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Saturday, March 22, 2008


While candidates up in Roanoke for mayor and city council fall all over each other trying to one-up the other guy on how much money they'll waste on tourism initiatives in town (see "Roanoke candidates set to debate tourism Thursday" and "Debate hits on hospitality issues"), political leaders just south of us (where, with the Bristol Motor Speedway drawing hundreds of thousands from around the world each year, there is actually an opportunity to promote the idea of tourism to outsiders) are deciding it's all a big waste of money:

Sullivan County Cuts Out Tourism Office, Eliminates Director
Mac McLean, Reporter, Bristol Herald Courier

Warrior’s Path State Park, Bristol Motor Speedway, Historic Downtown Blountville, and Rocky Mount Living History Museum are but a few attractions for visitors to Sullivan County, Tenn.

Sure it’s plenty to see, but is it enough to justify a tourism office that costs taxpayers more than $50,000 per year?

County Mayor Steve Godsey doesn’t think so.

He terminated Tourism Director Krisna Goodwin late Tuesday afternoon and plans to cut funding for the county’s full-time director of tourism position from next year’s budget. (link)
So what do we got that Sullivan County, TN ain't got? I'm inclined to say a lack of brains, but that would be mean and nasty. So I'll just say ...

... folks there have a lack of state taxpayer revenue coming in on a grand scale, unlike us here in Southwest Virginia, where we have to spend it blindly or forfeit those tax dollars to something less fulfilling - like roads and bridges. So our politicians spend our hard-earned money on museums and bike paths and horse trails and cultural centers and music git-togethers and tourism directors and ...

Maybe we need to import some of those Tennessee politicians up here ...

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My thanks to Carl Kilo for linking to the Sullivan County story. I've been meaning to touch on it for days.

Always standing guard. Always on the case. Thanks, again, Carl.

Quote of the Day

From Michelle Malkin:

"Behind the 'audacity of hope' was a grievance-mongering preacher animated by the voracity of hate."

"Goodbye To The Glow," The Washington Times, March 22, 2008

Could I Make A Suggestion?

To those of you who find it necessary to elect a black person to one of the highest offices in the land, would you consider someone who doesn't come with all the baggage and who doesn't have lunatic friends?

Someone who has actually experienced that which Barack Obama claims - falsely - to know and understand?

Someone who has actually accomplished something in life instead of a low-level party hack who has captured one - one - statewide election and has nothing to show for his brief stint in the senate?

Fat chance. You'd rather support the low-level party hack with the racist friends and no accomplishments.

Photo courtesy of the Department of State

'God Bless America'

Mark Steyn:

The song the Rev. Wright won't sing is by Irving Berlin, a contemporary of Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin and Lorenz Hart, all the sophisticated rhymesters. But only Berlin could have written without embarrassment "God Bless America." He said it directly, unaffectedly, unashamedly – in seven words:

"God Bless America

Land that I love."

Berlin was a Jew, and he suffered slights: He grew up in the poverty of New York's Lower East Side. When he made his name and fortune, his marriage to a Park Avenue heiress resulted in her expulsion from the Social Register. In the Thirties, her sister moved in with a Nazi diplomat and proudly flaunted her diamond swastika to Irving. But Berlin spent his infancy in Temun, Siberia (until the Cossacks rode in and razed his village), and he understood the great gift he'd been given:

"God Bless America

Land that I love."

The Rev. Wright can't say those words. His shtick is:

"God damn America

Land that I loathe."

"Obama's Pastor Disaster," The Orange County Register, March 21,2008


1) If this is a given: "Escalating greenhouse gas levels may significantly boost production of fruits and seeds in crops such as wheat, rice, and soybeans, according to a recent study." ... (source)

2) If it is a given that one of those crops - wheat - is the largest of all those produced in the state of Kansas ...

Then ...

3) A Kansas politician would be expected to support efforts to increase greenhouse gases so as to increase crop yields, to feed the world's poor, and to enrich a mess of Kansas voting constituents.

But ...
Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill to Revive 2 Coal-Fired Plants
By Felicity Barringer, The New York Times

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas vetoed a measure on Friday that would have forced the state to approve two coal-fired power plants producing large amounts of carbon dioxide.

“We know that greenhouse gases contribute to climate change,” Governor Sebelius wrote in a news release. “As an agricultural state, Kansas is particularly vulnerable. (link)
Now a normal person might think: If greenhouse gases bring about positive climate change, then we need to be promoting coal-fired power plants.

But no. Change can only be bad.

4) Guess which political party this mental giant claims as her own.

You Could Have Predicted This

Just a few days after the New York Times, in an editorial, extolled the virtues of "government-funded health professionals" giving physicians "comprehensive, unbiased" advice that we can't trust private-sector pharmaceuticals salesmen to give, that same New York Times reports on government-funded state department professionals being caught rifling through the secret passport files of our candidates for president:

Passport Files of 3 Candidates Were Pried Into *
By Helene Cooper

Washington — The State Department, in an embarrassing revelation, said Friday that it was investigating several episodes in which an employee and several contract workers peered into the passport files of all three presidential contenders. (link)
Of course we shouldn't associate government-funded health care professionals with government-funded state department professionals. Government-funded health care professionals will never be caught sifting through your private files when that nationalized health care database is set up. Never.

Either that or we're talking about a different ... government ... or ... something.

- - -

Oh, and the New York Times editorial page is shocked - SHOCKED - that this could have happened ... again.

- - -

* In some class long forgotten, I was taught to never end a sentence a preposition with.

OK. This Is Getting Disturbing.

One has to wonder, at some point, why those who attend Barack Obama's church (in his case, for 20 years) still live in this hellhole the rest of us know and love and call America:
Obama's church pushes controversial doctrines
By Margaret Talev, McClatchy Newspapers

Washington — Jesus is black. Merging Marxism with Christian Gospel may show the way to a better tomorrow. The white church in America is the Antichrist because it supported slavery and segregation.

Those are some of the more provocative doctrines that animate the theology at the core of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Barack Obama's church.

... a basis for Trinity's philosophies is the work of James Cone, who founded the modern black liberation theology movement out of the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Particularly influential was Cone's seminal 1969 book, "Black Theology & Black Power."

Cone wrote that the United States was a white racist nation and the white church was the Antichrist for having supported slavery and segregation.

Today, Cone, a professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, stands by that view ... (link)
We've been told that Obama didn't hear any of this in the 7,300 days he was a member of this church. Somebody needs to ask: Just exactly what did he hear?

Let's Get Real

John Kerry on Barack Obama's ability to bridge the divide between the rich nations and the disenfranchised of the world:
"Because he's African-American. Because he's a black man. Who has come from a place of oppression and repression through the years in our own country."

An African-American president would be "a symbol of empowerment" for those who have been disenfranchised around the world, ... an important lesson for America to show Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, other places in the world where disenfranchised people don't get anything." (link)
Abe Greenwald on John Kerry:
... [W]here is this “place of oppression and repression” in which Obama has suffered “through the years”? Hawaii? Harvard? The Senate? We should find out immediately and do something about this horrific crisis. (link)
Hat tip to James Taranto