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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Not Sure Why I'm Even Going To Try ...

... to get through to the numbskulls who write for the Roanoke Times but ...

Noun: lie

1. A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth
Verb: lie (lied, lying lies)
1. Tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive

- - -

Noun: error ˈe-rər
1. A wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
2. Inadvertent incorrectness
3. A misconception resulting from incorrect information

Try your best to grasp the distinction between the two concepts before you repeat
the same error lie again.

A Sign Of The Times

We can ignore Southwest Virginia's worsening problem, or we can tackle it head-on. One judge tries to make a difference:

Judge wants to establish drug court in county
The Coalfield Progress

Clintwood — To help fight drug abuse in the county, Dickenson County Circuit Court Judge Henry Vanover hopes to establish a drug court here.

A drug court is a special circuit court docket for non-violent drug offenders, explained Vanover in a recent interview. (link requires paid subscription)
Let's hope it makes some difference.

Martinsville Continues To Struggle

The latest jobless numbers hold no ray of sunshine:

Jobless rates rise
By Debbie Hall, Martinsville Bulletin Staff Writer

Martinsville continues to lead the state in unemployment, with 10.5 percent, or 651 people, unemployed in January, according to figures released Tuesday by the Virginia Employment Commission.

In December, the city’s rate was 9.1 percent with 553 people unemployed. In January 2007, the rate was 7.9 percent and 480 people unemployed.

The unemployment rate in Henry County was 7.5 percent in January, with 1,995 people out of work; 6 percent in December, with 1,571 unemployed; and 4.9 percent in January 2007, with 1,256 unemployed, Mezger said. (link)
Not good.

On Lady Spitzer's Humiliation

From Maureen Dowd (of all people):

"In modern times, you rarely see any men having to stand ashenly by their women."

"Ways of the Wayward," The New York Times, March 12, 2008

This Should Embarrass Them

How humiliating. The two Democrat candidates for president are to the right of the GOP on the hot-button issue of earmarks:
Obama, Clinton Join McCain Vs. Earmarks
By Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press

Washington (AP) — Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday joined Republican presidential candidate John McCain and a small band of GOP senators in making a run this week against the billions of dollars in home-state pet projects Congress funds each year.

Obama ... was the first to declare through a spokesman Monday that he would support a one-year moratorium on so-called earmarks when it comes up for a vote later this week. Clinton followed shortly afterward through a spokesman.

The poobahs of pork in both parties as well as their Senate leaders suddenly found themselves on the spot after stalwartly defending lawmakers' practice of steering federal dollars to their home states. (link)
As an aside, I encourage everyone to search this 2008 omnibus bill database for the name "Boucher." It's replete with earmarks.

But Democrats we expect this kind of profligacy from (our failing). Not Republicans.

At least we hold out hope ...

On Hillary's Foreign Policy Experience ...

... both real and imagined.

Sinbad Unloads on Hillary Clinton
By Mary Ann Akers, writing in the Washington Post

[Actor, comedian] Sinbad, along with singer Sheryl Crow, was on that 1996 trip to Bosnia that Clinton has described as a harrowing international experience that makes her tested and ready to answer a 3 a.m. phone call at the White House on day one, a claim for which she's taking much grief on the campaign trail.

Harrowing? Not that Sinbad recalls. He just remembers it being a USO tour to buck up the troops amid a much worse situation than he had imagined between the Bosnians and Serbs.

In an interview with the Sleuth Monday, he said the "scariest" part of the trip was wondering where he'd eat next. "I think the only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place.'" (link)

Read the whole thing. There is no more effective tool in politics than humor, and there is no better humorist than Sinbad.

Hillary sliced and diced. I love it.

We'll Never Get Away From Mideast Oil

We can't drill in ANWR.

We can't drill off the Atlantic coast.

Ethanol production is driving the prices of milk and bread through the roof.

And we can't touch 1.6 trillion barrels of oil that await in Canada.

From Investor's Business Daily:
Kissing Off Canada

Canada has an estimated 1.6 trillion barrels of oil on its territory, much of it locked in tough-to-excavate tar sands in the province of Alberta. By comparison, oil-rich Saudi Arabia has an estimated 270 billion barrels left. It isn't even close.

Yet, according to the Financial Times of London, Canada's government recently sent U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates a letter of warning that it might not be able to sell the U.S. any of its oil, which the Pentagon desperately needs for national defense.

For that, you can thank the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, passed with great gusto and self-righteousness by the Democratic Congress.

Under Section 526 of that law, tar sands are considered to be an alternative fuel. But the law requires oil sold to the U.S. government and produced from alternative sources to emit fewer greenhouse gases than oil produced from conventional crude sources.

That's a big problem. (link)
Oil hit an all-time high yesterday.

Gasoline prices set a new record yesterday.

And Congress makes the problem worse.

For the love of God.

He's Surprised?

From Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA-7):

"Only the Democrat House Leadership could find an unethical way to pass an “ethics” bill.