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Thursday, March 13, 2008

So Which Is It?

I'm waiting for the Roanoke Times editorialists to give President Bush credit for this (from the San Francisco Chronicle a year ago):
Since 1991, teen pregnancies in the United States have declined by one-third, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers at the CDC also have found that 46.8 percent of high school students say they have had intercourse, a 13 percent decline over that same period.
Then again, I'm not holding my breath.

Still, if he isn't to be given credit for that which has gone right (including the report cited above that rolls in numbers relating to the years when Bush was yet governor of Texas), should he be roundly criticized for that which hasn't gone so well?

Silly question:
Abstinence works only if practiced
Roanoke Times editorial

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday reported that one of every four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease. The ratio is far worse for black girls: Nearly half were infected with diseases that can lead to cervical cancer and infertility.

Because this study is the first of its kind by the CDC, there really is no way to state with authority that the number of teens with STDs is higher or lower since the Bush administration tied federal sex education funds to abstinence-only curricula.

Obviously, though, many teens ignore the narrowly focused message. (link)
Or maybe they have paid close attention to it. See the San Francisco Chronicle quote above.

Here's the reality of the situation, taking all the studies (and the "analysis" that goes along with them) into account - all those favorable to the Times's argument and those against:

That which is preached in our public schools - and by politicians - with regard to "sex education" has no real impact on the sexual habits of young people here in the USA. I'll never credit to President Bush for any positive trends; others are foolish for criticizing him for any and all negative trends that might arise over time.

Neither teachers nor presidents influence childrens' decision-making all that much, when it comes down to it.

A far more effective force in the training and education of our young?


Now and always.

Where's The Love?

The Episcopal Church (USA), the last refuge of 60's hippiedom, isn't showing much of that "inclusive spirit" its leadership wanted to cultivate when it ordained an openly homosexual bishop a few years ago:

Episcopal Church Votes to Oust Bishop Who Seceded

I don't think that comes under the heading of brotherly love, fellas.

Perhaps if Bishop John-David Schofield had confessed to being under the control of inner demons and found himself grappling with inclinations toward the perverse ...

Quote of the Day

"Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle."

(JSN, in the comments on Daily Kos, March 8)

I Wonder ...

... why you don't ever read of Israeli girls going to Damascus for heart surgery?

Gaza Girls in Israel for Heart Surgery

Or Cairo. Or Tehran. Or Tripoli. Or Amman. Or ...

No Problem There

A quote from (soon-to-be-ex- ...) Governor Eliot Spitzer's favorite (alleged) hooker:

I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster."

Uh, okay ...

Photo pulled from Ashley Alexandra Dupré's MySpace page.

This Sums Up The DC Gun Ban Argument

Safety in Defenselessness

On Florida & Michigan Delegate Limbo

Let me be clear - I don't really give two squirts about the growing controversy that rages in political circles over the Democratic National Committee's decision of months ago that barred any Florida or Michigan delegations from participating in the upcoming national nominating convention. The decision was made. Both Obama and Clinton agreed to honor the DNC's decision. That was that.

Or not.

I will only make this point: Isn't it a good way to judge one's leadership capabilities by how adamantly and forthrightly that person sticks to his or her decisions?

Can a Senator vote for the war and later be intensely opposed to it?

Can a Senator agree to honor the DNC's decision and then demand later that that decision be rescinded?

Time to ponder ...

How Do They Know?

Sex Diseases in Many Gay Men Go Unfound, Experts Say

Let Me Get This Straight

A one-term United States Senator, having had absolutely no impact - no lasting record - on that august body in the few brief years that he's sucked up oxygen there, one who prior to that was nothing more than a low-level party hack - one small cog - operating in the ubiquitous Chicago political machinery, a person who has proven himself to be woefully unprepared for high national office, would be a presidential candidate ...

... if he weren't (half) black?

Some - unbelievably - think so.

I'm Getting a Little Nervous

At what point do we start making comparisons to another era in which seemingly sane human beings found themselves swept up in "the cult of personality"?

Just asking ...

Photos courtesy of Rolling Stone magazine and Calvin College

* Notice the radiant light - an aura - that seems to emanate from Barack's person? It's a propaganda tool that has been in use for ... well, since the days of Joseph Goebbels.

O The Irony

Victor Davis Hanson voices thoughts that many of us have regarding certain ironies that are arising out of the presidential contest:
So now we are in this silly situation, in which at one time Obama was happy enough to remind some that his middle name was Hussein and now it is a slur for other less well-intentioned to do so; in which his wife’s browbeating of America was salve to guilty liberals and now it is considered illiberal to question her assumptions; in which a candidate who rose to prominence as a “black” candidate and garners majority margins of 90% among African-American against a very liberal female opponent insists that he has transcended race and to suggest otherwise is, well, racist.

... [Hillary's] offer to Obama of the VP spot is seen as racial condescension, the white girl in the commercial when the 3 AM phone call comes is said to be subtly racist, exegesis about who got Civil Rights legislation enacted is derided as inappropriate, and on and on.

McCain may become a proper antidote for all this. Unlike the verbose Michelle Obama, he really has suffered in his life; unlike Barack Obama he really has reached across the aisle and paid a price for it; and unlike Obama's promises of transparency, he really does talk in specifics and bluntly rather than in mellifluous platitudes. And as for an against-the-odds candicacy, in postmodern America a 71-year-old survivor of communist torture and malignant melonoma seems to match the narrative of a young Ivy-League graduate of mixed ancestry.
"The Obama-Clinton-McCain Paradoxes," National Review's "The Corner," March 12, 2008