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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Was There Ever Any Doubt?

Despite all the squawking from a vocal handful of area residents about how coal-fired power plants were "killing us" - the kind of power generation facilities that have been in operation in this country for over a century with remarkably few measurable health effects on humans living in their immediate vicinity - that new plant proposed for Wise County, the one that will be bringing 1,358 desperately-needed jobs to the area, has been approved by the powers that be:
State regulators OK power plant
The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- State regulators have approved Dominion Virginia Power's plans to build a coal-fired power plant in far Southwest Virginia, but the company still must secure permits from a state environmental board before breaking ground.

The State Corporation Commission gave its approval Monday for construction of the $1.8 billion power plant proposed for Wise County. (link)
Cheap(er) electricity. Much-needed energy for an energy-starved America. $439 million a year being pumped into the Wise County economy every year. Lots and lots of new jobs (and these ain't the minimum wage, no-benefits canoe rental and bicycle repair kinda tourism jobs; these will pay well).

It's a new day in Wise County. A good day.

Bart Hinkle Makes The Case For Earmarks ...

... or at least as good a case as Representative Rick Boucher and small-minded politicians like him have made:

Dear Reps. Rick Boucher, Randy Forbes, and Frank Wolf,

I seen in the paper the other day where y'all released y'all's pork-barrel money requests.

So lemme get down to brass tacks: I'd be mighty grateful if y'all could put in an earmark to fix my front porch. Th' paint's peelin' an' it's got some warped boards an' I ain't sure but I think one a th' pillars has got dry rot.

Maybe you don't think fixin' up my porch won't do nobody else no good. Well, looky here: I might live so far down in the holler I gotta look up my chimbley to see if comp'ny's comin', but there's a dotted line on th' county master plan looks a dang sight like an access road. I know fer a fact a certain developer is fixin' to put a housing tract a few miles from here. An' I'm pretty sure folks drivin' by here to get there don't want to see no run-down front porch saggin' lower'n a plumber's britches.

It's about property values, is what I'm sayin'. An' that affects th' local economy, and th' local economy affects th' state economy, an th' state economy affects innerstate commerce, an' it sez right there in Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution that Congress has th' power to reg'late innerstate commerce. Ain't that how y'all justify gun-free school zones an' just about everything else y'all do nowadays? (my emphasis)

"Dear Virginia Congressmen: Please Fix My Front Porch," The Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 1, 2008

- - -

* It all comes down to that simple little phrase: “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to ... promote the general Welfare ..." A green light, baby. Fix that porch!

The Problem With Pacifists

They were willing to accept the slaughter of six million Jews.

Will They Be Forced To Take Them?

It is being announced that the University of Virginia is apparently going to accept the personal papers of a well-known racist:

U.Va. gets Julian Bond papers

No word on whether administrators there regret having to take such an action.

Washington Is Broken

This is an outrage:
GAO Blasts Weapons Budget
By Dana Hedgpeth, Washington Post Staff Writer

Government auditors issued a scathing review yesterday of dozens of the Pentagon's biggest weapons systems, saying ships, aircraft and satellites are billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.

The Government Accountability Office found that 95 major systems have exceeded their original budgets by a total of $295 billion, bringing their total cost to $1.6 trillion, and are delivered almost two years late on average. In addition, none of the systems that the GAO looked at had met all of the standards for best management practices during their development stages.

Auditors said the Defense Department showed few signs of improvement ... (link)
I guess, when our political leadership in Washington, from the president on down, operates with the understanding that the government has all the money in the world, and spends accordingly, there is no need for cost control or project feasibility reviews.

This is beyond contemptible.

This Will Get Ugly

Not since the days of Governor George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse doorway on the University of Alabama campus, denying entry to two black students to the then-all white college, have we seen such overt racism on display in national politics. This is getting to be very disturbing:
Obama's church founded on radical creed
By S.A. Miller, The Washington Times

The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses "the destruction of the white enemy."

Trinity United Church of Christ's Web site says its teachings are based on the black liberation theology of James H. Cone and his 1969 book "Black Theology and Black Power." (link)
Barack Obama, as everyone now knows, denies having any knowledge of that which his pastor at Trinity was preaching from the pulpit - for the 20 years that he attended the church. We can therefore expect him to not know on what basis his church was founded either. Which makes one wonder what exactly he was doing there. Regardless ...

"Destruction of the white enemy." The United States of America. 2008.

Irony Of The Day

This is rich:
Hillary's Health-Care Issue: Her 292G Debt
By Geoff Earle, The New York Post

April 1, 2008 -- Washington - Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose health-care plan would require every American to get insurance, owes health-insurance companies nearly $300,000 in payments to cover her own campaign staff, records reveal.

Clinton's campaign owes $229,000 to health-insurance giant Aetna and another $63,000 to CareFirst, which provides insurance coverage for her staff. (link)
Perhaps she's waiting until election day when she'll then require the taxpayers to pay her health care bill for her. That's the plan, right?

