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Sunday, April 06, 2008

There Are Those Who Would Have It Otherwise

Carl Kilo has several wonderful photos posted this morning depicting a portion of the soon-to-be widespread irreparable damage being inflicted upon the mountains of Southwest Virginia by surface mining. I especially like the one that shows the Lowe's store over in Wise (that would be the one that employs upwards of 200 of our fellow Virginians) (201 Woodland Drive S.W. for your shopping pleasure; store hours Mon-Sat 7-9, Su 9-7).

This on a spot of land that was once dominated by inhospitable crags and wretched scrub.

To think: Americans were able to harvest the coal from these sites AND turn the land to productive utility.

Here's to those who make it possible. May God grant us more - many more -of the same.

- - -

What's this? "High School Students Plant Trees On Strip Mine Site."

Does that then mean that the following, from a Bristol Herald-Courier editorialist, is total horse shit? "Tree-covered ridges once stood here, but now there is a vast, empty stretch of disturbed earth. No birds sing. Nothing moves ..."

Obama The Uniter

Why can't Obama stand up to those around him who damage his credibility? First there was that racist "pastor," now this:

Obama surrogate: McCain a “warmonger”
By Ed Morrisey, Hot Air

The Barack Obama campaign showed its take on “New Politics” last night with an event in North Dakota, where the candidate generated a lot of buzz. Liberal talkmeister Ed Schultz created even more with his introduction of Obama. While warming up the crowd, Schultz called John McCain a “warmonger”, after which Obama thanked him for his speech ...

Contrast this with John McCain’s reaction to the introduction given him by Bill Cunningham in Ohio. When McCain found out that Cunningham repeatedly used Obama’s middle name in the preceding speech, he didn’t wait for the media to ask about it. He apologized, repudiated the comments, and promised to conduct a high-road campaign. And that was just for using Obama’s actual middle name. (link)
This puts the nastiness spewed by another left-wing talk show host - Randi Rhodes - the other day in perspective. Perhaps they're all foul-mouthed scum.

Obama has yet to criticize that bit of gutter trash as well.

- - -

In contrast to McCain's swift denunciation, we get this from Mr. Uniter: "Obama Steers Clear of 'Warmonger' Talk." It runs hand in hand with his having steered clear of Jeremiah Wright's hate-filled sermons every Sunday for twenty years.

Surveys Can Be So Clarifying

We should have candidates for public office complete more questionnaires like the one Barack Obama filled out* back in 1996 when he was running for the state Senate in Illinois. And we should demand that they be published more broadly throughout the land so that we can all get a better understanding of the candidates. It gets us beyond all that blather about "audacity" and "hope" and "change" and whatnot.

So let's find out what this Obama character believes (believed) when it comes to certain topics of national concern. From the IVI-IPO General Candidate Questionnaire that Obama took the time to complete in 1996, here are some questions and his responses (in red bold) :


17. Do you favor comparable worth for state employees? Yes.

18. Do you support the right of public employees to strike? Yes.

19. Do you support banning the replacement of strikers in public employment? Yes.

20. Do you support family leave legislation for private employment? Yes.

21. What is You Position on:

a. raising the minimum wage? I support it.
b. establishing a lower minimum wage for minors? Opposed.
c. including farm workers and household employees under existing labor laws? Support.

Health & Human Services

22. Will you support a single-payer health plan for Illinois? Yes, with Medicaid incorporated into a single, graduated system of services covering all workers, so as not to create disincentives to work.

23. What program changes, if any, do you support to improve the present state mental health program? Increased funding, and a thorough review of current service delivery systems.

24. Do you support:

a. Medicaid funding for abortions? Yes.
b. insurance coverage of abortions for state employees? Yes.
c. parental consent notification for minors seeking abortions?
Depends on how young - possibly for extremely young teens, i.e. 12 or 13 year olds.
d. any other restrictions on abortions. No.

25. Do you support additional funds for the DCFS to enable the hiring of sufficient caseworkers? Yes.

26. Do you support:

a. cost of living adjustment for public aid recipients? Yes.
b. workfare?
Yes, if combined with training, child care, and health care
c. restrictions on welfare benefits for teen mothers? No.
d. restrictions on benefits for women who have children while on welfare? No.
e. repeal of the six month limit for receiving general assistance Yes.
f. restoration of the Aid to the Medical Indigent program. Yes.
g. energy assistance programs for the poor? Yes.

27. Would you support "repair and deduct" legislation? Yes.

Criminal Justice

33. Do You support:

a. admissibility of illegally obtained evidence? No.
b. electronic eavesdropping? No.
c. police radar? Yes, unless it is abused? (sic)
d. prior government restraints on the press? No.
e. state censorship of the arts? No.

34. Do you support:

a. capital punishment? No.
b. criminal prosecution of juveniles as adults? No.
c. mandatory sentencing? No.
d. work release, home monitoring, other alternative sentencing? Yes.

35. Do you support state legislation to:

a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes.
b. ban assault weapons? Yes.
c. mandatory waiting periods and background checks? Yes.

