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Sunday, March 02, 2008

On This We Agree

The Roanoke Times (in an editorial - "Americans To Be"):
... 40 percent of Virginia's Hispanic population who are not citizens -- the ones who, as a group, are poorer, less educated -- fit the classic American immigration narrative ...

Many of them are, as [Michel Zajur, president and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce] said, the "new Americans of tomorrow." Expect the Americans of tomorrow to be much like the Americans of today.

And if the Americans of tomorrow enter our country legally - if they follow all our rules - they can expect to be met with open arms by their American family-to-be.

But dishonor us by treating our laws with contemptuous disregard and expect to be shipped back to your point of origin on the first train south.

It's that simple.

The Only Problem Is ...

... this is a zero-sum game.

1) Make it more costly for a lending institution to recoup its losses and the nightmarish subprime loan crisis will grow worse.

2) By altering the contractual terms - at the point of a gun - that the institution entered into with an individual who owes that institution money and is unable to meet those terms, government runs the risk of prolonging the agony - for all sides concerned.

The Roanoke Times looks at the subprime mortgage situation and decides that this is acceptable. Because it's better than other government solutions that have been offered up by woefully unlearned politicians:

A reasoned approach to the mortgage crisis

The ongoing mortgage crisis is the result of a lot of people making a lot of unwise financial decisions.

Homeowners bought more than they could afford at terms they didn't understand [ed: my emphasis; elitist pap?].

As Gov. Tim Kaine surveyed the fallout from the growing housing crisis in Virginia, he declined to pile another foolish decision atop all those that preceded.

His recommendation to the General Assembly to help Virginians facing foreclosure is reasonable and, most important in these tough economic times, free of charge to state taxpayers.

Kaine would give homeowners in Virginia facing foreclosure more time to work with their lenders to make payment arrangments. And those lenders would have to provide contact information for credit counseling agencies [ed: my emphasis; if those lendees were too stupid to understand the terms they agreed to, wouldn't they be too stupid to understand that which was being explained to them by credit counselors?].

That's prudent. Nobody wins when a home is foreclosed, especially in the current housing market.

What wouldn't be prudent are the kinds of wide-scale bailouts being bandied about Congress. (link)

An unalterable fact: To delay payments is to make the loans more costly to the banks. To delay the inevitable is to prolong the crisis. And make it worse.

Loans will default. Banks will fail. The stock market will go to shit. And the torture will soon subside.

Try to change the model - allow the Governor Kaines of the world to get involved - and watch the problem grow.

Here's To The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot ...

... and to investigative journalist Joanne Kimberlin (via the Roanoke Times) for an extraordinarily well-balanced look at the gun control debate that rages here in Virginia.

- - -

* I cut her a little slack for silly pablum like this: "In the meantime, in Virginia, a firearm can be purchased with less oversight than a used car."

To Those Who Demand More Gun Laws

It might do the open-minded folks at the New York Times well to read the Washington Post.

Particularly a story about gun violence in the most gun-controlled city in America.

The Norm Is An Aberration?

Do these people expect to be taken seriously?
Spanked Kids a Perv Risk
By Cathy Burke, The New York Post

New research shows spanking a child may result in risky sexual behavior or even sexual deviancy.

An analysis of spanking studies conducted by Elizabeth Gershoff of the University of Michigan's School of Social Work found 93 percent agreement among studies that spanking can lead to aggression, anti-social behavior and spousal or child abuse as an adult. (link)
Translated: The children of 90% of American parents will be more apt to exhibit aggressive, anti-social behavior and to abuse children and/or spouses when they become adults. 90%.

For the love of God.

In So Many Words

The New York Post on candidate Obama's Iraq strategy:
Barack Obama says he's got the perfect prescription for Iraq: Pull out all American troops now, but then rush back in once al Qaeda overruns the place - which, of course, it would after a US cut-and-run.
And there are millions out there who nod their heads in understanding.

You Know It's All Over When ...

’72 McGovern Team Rallies for One of Its Own: Clinton

Whistling Past The Graveyard

The New York Times admits that the planet is cooling. But it's only temporary. The globe will start warming again soon.

To some of us outside academe and the press, that's called weather.

A Question To Ponder

If there are 147.3 million troy ounces of gold stored in Ft. Knox (with a total estimated amount in U.S. hands of 280 million ounces around the country and overseas, and ...

... if gold on the open market was trading at $974 an ounce on Friday, and ...

... if Ft. Knox became America's gold depository in 1937, at a point in time when dollars were issued by the United States government with the understanding that each could be redeemed in that amount of gold (it's called "the gold standard"), and ...

... if Richard Nixon ended the gold standard in 1971, and ...

... if Ft. Knox became purposeless, and ...

... if the national debt currently sits at about $9,343,241,961,715.05 (as of Friday), and ...

... if, at $974 an ounce (X 280 million ounces), we were to sell all the gold in U.S. possession, we'd acquire a tidy sum of $272,720,000,000 ...

- ..272,720,000,000

Never mind. We're still in big trouble.

- - -

*** Don't email me. I know the price of gold would plummet as soon as the U.S. started selling off its reserves. It's just the thought - Why does Ft. Knox exist?