwards - Democrat - voted down the measure yesterday to have abortion clinics inspected and licensed to ensure the safety of young women going through risky surgical procedures.

Politics outweighs women's health concerns. Again.

Feminists applaud.

Yes, There's Wisdom To Be Found ...

... even in the Roanoke Times.

From reader Robert Butler of Crozet:

Tech needs a healthier source of inspiration

Joe Painter's letter, "No pall over Tech, but a new spirit" (Feb. 20), is representative of the troubling psychosis that has swept through the Tech campus.

Painter proudly exhorts, "We must always remember. We are Virginia Tech. We will prevail."

It is all too clear to me that this massacre is being wholly embraced and adopted by many as if they desire to use it to define who they are. This serves to expose the greater problem that exists in the culture today: the general emptiness and lack of direction in so many people's lives.

It would be better to look somewhere other than a crime scene for self-identity and inspiration. (link)

Amen to that, brutha. Wallowing in misery and victimhood is so self-defeating.

Words Have Meaning?

Noun: Abortion ə-bôr'shən
1. Women's Health Care

At least to some.

Where Real Crises Are Challenged

It says something that tiny Denmark is willing to confront a subject that all the Hollywood badasses are too frightened to tackle:
Dutch film to slam Islam
By Leander Schaerlaeckens, The Washington Times

Brussels — Europe's uneasy relationship with its Muslim minority faces another blow next month, when Dutch politician Geert Wilders releases a 15-minute film that compares Islam to Nazism and communism.

The film is called "Fitna," an Arabic term for "discord." It intersperses verses of the Koran with footage of terrorist attacks and other Islamist-inspired violence.

He said the film calls the Koran "the latest test to Western democracies since Nazism and communism." (link)
Meanwhile Hollywood continues to churn out safe movies about ... well, you know by now ... that nobody outside of Hollywood, San Francisco, and Manhattan will watch.

Not Even

It doesn't surprise me that a person who finds Barack Obama an enrapturing public speaker sees a comparison between his ability to motivate with that of the greatest president of my lifetime.

E.J. Dionne, writing in the Washington Post, apparently does, and does:
The Last 'Yes, We Can' Candidate

Barack Obama's critics bear a remarkable resemblance to the liberals who labored mightily to dismiss Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Reagan's foes wrote him off as a right-wing former actor who amiably spouted conservative bromides and must have been engaged in some sort of Hollywood flimflam.

Like Reagan's enemies, Obama's opponents concede that he gives a great speech. (link)
Only one problem, pal. That's where the comparison ends. Great oratory.

Not only are/were Obama and Reagan complete opposites, they are/were criticized for completely diametrical reasons.

Ronald Reagan was savagely opposed by the left for his conservative ideas. Obama is criticized today not for his liberal ideas but for his lack of ideas. No small matter that.

If delivery is all-important to you, fine. But if substance means anything, you might want to rethink the Obama/Reagan blood brother thing. There is no comparison.

Execute Him Twice

He has earned it:
Iraqi Presidency Clears Execution of ‘Chemical Ali’
By The Associated Press

Baghdad (AP) -- Iraq's presidential council has endorsed the execution within a month of Saddam Hussein's cousin, known as ''Chemical Ali,'' for his role in the 1980s scorched-earth campaign against Kurds, officials said Friday. But it spared the life of two other officials amid Sunni protests that they were only following orders.

The approval by Iraq's President Jalal Talabani and two vice presidents was the final step clearing the way for Ali Hassan al-Majid's execution by hanging. It could now be carried out at any time, a government adviser and a prosecutor said.

Al-Majid was one of three former Saddam officials sentenced to death in June after being convicted by an Iraqi court of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for their part in the Operation Anfal crackdown that killed nearly 200,000 Kurdish civilians and guerrillas. (link)
Another reason the war for Iraq has been righteous.

It Must Be Saturday

CBS News is in big trouble. Again.

Who Knew?

Ralph Nader has a follower:
Ralph Nader Picks Former SF Supervisor As Running Mate

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader announced Thursday morning that he has chosen former San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez as his running mate.

The Texas-born Gonzalez ran for mayor of San Francisco as a Green Party candidate in 2003 but lost to Gavin Newsom. (link)
A San Francisco politician. Must be seeking the support of the extreme right.

Obama On Choosing Supreme Court Nominees

It'll be a lot like choosing a den mother.

Stephen Bainbridge:
For somebody who taught Constitutional law for years, Barack Obama has an awfully odd conception of the judicial role. Orin Kerr collects some quotes from Obama about judges, including this gem:

"We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges."

As does Orin, I realize that this is a widely shared view of the judicial role among left-liberals, but that simply illustrates how far left-liberalism has strayed from the rule of law. (link)
Oprah qualifies.

Read the whole thing. It's frightening in its implications.

War? What War?

From Rich Noyes (in "Fewer U.S. Dead = Less TV Coverage of Iraq"):

MRC intern Lyndsi Thomas helped tabulate all ABC, CBS and NBC evening news stories about Iraq since the beginning of 2007, just as the surge strategy was being implemented. After heavy coverage of the shift to a new Iraq policy in January and February 2007, the TV coverage began to closely track the rising and falling death rates for U.S. soldiers in Iraq. When the number of U.S. fatalities jumped in May, TV coverage jumped, too. When U.S. casualties began to steadily decline, TV coverage of Iraq dramatically decreased. (See chart.)

While the amount of coverage has shriveled, the tone remains more negative than positive. So far this month, the three evening newscasts have aired just 41 items on Iraq, most (23) just brief items read by the anchor. A mere seven stories were field reports from Iraq. Only ABC’s World News (February 13) noted the passage of key legislation by the Iraqi parliament, followed by a unique story the next evening on the success of the surge. The CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News offered no such stories in February, but NBC did find time to report a visit to Iraq by actress Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie ...

Here's the accompanying chart:
How disappointing it must be for these people to know that their efforts to have us lose this war are failing.

Chart courtesy of NewsBusters.