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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Where Goes Pulaski?

Wal-Mart decided that it couldn't make a go of it in town (the retail giant closed its Pulaski store and moved to a Super Wal-Mart location in Dublin last year). Southern States shuttered its ages-old (gargantuan) facility downtown at about the same time. This coupled with a steady exodus of retailers in the downtown area to the I-81 corridor not far away and of business owners making the decision to close their doors forever.

Now this:

Alex’s and Dana’s to close
The Roanoke Times

After more than 30 years in business, Alex’s and Dana’s is closing its downtown Pulaski storefront.

“The business has come and gone,” said owner Alex Rygas. “People are shopping elsewhere.”

Rygas, who started the men’s and women’s clothing store in the fall of 1976, said over the years he has watched fashion trends become increasingly casual and business on Main Street increasingly scarce. Both developments have taken a toll on business.

When he started, Rygas explained, he offered about 300 suits in a shop that sat on a vibrant and well-traveled thoroughfare.

Now, because of lack of demand, he sells maybe 50 to 75 suits. And he does so on a street that’s almost “totally empty.” (link)

"Almost totally empty." Where will it end?

Well ...

... I guess if we're going to ban gay marriage, we need to get this sort of perversion under control too:

Virginia law takes aim at adults who French kiss minors
By Dena Potter, Associated Press Writer

Richmond, Va. (AP) -- Adults who French kiss a child younger than 13 would be required to register as a sex offender under legislation passed out of the General Assembly on Saturday.

Those convicted of tongue-kissing a child would be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

The House passed the legislation 96-1* and the Senate 39-0. It now heads to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine. (link)

I wondered when I read this how the legislation actually described the act. "Tonsil hockey" seems too un-law-like. Here's the actual verbiage (source):

Aggravated sexual battery; penalty. Provides that it is a Class 1 misdemeanor for any person 18 years of age of age or older to, with lascivious intent,** kiss a child under the age of 13 on the mouth while knowingly*** and intentionally penetrating the mouth of such child with his tongue.**** A convicted offender must register on the sex offender registry.
Gotta leave it to someone ...

- - -

* You're probably wondering who that one legislator was who voted against adults french kissing kids:

"Del. Phillip Hamilton, R-Newport News, cast the lone opposing vote, refusing to back down from his belief that the crime should be a Class 6 felony. 'I think that type of behavior is so egregious it warrants a felony,' Hamilton said."

Cut him some slack.

** I guess one must assume, if a man has his tongue inside a kid's mouth, that the intent is "lascivious" (lewd, libidinous, lustful). Otherwise, how do you prove intent?

*** Can a person unknowingly run his tongue down the throat of someone else?

**** "His" tongue? What if the culprit is female?

Assembly Votes To Leave All Children Behind

It's easier than requiring public schools to educate the little bastards.

Assembly Passes Bill to Allow 'No Child' Opt-Out

May God have mercy on us.

How Dare You Be Fair & Balanced?

This says a lot about those "open-minded" liberals* lurking out there:

NPR listeners rankled by segments on right
By Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

National Public Radio listeners who tuned in to "Morning Edition" during the last four days of February found some atypical programming around 6:30 a.m. during the broadcasts.

"Conversations with Conservatives" was heard during morning-drive time with host Steve Inskeep and a conservative of the day with much on his mind.

NPR listeners — there are 13 million a week — were not especially pleased in the aftermath of the broadcast segments, which lasted about seven minutes each.

According to NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard, more than 60 angry e-mails and phone calls arrived at the network, calling the programming "shameful" and a "lovefest with radical, right-wing nuts." (

NPR, recognized nationally for its left-wing bias, tries in a small way to balance out its menu and the liberals out there go apoplectic.

So typical of the open-minded crowd Stalinist left in this country.

* Confucius say: "Open-minded man like bird cage with cage door left unfastened. Open-minded is empty-minded."
Okay, that wasn't Confucius. It was Jerry Fuhrman.

On Those Who Would Have Us Live In Caves ...

... and survive on leaves and twigs, this video put together by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce regarding the high life led by global warming alarmists is spot on.

"In 1999 the United Nations held over 230 meetings on climate change. ... Edmonton ... China ... Monaco ... Belgium ... Montreal ... Buenos Aires ... Portugal ... Germany ... Norway ... Australia ..."

