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Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Roanoke Times editorialists have the same attitude toward the cancelled Virginia Tech protest on the anniversary of the Tech Massacre by that anti-gun group as they have toward guns. Seemingly:

"Oh, if only everyone would just get along and do the right thing, we'd have no need for guns on this planet and anti-gun groups would start behaving like normal people."

In so many words anyway.
Tech plays censor on April 16

A group thinking about protesting on the Virginia Tech campus on April 16 should stay home. Not that Tech officials are giving them much choice.

A little-noted university policy requires any group that wishes to assemble on campus to receive a permit. Thirty-two people, many students, lying silently on the Drillfield to protest gun violence will not likely receive one.

We happen to agree, mostly, with the group's message -- but not with spreading it on that solemn day.

The memorial services on the Drillfield will be a time to mourn, remember and move on from last year's shootings. Exploiting the cameras for political ends demonstrates only a lack of class. Indeed, it could even turn people off from the message.

Yet conscience, not school officials, should decide. We hope would-be protesters choose discretion, common sense and decency. The Tech community deserves as much next week. (link)
Earth to Roanoke Times: If the anti-gun group was going to choose any of the above - discretion, common sense or decency - they wouldn't have scheduled the event in the first place.

In the absence of any of that, what should be done?

In the absence of any law allowing the local police establishment to arrest these evil people and to throw away the key, Virginia Tech officials clearly acted with ... discretion, common sense and decency.

Enough said.

Mark Steyn On Liberal Openmindedness ...

... and other fables:

Hey, why bother with a trial?

As revealed here a few weeks ago, the investigative unit of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission recommended to the Commissioners that they not proceed against Maclean's for having the temerity to publish an excerpt from my book. The Commissioners have now released their final ruling and have decided not to hear the case. Of course, being apparatchiks of the pseudo-"human rights" establishment, they couldn't leave it at that. So they added the following:

"While freedom of expression must be recognized as a cornerstone of a functioning democracy, the Commission strongly condemns the Islamophobic portrayal of Muslims, Arabs, South Asians and indeed any racialized community in the media, such as the Maclean’s article and others like them, as being inconsistent with the values enshrined in our human rights codes. Media has a responsibility to engage in fair and unbiased journalism."

So in effect the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission, the world leaders in labiaplasty jurisprudence, have decided that, even though they don't have the guts to hear the case, they might as well find us guilty. (link)

Are these people that obtuse? Or are they just blinded by their multi-cultural hatreds?

I Get So Confused

So it's okay to promote religion in public school after all?

Well, sorta. You see, they's religions, and then they's religions:

Wall of silence broken at state's Muslim public school
By Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Recently, I wrote about Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights. Charter schools are public schools and by law must not endorse or promote religion.

Evidence suggests, however, that TIZA is an Islamic school, funded by Minnesota taxpayers.

TIZA has many characteristics that suggest a religious school. It shares the headquarters building of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota ...

Students pray daily, the cafeteria serves halal food - permissible under Islamic law -- and "Islamic Studies" is offered at the end of the school day. (link)

For the love of ... Allah.

I Get So Confused II

I thought there were big, long waiting lists for those extremely expensive hybrid automobiles. Appears not. Then again, maybe it's only GM that is not feelin' the love:

Sales of GM hybrids almost non-existent in first quarter
By Sam Abuelsamid, AutoblogGreen

I missed covering this tidbit of information last week while I was traipsing through Europe, but some interesting information emerged when GM released their March sale results. GM has been making an awful lot of noise about their two-mode hybrid system with lots of announcements about all the vehicles the system will be installed in. What they aren't bragging much about is sales. That's because there isn't much to brag about. In fact it appears that the sum total of hybrid sales for all models offered by GM in the first three months of 2008 was 843. That is not a typo, it's 843. (link)

According to the source article, GM is slow in ramping up production. But 843? With all the hoopla that has gone into this?

Consider me underwhelmed.

If Only He'd Listen To Me

I told you so:

Marist: McCain/Condi Beats Clinton/Obama In NY ...
By Elizabeth Benjamin, New York Daily News

Today's WNBC/Marist poll finds the so-called Democratic "dream ticket" of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (in whatever order you'd prefer) woud be edged out by a pairing of John McCain and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who ostensibly isn't seeking the No. 2 post.

Asked if they would prefer McCain/Rice over Clinton/Obama, 49 percent of registered New York voters opted for the GOP ticket compared to 46 percent who went for the Democrats. (link)

This in the liberal state of New York!

Alas, McCain will probably pick some milquetoast of a candidate - like a governor from a particular sunshine state. Here. I tied to lead him doen the right path ...

Did You Know That Katie Couric Is Still With CBS?

CBS News, Katie Couric Are Likely to Part Ways

I thought they fell apart a long time ago ...