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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

They Ask; I Answer

The Roanoke Times this morning asks the following question (in "A $600 million transportation hole"):

"Virginia's road system needs a lot of cash, but House Republicans don't even want to consider taxes. Where will the money come from?"

After having read this - "College wealth soaring" - I might suggest that we start by taking a serious look at balancing this:, the budget of the commonwealth of Virginia:

We don't need to raise revenues in Richmond. We simply need to bring fiscal sanity to the process.

Chart courtesy of the Virginia Dept. of Planning and Budget

Luddites Alive & Well In Virginia

It's one thing to be opposed to the mining of uranium. It's another to be opposed to being exposed to information on the subject. What exactly are House members afraid they'll learn?

The perplexing news:

House Panel Rejects Study of Uranium Mining
By Anita Kumar, Washington Post Staff Writer

Richmond, March 3 -- Lawmakers concerned about land, air and drinking water contamination killed a proposal Monday that would have allowed a study of whether uranium can be safely mined on 200 acres in south-central Virginia, eliminating any chance that the controversial bill could pass this year.

After more than an hour of debate, the House Rules Committee defeated a bill that opponents argued would be the first step toward lifting a 25-year-old state ban on uranium mining.

"I think caution is the best course," said Del. Clarke N. Hogan (R-Charlotte), whose district gets drinking water from the area. Hogan, a committee member, has been skeptical of the study for months and is widely credited with convincing other House members to oppose it. (link)

We refuse to be given additional information!

Apparently the legislation was defeated by voice vote so we'll not know exactly which delegates were frightened by the notion that the people of Virginia might be exposed to additional knowledge - beyond the impartial and completely balanced study that came out in Jane Fonda's exhaustive work delivered in The Chinda Syndrome - on the subject.

Strange. Really strange.

Memo To Virginia Voters

Vote for a Democrat ...

... expect gun-friendly legislation to be vetoed.

It's not like you weren't warned.

On Yesterday's Primaries

Two thoughts:

1) Whoever dreamt up the goofy notion that political primaries should be "open" to anyone, regardless of party affiliation, must now regret having implemented the scheme because ...

2) Rush Limbaugh and Republican conservatives decided the Democrat primaries in Texas and Ohio.

Serves 'em right.

Earth to DNC: The Democratic primary should be reserved for DEMOCRATS. Invite independents and Republicans to participate and it becomes what we once called THE GENERAL ELECTION (without one side being represented on the ballot).

Did anyone anticipate this kind of mischief? Probably not.

But now party heads need to address the issue or it'll only prompt more of the same.

Quote of the Day

From Michelle Malkin:
Behold with me the politics of gynocentrism.

What a depressing and desiccative sight it is. Just look at Gloria Steinem. From once-ripe feminist icon to idea-barren harridan, she offers nothing to young women but anachronistic man-hate, anti-military bigotry and woe-is-me wallowing.

Hope and change? Try harp and whinge. Some things get better with age. The women's rights movement isn't one of them.
"Feminist Follies: Slapping Soldiers," the New York Post, March 5, 2008

A Legend Hangs Up His Cleats

It's possible that Brett Favre and I are the only two people in the USA who think, after he obviously ran out of gas in the fourth quarter of the Giants playoff game, that it was time for him to move on to other endeavors. As much as it pains me:
4 Ever Brett
By Steve Serby, The New York Post

He was Everyman with a rocket arm, a rambunctious, fearless riverboat gunslinger and inspirational firebrand on the field, a down-to-earth man with human frailties driven to overcome so many heartaches and adversities just so he could keep playing the game he loved, and keep playing the way Cal Ripken kept playing, 253 straight games in all, an NFL-record 442 touchdown passes in all. (link)
And he's now retired.

The right decision.

On Those Homes That Were Torched In Seattle

Glenn Reynolds:

"Reports of eco-terror in Washington. If somebody were burning down environmentalists' headquarters, this would get more attention."

At Minimum, It Sends a Message

Not that the fat bastard who runs Venezuela will hear it or understand it:
Unfulfilling stations
Citgo boycott leads owners to drop Venezuelan supplier
By Hugh Willet, knoxnews.com

The Bush administration may be trying to ignore Hugo Chavez, but some local gas station owners are moving to protect themselves from the backlash against the Venezuelan president's anti-American rhetoric.

Calls by some across the country to boycott gasoline sold by Venezuelan-owned Citgo are cutting into sales, prompting some station owners to move to other suppliers.

The problems with Citgo increased after Chavez's September 2006 visit to the United Nations where he referred to President Bush as "the devil." (link)
Except for the interesting factoid that Venezuelan crude requires, in large measure, American refineries for processing, Hugo Chavez can take his oil and market it most anywhere, in this energy-starved world of ours. Still, it would be gratifying in a small way if this action on the part of U.S. consumers gives the socialist goofball a bit of indigestion.

The USA rocks!

Maybe We Should Vote On Arresting Vermonters

Extreme? Absurd?

The point:
Vt. Town Votes on Bush 'Indictment'
By John Curran, Associated Press Writer

Brattleboro, Vt. (AP) - Voters in this southern Vermont town were deciding Tuesday whether to approve a measure calling for the indictment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on charges of violating the Constitution.

The symbolic article seeks to have police arrest Bush and Cheney if they ever visit Brattleboro or to extradite them for prosecution elsewhere—if they're not impeached first. (link)
My reaction is that of Blair Latoff, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee:

"It appears that the left-wing knows no bounds in their willingness to waste taxpayer dollars to make a futile counterproductive partisan political point," said Blair Latoff. "Town people would be much better served by elected officials who sought to solve problems rather than create them."

My guess is, though, that the daffy people of Brattleboro, Vermont are pleased with the equally daffy people who run things there. More power to them.

Tourists Will Be Flocking To SW Virginia Now

We now have a luxury hotel for their traveling pleasure.

"We're in the money ...

... We're in the money ..."