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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What We're Up Against

This from a retired Presbyterian minister writing in the Roanoke Times this morning about coal-fired power plants ... and the rape of the land ... and all that:

Fly over West Virginia and see for yourself. Weep at the wanton wounds inflicted on its once beautiful mountains and the burial of springs and streams that once nourished mountainsides and valleys. Such rape and degradation of creation's ecosphere can hardly be regarded as fulfilling God's charge to mankind "to be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth and subdue it." (link)
Actually, I've flown over West Virginia many times and the only things I see are abandoned homes and factories. And too many people living in substandard conditions. Oh, and thousands of mountains underneath which sleep vast reservoirs of coal never harvested because retired Presbyterian ministers prefer there be 10,000 hills kept pristine instead of 9,999. Mountains that this man wants kept in tact for that once-a-year vacation he takes to New River Gorge.

The poor be damned.

Electricity? Well, we all know where that comes from. See below.

A Looming Crisis

To those who think electricity comes from that little socket doohickie along the baseboard of the double-wide - the editorial editor of the Bristol Herald-Courier comes to mind - this should (but won't) give you pause:
Britain and Electricity

There is a looming electricity crisis that is about to overtake the United States. While our demand for electricity continues to increase due to construction, computers (data centers take up a significant portion of electricity demand), and potentially even electric cars, essentially no new “base load” supply of electrical generation is being added to the market.

We do get the occasional wind farm or solar or geothermal source of energy, and a bit of conservation is on the rise, but these tiny dents in supply and demand, respectively, don’t even begin to cover growth much less the fact that many electricity plants are aging and will face retirement in the future.

Due to the long lead times involved with getting a new plant on line (at LEAST 5-10 years in the case of large base load coal or nuclear plants, best case), our problem is that we aren’t doing anything NOW to head off the crisis LATER, when we won’t have any options at all. (link)
Well, actually we are trying mightily to do something about it, Carl. Despite the worst efforts of liberal preachers who should know better and addlebrained editorialists who have their heads firmly planted up their asses.

Still, while we may win one here in Southwest Virginia, nationwide we are headed toward a doomsday scenario. And most of us seem perfectly happy looking at the pretty scenery as we take that journey.

This is going to get ugly.

Perhaps It Wasn't The Guns After All

The Australian government several years ago effectively disarmed its citizenry - confiscating all handguns and most rifles and shotguns - in order to end the violence in its streets. Even those owned by law-abiding Australians who had never committed a crime in their lives.

Sound familiar?

Lotta good it did:

Sydney Police Charge Youths With 101 Offenses After School Raid
By Michael Heath, Bloomberg.com

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Police in Sydney charged five teenagers with 101 offenses after they rampaged through a suburban school with baseball bats, a sword and a machete, injuring 18 students and a teacher in Australia's biggest city.

The boys, aged between 14 and 16, were charged with offenses including assault, affray and malicious damage after the attack in western Sydney, New South Wales police said in a statement today. They were refused bail and are due to appear in Paramatta Children's Court later today. (link)

So now the people are defenseless and the bad guys rampage with machetes, baseball bats, and swords with impunity. The police? They issue statements after the fact.

This could have been us had we not stood our ground and denied those who wanted to disarm us here in the USA. A frightening Clockwork Orange scenario.

- - -

Aren't the people of England disarmed now as well?

Olympic torch fiasco: Lord Coe blasts 'horrible Chinese thugs' who barged their way through London

Reaction? The people cower behind locked doors. English political officials issue press releases.

Maybe Barack Should Practice What He Preaches

This from Ramesh Ponnuru on the treaty with Colombia that President Bush signed yesterday:
The Democrats vs. Colombia
The Washington Post

The Democrats' opposition to trade with Colombia is a short-sighted betrayal of their supposed principles.

President Bush today
asked Congress to approve the trade deal. Clinton and Obama are against it, and Clinton has dismissed her campaign's chief strategist for working for it.

Never mind that Colombia is an ally, and Democrats have spent nearly eight years complaining that we need to get along better with other countries. Never mind that the chief effect of the deal would be to reduce Colombia's trade barriers against us. Never mind that Colombia has been winning its war on narco-terrorism, and violence has been dropping there.

Barack Obama keeps saying that he wants to talk to our enemies. I wish he and his party would listen to our allies. (
Obama complains that Bush refuses to make nice with those who wish us ill. Yet he's willing to dump on a close ally. I think he is the perfect candidate for the Democrats after all.

Media Bias. Chapter LMXVII.

This is beyond reprehensible:

MSNBC Games McCain Speech with Irrelevant "Breaking News"

They know no shame.

Report: Princess Diana Still Dead

Please let the poor woman's spirit rest in peace.
Diana, Princess of Wales, unlawfully killed - but not by MI6 assassins
Alan Hamilton, The Times of London

It has taken more than 90 days, 270 witnesses and a bill of £10 million to slay the obsessive conspiracy theories of one man. And in the end yesterday, a jury discarded the soft option of accidental death and placed much of the blame for the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed on the shoulders of one of Mohamed Al Fayed’s own employees.

The Princess and Dodi were unlawfully killed by a combination of their drunk driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi who were chasing their car, the jury at their inquests decided. (link)
Really. Stop the presses.