For crying out loud.

The Chickens Come Home ...

Regular readers will remember the skepticism I voiced (well, typed) back when that noose mysteriously appeared on the office doorknob of the Columbia Teacher's College professor who was at the time focusing her studies on - as it so happens - racial prejudice, citing a quote from her and writing at the time:
“I really don’t have any idea of who could have done that," she said.

No. Of course not.
It turns out that the professor, Madonna G. Constantine, was focusing on a whole lot more than that at the time. She was also concentrating on keeping from being canned:
Noose 'Ties' Eyed
By Murray Weiss, The New York Post

March 31, 2008 -- A Manhattan grand jury has subpoenaed the university records of the controversial black Columbia Teachers College professor who found a noose hanging from her office door - signaling that the investigation is broadening to examine possible links between the teacher, her closest friends and the racially charged incident, The Post has learned.

According to sources, the subpoenas obtained recently by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force and prosecutors demanded the college hand over a laundry list of records pertaining to embattled professor Madonna Constantine, whose colleague found a 4-foot hangman's noose on her office doorknob last October.

The incident happened at the height of the school's probe of plagiarism charges against her. (link)
How convenient that the noose appeared on her doorknob at the very point in time that this prof is being investigated for a firing offense. It'll have its intended effect too. She'll keep her job. What, they're going to fire a victim of racial prejudice?

Stick around and watch this play out.

Not My Congressman

Maybe in some parts of the USA it proves to be an embarrassment to congresspersons who steer tax dollars to wasteful pork projects ...

Lawmakers tight-lipped on pet projects

... but not Rick Boucher (D-All-the-money-in-the-world-9th, VA). He brags about his wasteful spending.

The Iraq War Movie Hollywood Won't Make

"Outside The Wire."

Winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and killing terrorists to do it.

God bless the USA.

- - -

Go outside the wire. Buy the DVD here.

Yeah. It Worked For Jimmy Carter.

Can't we put some stipulation in the Constitution of the United States of America that forbids Democrats from getting involved in foreign policy?

The latest tidbit of stupidity - from Nancy Pelosi:
Pelosi: President Should Consider Boycotting Olympics' Opening
By Ed O'Keefe, ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not want the U.S. to boycott the Beijing Olympics, but she says that President George W. Bush should consider skipping the opening ceremony.

"I think boycotting the opening ceremony, which really gives respect to the Chinese government, is something that should be kept on the table," Pelosi, D-Calif., told "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts in an interview airing Tuesday. "I think the president might want to rethink this later, depending on what other heads of state do." (link)
I'll hold in check my inclination to spank Granny here for that goofy notion - a widespread disease among Democrats - that we shouldn't take action "depending on what other heads of state do," which is what debilitated the (first) Clinton administration. Remember the wienie we had for a Secretary of State back then?

No, I'll just mention the wild success that another Democratic president achieved when he pulled the U.S. team out of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games. He really showed the Russkies how serious we were about the unwarranted Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The commies never backed down, never apologized, kept their troops in Afghanistan, and ...

... won the olympic games.

Jimmy Carter was a Democrat. Bill Clinton was a Democrat. Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat. There's a pattern here.

Obama: I Wrote It But I Didn't Look At It

This kid isn't ready for prime time. That's becoming more clear every day. Get a load of this response to Barack Obama's having been caught in a big fib:

Politico: Obama lied about survey
By Ed Morrisey, Hot Air

Politico has caught Barack Obama in another misstatement about his past, and this one goes right to the heart of his posing as a New Politics candidate. Working on a tip from opposition sources, Kenneth Vogel found a survey with Obama’s handwriting that he had previously denied handling. It shows that Obama himself established much more liberal positions on gun control, abortion, and other issues than he has admitted in his campaign:

"During his first run for elected office, Barack Obama played a greater role than his aides now acknowledge in crafting liberal stands on gun control, the death penalty and abortion– positions that appear at odds with the more moderate image he’s projected during his presidential campaign.

"The evidence comes from an amended version of an Illinois voter group’s detailed questionnaire, filed under his name during his 1996 bid for a state Senate seat.

"Late last year, in response to a Politico story about Obama’s answers to the original questionnaire, his aides said he 'never saw or approved' the questionnaire.

"They asserted the responses were filled out by a campaign aide who “unintentionally mischaracterize(d) his position.”

"But a Politico examination determined that Obama was actually interviewed about the issues on the questionnaire by the liberal Chicago non-profit group that issued it. And it found that Obama – the day after sitting for the interview – filed an amended version of the questionnaire, which appears to contain Obama’s own handwritten notes adding to one answer." (link)
The man says he didn't read - or ever even see - the survey that has his handwriting on it.


The Democratic Party should be very proud. Obama seems to be following in the footsteps of its greatest living hero.