Ah, the clarity that comes from one-word answers. On paper.

What can we deduce from Obama's answers? This: He's not a "moderate" by any stretch of the imagination, despite his best efforts at obfuscating the truth. Every one of his responses comes out of the Democratic Party/liberal wing playbook.

A uniter? Hardly. The man is as hard-left as they come. The proof is in black and white.

* It should be noted: Obama claims that he never saw this survey even though his handwriting is all over it. An obvious fib.

Thank God Janet Reno Isn't Around

Otherwise expect the slaughter of 25 children and 2 pregnant women at the hands of the United States government to come out of this:

Conflict Escalates at Polygamist Retreat
The Associated Press

Eldorado, Texas (AP) -- Law enforcement manned a roadblock miles from a polygamist temple where sect leaders refused to let authorities enter to search for a teenager whose report of abuse initiated a raid on the West Texas compound.

Authorities provided no details early Sunday about the standoff.

Allison Palmer, a prosecutor in Tom Green County, told the San Angelo Standard-Times that medical workers were sent to the compound ''in case this were to a go in a way that no one wants.'' She had said authorities will forcibly remove the sect's followers ''as peaceably as possible'' if no agreement could be reached. (
Adults are now in charge at the White House. Therefore we can expect none of this:

To those who whine about our civil liberties being under assault with George Bush having been in charge these last seven years, you might want to reflect on the not-so-distant past. And thank your lucky stars that Bill Clinton and his band of sturmabteilungen are no longer around.

Photo courtesy of Alan Diaz, Associated Press.

This Is What Drives The Health Care Debate

Lies. Innuendo. Anecdotal gossip. Third-hand information. And abject laziness.
Ohio Hospital Contests a Story Clinton Tells
By Deborah Sontag, The New York Times

Over the last five weeks, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has featured in her campaign stump speeches the story of a health care horror: an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby and died herself after being denied care by an Ohio hospital because she could not come up with a $100 fee.

The woman, Trina Bachtel, did die last August, two weeks after her baby boy was stillborn at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio. But hospital administrators said Friday that Ms. Bachtel was under the care of an obstetrics practice affiliated with the hospital, that she was never refused treatment and that she was, in fact, insured.

“We implore the Clinton campaign to immediately desist from repeating this story,” said Rick Castrop, chief executive officer of the O’Bleness Health System.

Mrs. Clinton does not name Ms. Bachtel or the hospital in her speeches. As she tells it, the woman was turned away twice by a local hospital when she was experiencing difficulty with her pregnancy. “The hospital said, ‘Well, you don’t have insurance.’ She said, ‘No, I don’t.’ They said, ‘Well, we can’t see you until you give $100.’ She said, ‘Where am I going to get $100?’

“The next time she came back to the hospital, she came in an ambulance,” Mrs. Clinton continued. “She was in distress. The doctors and the nurses worked on her and couldn’t save the baby.” (link)
A gross prevarication.

This is the only way the woman knows how to sell her socialist health care program - by relaying ficticious stories intended to frighten people. It's reckless and cynical in the extreme. Clinton should be ashamed of herself.

Jessica Sipmson For President

Seen the photo layout in the May issue of Esquire magazine? Having ... glanced at the pics of Jessica Simpson cavorting in the shower, I've decided that she should be president. Why? Because she "makes me feel good."

That, it appears, is the reason most Democrats are going for Barack Obama:
That’s What I Like About Me
By Andrew Kohut, The New York Times

At the start of his run for the presidency, Barack Obama would explain the positive reaction he was getting from admirers by saying “this is more about you than about me.” Now that Mr. Obama is the front-running Democratic candidate, an in-depth look at how voters are reacting to him — and the reasons for those reactions — lends considerable credence to his characterization of public opinion.

While Mr. Obama’s positive personal image plays an important role in his high favorable ratings, the polling found that his ratings are more influenced by how he makes voters feel than by specific characteristics they attributed to him. In other words, he is a charismatic candidate who has made large numbers of Democratic voters feel good, and this is even more important to them than specific perceptions of him.
It says something about images of self-worth in those who can be influenced so readily by empty platitudes. At least I can say that Jessica Simpson offers something of measurable substance - a great pair of lungs.

My President Is Dead

It is with a profound sense of sadness that we learn this morning that Charlton Heston, former president of the NRA, one-time Hollywood superstar in an age when that had a positive connotation, a proud American, has died.
Statement by the Family of Charlton Heston

Beverly Hills, Calif., April 5, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary actor, civil rights leader and political activist Charlton Heston passed away today, at the age of 84. He died at his home with Lydia, his wife of 64 years, at his side. Mr. Heston was loved by his two children, Fraser Clarke Heston and Holly Heston Rochell, and his three grandchildren, Jack Alexander Heston, Ridley Rochell and Charlie Rochell. (
He was loved - and will be missed - by millions of other Americans as well.

There was none better.
- - -
Interestingly, the press release from the family has his age at 84. The New York Times puts it at 83. If this birth date is accurate, the Times has it right.

Photo courtesy of AP.