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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jumpin' Ugly

Things seem to have gotten rather lively in the boardroom down at the Bristol Herald Courier recently. It appears that a delegation from Wise County (a delegation representing who or what exactly - other than Wise Countians - isn't made clear) paid the editorialists there a visit and, apparently, accusations started flying:

Newspaper's Editorial Position Is Not For Sale
By J. Todd Foster

Reasonable people can disagree about Dominion Virginia Power’s proposal to build a coal-fired power plant in Wise County.

Reasonable people.

That would not include a few members of a nine-member Wise County delegation that recently visited the Herald Courier to ambush our three-member editorial board for its muted opposition to the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center. (link)
Before we go further, i need to make this point: I'm not sure I would have used the word "muted" to describe the Herald Courier's opposition to the new power plant that's going up in St. Paul. Not when one can read editorials that include such pejorative (and wildly exaggerated) descriptions attached to the mining process as:

" ... accelerated destruction of the region’s mountains ..."

and ...

"Tree-covered ridges once stood here, but now there is a vast, empty stretch of disturbed earth. No birds sing. Nothing moves – except the coal and logging trucks that traverse the winding, mountain road ..."

No birds sing ...

and ...

" ... surface mining ... is an inherently destructive process that is consuming more of the nation’s mountains in a bid to slake an unquenchable thirst for energy."

Muted? Let me know when you offer up a "sharp" editorial opinion.

Then there's my favorite overwrought commentary:

"During a recent meeting with this newspaper’s editorial board, a Dominion official seemed dismissive of the concept. Virginians, he said, want their energy-hogging plasma TVs and other high-end consumer goods; they don’t want to conserve power.

Perhaps that’s because they don’t realize the destruction wrought by their gung-ho consumerist lifestyle."

That, in the eye of this Bristol Herald Courier spokesman, is "muted" opposition.

I guess, compared to carrying a picket sign out in front of Dominion Power headquarters, and screaming you rotten babykillers!, it is a muted response.

But to - as they say - "reasonable people" ...

Anyway, read the whole thing. The meeting must have been a hoot. Accusations of plagiarism, threats of retaliation, hurt feelings ...

We Live On Different Planets

So how are those on the left reacting to the news - accompanied by shocking videos - of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's vile anti-America, anti-Jew, anti-capitalism, anti-white rantings? It should come as no surprise: With the most bizarre of arguments and excuse-making.

Daily Kos (via lgf):

Please let an old black man have his anger in the privacy of his church. After 400 years of what has been done to African-Americans, it is the least that we can do. Are our hearts so small and our need for reassurance so great that we cannot allow an old black man who dedicated his life to his community his anger? Are you honestly going to tell me that this is the first time white America has seen and heard from black folks? Have we not heard what Rabbis routinely say about Palestinians across the US? Even our military is told to call Iraqis and Afghanis “ragheads” and “Ali Baba” as a part of their training. Have we not heard what predominantly white churches say about immigrants, African-Americans, LGBTQ communities, and Islam? Jerry Falwell gets a hero’s farewell, as does Reagan, who thought gay people deserved to die of AIDS, but Wright, he must be punished severely and publicly humiliated. (emphasis in the original)
There are those who will give this fool a pass, saying he's simply misinformed. That his understanding of American history is ... flawed. That his thinking is somewhat ... clouded.

But reasoning like this is dangerous. Leaving aside the sheer idiocy (in bold), if we accept the premise that "400 years of what has been done to African-Americans" allows Americans today - African and otherwise - to slander, to defame, to denigrate, to smear, to assault, to lie, then where does it end? License is then granted to racists like Jeremiah Wright to say and do anything.


I'll not accept it. I'll have no part of it. I reject it.

I, like many millions of Americans, spurn with contempt this whole notion of victimhood. Especially that relating to those "victims" whose great-great-grandparents experienced the sting of the lash and the open wounds brought on by those god-awful iron shackles.

Human beings here in this country were put in chains more than 150 years ago. 150 years ago. Anyone alive today who argues that he or she is a victim of that institution - slavery - that was brought to an end in the most violent of ways - with 750,000 Americans sacrificing their lives to bring an end to it - in what we call The Civil War - brings scorn on themselves and shame on those ancestors who truly suffered. They are deserving of our condemnation.

I hereby condemn all of them.

As for those lighter-skinned apologists who can't get over the fact that your great-great grandfathers had something to do with the perpetuation of that "peculiar institution," go away. Just go away. You sicken me. And, honestly, you piss me off. The years ahead are going to be trying on all of us. We'll have little time to be shedding tears over circumstances that we have no control over and that none of us are or were responsible for. It's history.

So go away. And take your racist "preachers" with you.

- - -

Want to approach America's past constructively? Honor those who rose above the hardship and helped others escape the inferno.

They Run Their Party ...

... like they're running Congress.

Is there anyone out there who can explain the process the Democrats have put in place to nominate a presidential candidate?
Obama Wins More Delegates in Iowa, Calif.
By Peter Slevin, writing in the Washington Post

Chicago - Sen. Barack Obama picked up nine more pledged delegates in Iowa, state Democratic officials said late Saturday night, as thousands took part in county conventions.

All but one of the delegates had been among the 14 won Jan. 3 by former senator John Edwards, who has since dropped out of the Democratic presidential race. Election-night projections showed Obama getting 16 delegates and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton 15.

With the other six standing firm for Edwards at the county conventions, Obama's camp claimed ... (link)
Wasn't Iowa decided months ago? Can the results continue to change? Are there actually any rules relating to this mess? Is this all grounded in a wing and a prayer? Is Pelosi overseeing the nominating process?

The Worst Part Is ...

... they can't blame George Bush:

Democrats torn by words, deeds

Charges and countercharges of racism. Sexism. Deceit. Lies.

Tsk. Tsk.

All Politicians Are Spitzers

From Roger Kimball:
“The term ‘Spitzer’ belongs in the dictionary,” [Arnold Kling] observes, “and its definition should be ‘any politician.’ We ought to think of all politicians as Spitzers. No, they don’t all have lurid involvements with prostitutes. But they all have an inflated view of their superiority over the rest of us.”

Mr. Kling rightly identifies all the major candidates for the Presidency of the United States as real or aspiring Spitzers, and he usefully points out that the press has performed yeoman’s service in the role of Spitzer’s wife: “someone who tolerates and enables abuse by a Spitzer.”
That slap at Spitzer's wife may have been a bit harsh but it's hard to argue with the rest. Washington politicians feel superior to the great unwashed out here; they know that we know it; they don't care.

And we encourage their twisted self-indulgence. We'll reelect all of them in November.