"Haven't they ever heard of the conference call?"


Click twice on the triangle to activate.

Homegrown Terrorists

The face(s) of jihad, American-born and raised. Only difference is, these slimeballs don't destroy in the name of Allah. They commit their crimes in the name of ... nature:
Yacht racer to arsonist
ELF member, turned U.S. witness, describes her double life as high-tech worker and key figure
By Allyn Harvey , Special to the Rocky Mountain News

A former University of Colorado student who left academia for the clandestine world of environmental extremism was a key witness against an activist with the Earth Liberation Front in a trial that ended Thursday.

Jennifer Kolar, 34, who now lives in Seattle, described to jurors a double life of yacht racing and environmental terrorism with the same shadowy, loose-knit group that torched buildings at the Vail Mountain Ski Resort in 1998.

Kolar testified against Briana Waters, telling jurors that her former friend helped her and three others set a massive fire at the University of Washington. (link)
She races yachts and burns buildings. Welcome to the world of affluent white people with twisted attitudes and time (along with plenty of worldly wealth) on their hands.

Guantanamo should reserve a special cell block for these morons.

Photo(s) courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News

No Correction Yet

It seems remarkable that the New York Times could have gotten this so wrong and yet has not corrected its error or made an apology for an egregious mistake in reporting. Today we receive this news - a follow-up to a story from earlier in the week - about that mass murder in Memphis:

Brother of Victim Is Charged in Deadly Memphis Shootings
By John Branston

Memphis — The brother of a man who was killed in a mass murder here last week that left six people dead has been charged in the crime, the police said on Saturday.

Jessie L. Dotson, 33, who had served 14 years in prison on another murder charge, was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder. Mr. Dotson is the brother of Cecil Dotson, who rented the house where the murders took place.

The dead, all of whom were shot with a semi-automatic handgun, included two of Cecil Dotson’s sons, ages 2 and 4. Three other children in the house were stabbed and critically injured. (link)
Read that again. Those killed were in fact shot. Those wounded were actually stabbed.

At the bottom of the page, the Times repeats its original error from March 4:

Nine Shot in a Memphis Home, and Six Are Dead

Nine were not shot. The Times had hoped (I'm guessing) that nine were shot. Again, six were shot and three were stabbed.

An innocent mistake easily dismissed? Not while the gun control debate rages, with the New York Times being at the forefront of the gun ban brigade.

Admit your mistake! Correct the error! Apologize!

As Colonel Nathan Jessup Said ...

"You can't handle the truth!"

Or so it would seem from the reaction that always follows even the slightest criticism of global warming orthodoxy.

John Tierney provides the latest example and calls out the whiners on it:

After I asked readers to focus on the substance of the skeptics’ arguments at this week’s conference on global warming, readers insisted that I should have focused on the financing of the sponsor, the Heartland Institute.

If I write about prominent climate scientists like James Hansen of NASA, I don’t feel obliged to note how much research money they get — or how much extra money is going to their field because of the concerns they’ve raised about climate change. I don’t dismiss Al Gore’s warnings just because his campaign against global warming has been so good for his career. I don’t obsess about how much gets per lecture or what he does with the money. I’ve criticized some of his scarier predictions (like the shutdown of the Gulf Stream) on scientific grounds, but I’ve never suggested he’s venal.

If readers insist on debating the pecuniary motives of scientists and their patrons, I’d be curious to see figures comparing how much money corporations, foundations and government agencies today give to global-warming skeptics versus how much they give to the other side.

"Global-Warming Payola?" The New York Times, March 6, 2008

Doomsday Scenario

If the thought of Hillary being president is enough to creep you out, this should put you into a fetal position:

Could Gore Be The Nominee?
By Taegan Goddard, Congressional Quarterly

It's clear that for either Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination, they'll have to win the majority of superdelegates at the convention. But what if the superdelegates split right down the middle like Democrats across the nation?

The answer might be for someone else entirely to step into the race at the convention. The most likely candidate would be Al Gore. Most Democrats think he was robbed of the presidency in 2000 by the Supreme Court* and could be the only one to unite the party. (link)
America teeters on the brink ...
* A fable popular among angry Democrats. If anything, the United States Supreme Court in 2000 robbed the Florida Supreme Court of the decision as to who was going to be president.